Spring Cleaning Blueprint – Routines to Make Cleaning Easier!


Hey Guys! In our first spring cleaning video we talked about spring cleaning routines versus regular cleaning routines (https://youtu.be/rXY7D_vk_Oo) and in this video I want to give you a ‘blueprint’ for spring cleaning any room in your home – so all of the areas you need to hit during your spring clean!

Comment Question: What Cleaning Task Are You Most Afraid Of?


  1. Thank you for this deep walk-through spring cleaning. I find it useful not only for people trying to execute the task on their own, but also to newbies in the niche that want to get a bit of extra training. I am forwarding your channel to our newcomers to give them a bit of edge ahead in their training. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Melissa, I watched the vlog of the first few days of your book tour. I noticed your ‘creative director’ was wearing a tee shirt labeled ‘TROPHY HUSBAND’. Enjoy your blessings, Melissa and Chad. From experience, I’ve been married ‘bad’ and I’ve been married ‘good’. This ‘good husband’ of mine is a Keeper! A KEEPER HUSBAND is just as much a blessing as a TROPHY one! (Especially when they’re older. The older husband tends to sag and wrinkle but is no less dear.) Keep up the good work! You and your Chad are an effective team at getting the information out. The products you find useful have been useful for me, too.

  3. I pre-ordered my copy of your book and so glad I did since it arrived on day 1!. I’m actually enjoying cleaning, er, let’s just say I’m enjoying the clean bathtub, clean baseboard, clean bedroom, etc etc. that results. And your upbeat writing vibe makes cleaning a fun activity not a life sentence. I attempt to do one new tip, however small, each day. Just leaving the bathroom fan on for 25-30 minutes has made a difference and at no extra elbow grease from me. Thank you, thank you.

  4. Great stuff . But do not cheapen yourself with all those cheap product advertising!! what has tents hairbrushes etc got to do with cleaning !! It is not all about money !! Now days it easy to sell anything !! Well your agent definitely after the money as that person gets a cut !!

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