CLEANING EXPERT & author MELISSA MAKER SHARES HER unique cleaning SYSTEM to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love!

MELISSA shares her unique SYSTEM to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love!


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Spring Cleaning

How To Clean A Self-Cleaning Oven?!

Are your failed recipes living on the bottom of your self-clean oven? Still? Whoever invented the self-cleaning oven is brilliant—cleaning the oven is...

3 Deep Cleaning To-Dos

Is your home clean from far but far from clean? An outwardly cleanly appearance does not a clean house make. The good news: a deep clean does not require deep pockets.

How to Clean Fabric Blinds & Shades

Whether natural or synthetic fibre, fabric blinds or shades require a delicate approach! Here, we outline how to maintain, spot clean and deep clean them.

7 High-Impact Jobs to Make Your Yard Look AMAZING!

Maybe you've noticed, but your yard really takes a beating throughout the winter months. You don't want to just roll out your patio furniture...

Spring Cleaning Routines to Make Cleaning Easier!

To make spring cleaning as easy as possible I wanted to give you a blueprint for tackling any area in your home. I’ve laid...

7 High-Impact Jobs You Should Be Doing In Your Home!

Beyond just getting the house spick and span this season, do some much-needed after-winter maintenance. These 7 upkeep jobs will have a high impact.

Decluttering & Minimalism

Top 10 Rules For A Cleaner Home in 2020

With a new year comes the whole "new year, new you" theme that drives everyone a little crazy....

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste (Sustainable Living Tips)

Before we dive into today's topic, I want to tell you right off the top—I am not perfect at doing...

7 Minimalist Living Tips To Declutter Your Home!

In a world filled with exclusive email offers, BOGO sales, haul videos and monetized Instagram posts, it's easy to get wrapped up in buying...

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste!

We're starting to see some of the more serious ramifications of excessive plastic use on the environment. It's not possible to eliminate all plastic...

6 Minimalist Living Tips To Declutter & Simplify Your Home!

Creating Clean My Space videos really makes Chad and I think about everything that we do and everything that we let come into our...

10 Ways to Save More & Waste Less

Everyone loves saving money. I don't like to generalize, but I've never heard someone say "nah, throw that money down the drain!". Yet, that's exactly...

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