The Cyber Clean Review

Does Cyber Clean really work?

We get asked about Cyber Clean all the time.  Does it work?  Is it good?  I’ve always had my doubts. But I laid out the $7 to purchase a package and test it out for you all.

I always read package claims when doing a review, and design the test based on how it is being sold to the average consumer.   I found an old keyboard, remote (no printer or cd player for me) and a flip phone.  Old skool, I know.  Anyway, Cyber Clean claims to clean electronics and remove dirt and debris without leaving residue behind, so let’s try this and see what happens.

Cyber Clean smells like a cleaning product mixed with a marker.

It really stank and I was partially paranoid about using it.  I washed my hands after the shoot for a few minutes with hot water and soap to remove that smell.  It feels like slime.

We tested it on a keyboard, of course it didn’t get in between the keyboard keys – I popped them off and found a whole bunch of dirt underneath them.  Further,  I know it did not disinfect the keyboard, which is a big cleaning to-do for keyboards, it was not remotely possible.  It also left goo behind, which looked like a big nasty sneeze.  The results were  essentially the same for the remote and cell phone – two items that can be easily cleaned with a cloth and water.  Dirt marks were left behind (i.e. not cleaned off) and Cyber Clean residue was still remaining on the items.

The claims are SUCH BS on this package. 

I am also thoroughly disgusted with the idea of putting this glob back in the package and re-using up to 75 times.  It would get full of hair and debris and dust and not to mention bacteria.  So, you’d be working with a nasty clump of Cyber Clean for months.  That is so gross, I would be disgusted if I knew my electronics were cleaned with a filthy mass of re-used goop. The package shows that the product goes in and under keys and catches all debris – it totally does not.  Further, to clean properly a product needs to remove dirt marks, not just debris and disinfect.  This product cannot do that.

Two other brief observations: the company that makes it in Europe is called Joker Industries (that doesn’t sound novelty shop to me at all), and their website is currently ‘under construction’…yeah…

I’ve got links to our videos that demo the proper way to clean your electronics, using legit products and simple techniques.

How to Clean an iPhone 5

How to Clean a Laptop–hxI

How to Clean  a Game Controller

How to Clean a Remove Control

How to Clean a Keyboard

Cyber Clean is a Halloween prop so far as I am concerned and nothing more.  Save your money.

What are your thoughts on this product?  Would you get it?  Have you tried it?  What is your opinion?

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  1. i use it for a while now and must say it works great for me. i use it on my keyboard, remote and controllers and it cleaned all the mess. it goes deep under the keys/ buttons and dont let any thing behind. i dont know
    why some people have problems using it, the only “problem” is the smell i dont like so much.

    good product, worth the money. i buy another one when the time has come.

  2. Product is fun to play with and smells nice in my opinion, but I just used it on my laptop keyboard for the first time and now am experiencing major problems!
    The Samsung series 9 laptop was not shut down, just sleeping.
    I spread the putty over a pancake size area over the space key which was starting to give me fewer spaces and as many other keys as it would fit. I expected to use it 3 or 4 times to cover the entire keyboard.
    I knew the cyber clean would settle deep into the small spaces over time, so i left it alone for 24 hours.
    I just removed the putty and it did indeed go deep into the small spaces and it did come back with dirt but not all of it came back! There were many bits and pieces still stuck between some keys. I was able to remove everything that I could see but my keyboard did not work again!
    I have not found any information about similar problems but it looks like I am going to have to dismantle the computer to see if I can find any neon bits that are causing the keyboard to completely fail. It acts like a key is being held down. No indication which one it might be.


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