The Container Store Haul!


One of my favorite perks of traveling to the U.S. is—shopping at the Container Store! That’s right, we don’t have them here in Canada, so I always try to sneak in a trip when I’m in the States. This week I was visiting a friend of mine in Virginia, Alejandra of, and was able to squeeze a trip in between filming. So, I wanted to share with you my latest haul from the Container Store.


I think it’s so important to bring your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, but until recently, my bags were so voluminous that they filled the whole cart and left me little room for groceries! Enter this smart little bag, which conceals within 5 reusable shopping bags, and hooks onto your cart, while hardly taking up any room at all!


Bon Ami Cleanser

This stuff is just the best: It’s hypoallergenic, chlorine-, dye-, and perfume-free, and it’s so gentle for scrubbing in the kitchen, bathroom, pots and pans, etc. It’s been around since 1886, and for good reason.


3B Reusable Produce Bags

The next step beyond bringing your own grocery bags to the store is bringing your own produce bags! Instead of using the plastic that the stores provide, try these bags, which are washable, reusable, and see-through, so your produce will scan easily at the checkout counter.


Skoy Scrub Scouring Pads

These flexible scouring pads are so good at getting out all the little bits in all your pans (even cast iron!) without ever scratching. They can run through the dishwasher, and last forever. (I still have my first one!)


Erasable Food Storage Label Kit

These cool labels can permanently adhere to your food storage containers, but the ink can be wiped clean and re-written as many times as you need, despite trips through the dishwasher and microwave!


Amber Glass Dropper Bottles

I had to snatch these up for mixing up my signature essential oils. Their dark hue will protect oils from breaking down, and the droppers make it easy to accurately add the contents to your concoctions.


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  1. I need to get some of those skoy scrubbies. They look awesome! I’ve purchased some of the dropper bottles for my essential oil blends, as well as mini funnels for the same. Thanks for another great video, Melissa.

  2. The Container Store is my favorite place to wander around – I always come out having purchased something that I didn’t know I needed till I see it there……am going there this week to buy the skoy scrub cloths……


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