I’ve been asked a lot lately about cleaning windows and in particular ‘what’s the best way to clean a window’ – so today, I’m going to show you how to clean your window like a professional…

Do you know why professional window cleaners use microfibre pads and squeegees to clean their clients windows? Well, neither do – but I’m sure there;s a very good reason for it..

A long time ago I cleaned my windows using only vinegar and paper towels – but truth be told – it’s really quite time consuming using the spray and wipe procedure – and more often than not, I would get frustrated with the streaky results…

There’s got to be a better way..

There was a better way –and that involves one of these and this is squeegee, scrubber, combination tool – these cost about $10 at your local big box – and when I bought mine it was on sale for $3 – so, yay me!

The only other stuff you’re going to need is a bucket, a microfibre cloth and some dish liquid.

  • Drop a few drops of dish liquid into your bucket and fill it about 1/2 way with warm water..
  • We’re going to use the microfibre scrubbing pad to wash the windows and then we’ll use the squeegee to wipe them clean and dry
  • Dip the scrubbing pad into your mixture and apply it to the glass in an S pattern – try and get into all of the corners
  • Next, you’ll use the squeegee and starting at the top, wipe from one side to the other..
  • Then, You can use the microfibre cloth to wipe the frames and corners clean..

For premium microfiber cloths, check out Maker’s Clean Cloth Bundle, on sale now!

You can attach a pole to reach windows which would normally be out of reach..

You can also use this tool indoors – just use less water on your scrubbing pad and maybe place a rag or cloth at the bottom of the window to protect your window sills…

If you have any tree sap, dead bugs or other crusty bits on your window, you can use a Skrapr to get them off and that’s pretty much it!


Just as it does in your car, for your windshield, Rain-X is a glass cleaner and rain repellent which can be sprayed on and wiped off your windows when you are finished with the cleaning routine shown above. Rain-X repels rain by causing it to bead up and drain away from glass surfaces, such as your house windows – learn more about Rain-X here!


Back in the day, newspaper print was made using carbon black, or lamp black – that was the part of the newspaper which was responsible for actually polishing glass surfaces (and also why using a newspaper was SO effective) – however, now latex is used, and this will just smear the soap on your glass.. 🙂

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  1. Melissa,

    I have been using two buckets, one for cleaning and one for rinsing the microfiber glove I use to get dirt out before going to next window. I use a
    Squeegee to take water off and chamois to dry the window. I, also use, ammonia and water and a dash of rubbing alcohol to prevent streaking.
    Learned ammonia & water, and alcohol working at gas stations.

  2. Thanks for sharing the informative tips about the how to wash windows like a pro a window cleaning tutorial nice post!I can gain the knowledge from your site which is really interesting.Thank you so much for sharing valuable information.

  3. It’s really good to see a DIY article that promotes using a squeegee rather than promoting a spray solution and newspaper. The technique steps were pretty on point too. DIY window cleaning doesn’t have to be too difficult at all. Again, well done on the tutorial.

  4. When cleaning windows, you should hire a team of professional cleaners. They have all of required cleaning tools and object which will give far better results than by using household materials. Or you can take professional advice on how to clean window.

  5. Melissa is spot on. Her solution works perfectly with a couple of caveats. One is the man’s approach – a small amount is good so a greater amount is better – no. Go conservative on the Dawn. Second, do not attempt this in direct sunlight. Either before or after sun contact.

  6. My Rain-X experience, on household windows, was not satisfactory, and I’d not recommend it. I washed the exterior of a large garden window with Rain X… per instructions. The promise was that the water would just roll off. A day later, I sprayed it with a garden hose. Water beaded up and the spots dried on the window. I washed it with the product again, and this time squeegied it off. When it rained, the drops stayed on the window and dried when the sun came out. I have a spotty window and am faced with trying to get those spots off.

    • Sounds like u used a rain-x brand wash and not the actual rain-x treatment. Rain-x is a window treatment applied after washing the surface. If the directions on your container described a wash process. This is probably the wrong product from rain-x.

  7. Great advice for a universal problem presented in an entertaining manner…WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?! Glad I stumbled upon your site, Melissa! Will put this technique to work, but not for awhile…I’m getting NEW windows in a couple of days! Thanks! ( surprised no one mentioned that great “photographer” at the end.great casting!).

  8. As you said – there is a good reason why professionals use this method. Very informative article. I didn’t know about the newspaper ink. Take care!

  9. also 1 gallon warm water, 1 tablespoons liquid Jet Dry’, 6 tablespoons Dawn dish soap;
    then follw as described

  10. I agree with your statement about the newspaper. I still go to properties where homeowners have tried to clean the windows with the newspaper+vinegar method and they have ended up with smears. Squeegees and microfibre cloths are just enough for properly washed windows.

  11. That’s a great tip! I definitely agree with you: seeking for professional window cleaners is very important, mostly if you have a serious house window cleanup to do. Thanks for sharing! And keep posting informative articles like this.

  12. Great advice like you i learned the right way to clean windows awnings ,concrete,floors. Doing things the right way is both time saving and economical plus the satisfaction of a job well done. I would caution if you use a scraper for window cleaning always make sure glass is wet first and that the side you scrap has no window tint on it or is low e glass.

  13. never do i leave coments! but melissa has such a nice style,a very likeable personna,you have managed to appeal to a broad spectrum of people.I’m suprised u r not on t.v. yet.Thanks for not putting ads on the video feed before we can see you.I would give up & change sites,good thinking! thankyou


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