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Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks

How to Clean Your Deck or Patio

In the summer nothing beats hanging out with friends and family in your backyard – sipping cold drinks, enjoying delicious barbecue – it’s the...

5 Nasty Things at the Office (and How to Clean Them!)

Many of us spend countless hours in an office, working away and doing what we need to do, to pay da bills.. And while many offices have regular cleaners...

How to Vacuum a Carpet, Rug & Shag Rug!

If you don't know this about me already, I am going to make it crystal clear for you: I do NOT like vacuuming. However,...

How to Clean your Laptop

If you're using a laptop, just pause for a second and try to remember the last time you cleaned it.  I don't...

6 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life!

We've been talking a lot about decluttering here at Clean My Space and most of our conversations center around decluttering our physical space -...

Are You Making These 7 Cleaning Mistakes?

Cleaning: You can do it wrong. You can damage a surface, waste time doing a task that doesn’t...

Super Fine Steel Wool Hacks!

Some of our favorite cleaning applications for superfine 0000 steel wool.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mattress Care!

A mattress is a big-ticket item, so taking proper care of it is in our best interests. This guide covers exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your mattress in good working order for a good long time.

Get Your House Back To School Ready!

It’s been a long time since I went back to school—don’t ask how long!—but I still remember that back to school excitement....



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