10 Cool Cleaning & Organizing Products!

We’re back in Chicago for the International Home & Housewares Show (IHHS) and I’m bringing you my favourite cleaning, organizing, and storage products from this massive housewares trade show!

Miracle Grow AeroGarden

Can you say “indoor garden”? It comes in 3 sizes, and the largest is wifi-enabled—that means never forgetting to water again, since it will send a message to your phone when it’s thirsty! You can grow lettuce, peppers, cherry tomatoes, or herbs. Never rely on the grocery store supply again!

Design Ideas File

This line brings gorgeous colors and fun designs to office supplies, and keep an eye out for this year’s entry, my favorite: cactuses! (Cacti?) Magazine holders, pen cups, and more. Create a whole suite that is unified by its color and theme, for a desk that looks positively curated.

3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag

Imagine being able to make your kid’s toys disappear in two seconds! That’s the genius of these very-cute travel play mats, which are made of sturdy cotton canvas (so they’re easily machine-washable, for those inevitable juice box spills). When you’re ready to pack up, just close the velcro and grab the handles, and you and all the toys can be on your way.

Casabella Bottle Brush

Keep an eye out for their 2017 bottle brush, which will allow you to fill the handle with soap (and it’s clear, so you can see when you’re running low). The head is removable and dishwasher-safe, and you can also replace it when it gets too gross.

Spectrum Peg Board Organizers

We loved the “industrial chic” of these organizers, which work just as well lined up on a pegboard wall as they do screwed right into place. They have items that work in an office, but also in a craft room, garage, kitchen pantry, or gardening center.

Kvell Storage Furniture

This furniture is remarkably sleek, especially if you consider that concealed within its seats is loads of storage space! They also make a hanging rack called the Versa, which is great for laying out clothes, functioning as a room divider, or a clever replacement for “The Chair” for those clothes that might be worn again and are not ready to be laundered.

Biaggi Zipsak Luggage

These super-lightweight rolling suitcases that pack down to the size of a lunchbox when not in use are just as cool in person as they are in their ad. Lots of compartments make them uber-useful.

Flip-It Bottle Emptying Kit

You know when you just know that there’s more shampoo/hand cream/lotion/whatever in the bottle, but it’s too low to get it out? These handy caps are the answer. Just pick your size and screw it in place, and it becomes a sturdy tripod that allows the excess product to fall to where you can squeeze it out.

Messy Mutts Dog Feeder

It’s not just catering to dogs so that they don’t have to bend to eat their dinner (although that is nice too, especially if your pooch is aging and/or arthritic). But having the food bowl near their face means less mess to clean up, too! These clever feeders have adjustable legs, so you can customize to your dog’s height; removable stainless bowls makes them easy to wash clean.

Koziol Paper Towel Stand

Um, this company makes (BPA- and melamine-free) paper towel holders and other kitchen gadgets that look like cats. Do I really need to say any more?

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  1. The Spectrum organizing peg boards, but it was really hard to choose. Melissa, I love your channel and the information is great, so helpful and inspiring. (I am recently out of work… hence the time to find you. I have found the information you share to be motivating (so I don’t fall into a rut) and entertaining. Thanks!

  2. I really liked several things that you show in the video but what I liked the best was the paper towel holders and the other items that look like cats. I have a cat ???? clock that matches with the paper towel stand so definitely that cat has to be in my kitchen. Thanks for the video!!!

  3. My favorite was the Spectrum Peg Board organizers! I love peg board and could use all the great baskets for so many things!!!

  4. Recently I went to use my expensive perfumed lotion (with a pump I might add) and the product was all on the sides of the bottle but none under the pump feed. I have been trying to balance it upside down on all kinds of things and it is constantly falling on the floor or laying sideways on my vanity. The Flip it is genius! No more tossing bottles out of frustration! Thank you for the sneak peek and I love the sneakers too!

  5. I am most excited about the Miracle Gro plant light, but I loved the way you lit up with the MEOW line products. Glad to see you back in Chicago. We had so much fun at your Meetup a few years ago. Great job filming, Chad!

  6. Biaggi bag! I bought my first Biaggi at a quilt store. It was a small purse that held tons of necessities. I love zpipers and it had a compartment for every thing. I was told that the Biaggi line was developed by stewardesses. Who better than a stewardess to design bags?

  7. My favorite product is the Miracle Grow AeroGarden. It would be get to grow little hydroponic pots of herbs on my kitchen counter!

  8. The best product for me would have to be the messy mutt dog beds. I have two dogs that love to play and love to get dirty while doing it!

  9. There were some really cool things there. I’d love to see all the also-rans! I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with the bottle brush, which I could really use.

  10. It’s so hard to choose. I think I love the garden. It would be fun to grow fresh food indoors during spring, fall and winter. And the tech to tell you when to water is amazing. Love the cat line as well! And the toy mat that turns into a bag for easy cleanup! So many great finds! Love your videos! I would love to get a copy of your book! PS The large cat is awesome! I can’t wait to see it in upcoming videos!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. I just love seeing any new storage or cleaning products etc…I’m loving the peg board and storage baskets alot, going online now to order! Thanks again! Love watching your videos!

  12. I love the miracle grow aero garden. It would be perfect for my northern facing home
    I really enjoy all you tips. Keep up the great work

  13. I love the big black cat and cat paper towel holder.
    I have two 15 yr old black cats, Sage and Boo Radley.
    These two are the reason I watch your videos for cleaning ideas.

  14. I absolutely loved the idea of the cactus green paper holder! My kitchen is green and I am crazy about that colour! I have never heard of that exhibition before, but I love it! Thanks for sharing those news!

  15. Loved all the products but the bottle brush is something I really liked. Thanks so much for the tour. Wish I could have been there myself. Love your videos, Melissa!!

  16. I love watching you! Thanks for sharing this video….my favorite product (although hard to pick) was the 3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag. Thanks again for all your helpful information!

  17. Omg! I need that play mat for my grandkids. That is so awesome. Will make it so easy to clean up after them. And for me…just got to have that miracle gro garden! Just getting into organics. Thx for showing these products. So excited!

  18. Aww, Chad got you the cat! It’s huge!!! And probably will terrify the cats 🙂 I loved the Spectrum peg board baskets and the variety of shapes/sizes. Also that Kvell storage furniture but my cats would destroy them :/

  19. My favorite product was the Messy Mutt dog beds with everfresh probiotic technology! Perfect for our Labrador retriever and who knows, perhaps for the future kitty that my 5 year old daughter is begging to have! ???????? ????

  20. I loved the large black cat! It looked great in your kitchen! I have three black cats so I am partial to them!

  21. It’s really hard to choose as I would like one of each. I love organizing and cleaning. I really liked the play mat bag. I have another grandchild on the way and what a great idea that would be to have. Also love the peg board idea to organize anything. I love your videos and watch them all the time. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas.

  22. It’s a toss up but Flip-it product is a must try! I hate throwing that last little bit out from a big bottles. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!


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