10 Innovative Products from 2024 Inspired Home Show!

Welcome to springtime in Chicago, where the season ushers in one of the most anticipated events in the housewares industry—the Inspired Home Show. As North America’s largest housewares trade show, this event at McCormick Place is a hotbed of innovation and emerging trends that are yet to hit the store shelves.

For those who have been with Clean My Space over the years, you’ll know that this event is a staple in our calendar, and this year, I’m taking you on a solo tour to uncover the best products and highlights from the show!

The Dine & Décor

This is the largest area, brimming with kitchen tools, home textiles, lighting, gourmet foods, and much more. It’s a paradise for anyone looking to spruce up their home with both functional and stylish products.

Wired & Well

Here, you’ll find everything tech for the home—from household electronics to smart home gadgets and specialty coffee products. It’s a tech enthusiast’s dream, showcasing the latest in home health care and personal care innovations.

Clean & Contain

This section is dedicated to all things clean and organized. Expect to see the latest in bath and shower products, cleaning gadgets, and ingenious storage solutions that promise to declutter and beautify your living spaces.

Discoveries and Innovations

Among the myriad products, a few stood out for their innovative approach and practical solutions to everyday problems:

Umbra’s Woodro Garbage Can

This isn’t just any trash bin; it’s a perfect blend of form and function, designed to look good while fitting into tight spaces.

Hegs Clothes Pins

From Australia, these are no ordinary clothes pins. They feature hooks that allow for hanging additional items—ingenious and sturdy, these are designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun without rusting.

Sophisti-Clean Sponges

Their products caught my eye for their exceptional design and functionality—especially the sponges that sit atop the faucet, offering convenience and a touch of whimsy with designs like the cat sponge.

Bin Claw

A simple yet revolutionary tool that locks your trash bin to keep pests out and makes it easy to lift the lid without getting your hands dirty—a small but significant quality of life improvement. https://binclaw.com/

Slipstick’s Gorilla Pads

These furniture grippers prevent unwanted sliding and protect floors, available in various sizes to suit any furniture type, including outdoor settings.

Spinway Brush

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this rotary cleaning brush extends up to 10 feet and is perfect for cleaning RVs, boats, and more, all while maintaining a lightweight design.

Made Smart’s Organizing Solutions

Their booth featured innovative storage solutions like a customizable sink mat and a rapid-drying stone for sinks, showcasing a live demonstration of its impressive water-evaporation capabilities.

Simple Coat

A versatile sealer for a variety of surfaces including natural stone and stainless steel, notable for its safe, non-toxic formula—perfect for households with kids and pets.

Thank you for joining me on this unique solo journey through the 2024 Inspired Home Show. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

What was your favorite product?

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