7 Clever Products For Your Home! (CMS HQ Mailbag)

I’m all about clever products that help organize and optimize storage (and if they’re cute too, bonus!). In this first installment of CMS HQ Mail Bag, I’m taking you through some recent items we’ve received that will help you organize and simplify your daily routines.

  1. Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser: You all know I’m into essential oils and scents. If you’re not ready to take the plunge and get a big oil diffuser like I have in my bedroom, I think this one is the perfect compromise—sleek, compact, and with a modern woodgrain pattern.
  2. Triluc Tile Mats: I’ve had these peel-and-stick mats in my kitchen for a while now, and they are terrific. They leave no residue behind if you want to remove them, but they are also easy to clean (you can vacuum them, or machine-wash them if they get gnarly). They repel water and are comfortable underfoot, plus I love the pop of color that they add to the kitchen.
  3. Spectrum Diversified Bag Holder: These are a super-smart design that fits right over your cabinet door. On the inside, it stores bags for recycling; on the outside, a small towel bar gives your cleaning cloth or dishcloth a place to dry in between uses.
  4. Peleg Design: There are lots of clever home designs from this firm, but we really loved Jumbo, an elephant that holds cleaned cutlery and drains excess water out its trunk, Mr. Sponge, which transforms your kitchen sponge into a bowtie (and gives it a place to dry between uses), and Soap Opera, a little opera singer with steel wool hair.
  5. Amaze AwayHave you ever labeled a jar or water bottle with permanent marker, and then later wished to change it? Just a few spritzes of this spray, and permanent marker wipes away as easily as the washable variety.
  6. Koziol: Animal lovers, beware! The functional and adorable kitchen goods from this kitchen firm come in forms that cat and dog owners will not be able to resist. And despite their whimsical looks, these are serious tools; their perfectly-weighted shapes make clean-up and food prep a snap.
  7. The SpreadrMost of my fans already know my love of the Skrapr, which pops off burned-on or dried-on sticky messes with zero effort (and no scratching). Now they’ve come out with this spreading knife, which effortlessly gets the last bit out of the bottom of the peanut butter jar, makes spreading it evenly on bread so easy, and has a serrated edge that cuts through bread and bagels, without ever cutting skin.

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