How to Cut Your Cleaning Time!

If you want to learn my armchair cleaning secrets, you’re in for a treat!  I’ve figured out ways to be lazier and get more cleaned.  You’re going to love this!

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Invest In a Robot Vacuum

While they can’t replace a vacuum cleaner entirely, they do help keep dust and pet hair at bay, meaning that you can vacuum way less than you normally would ever have to.  I have one and it’s a game changer!  There is far less dust at home and my floors always look clean.  If I run it daily, I can vacuum every few weeks.

Shower Soap Scum

Squeegee your shower after each use—you’ll almost never have to scrub tiles, tub or glass again!  If that post-shower water is removed, no soap scum, limescale or oils can build up, meaning your shower will always stay beautifully clean and you’ll never have to scrub it again.  Remember, you’ve got to start with a clean shower!

Garbage Time Savings

Place a pile of garbage bags at the bottom of your garbage can.  Each time you empty the garbage, all you need to do is reach to the bottom of the garbage can for a new one!

Keep ‘Em Close!

Keep cleaning supplies and tools where you use them, that way you don’t need to trek around the house each time you need to clean something, and you’re more likely to do the work.  I keep disposable wipes in my bathroom as well as a sponge, baking soda and a cleaning toothbrush.  Find a little place to store these items and you’re in good shape.

Let Music Lead The Way

Clean one space that needs it for the duration of one song, podcast, or playlist!  If you can get yourself cleaning for a set period of time each day, you are much more likely to do it.

TV Time

Fold and iron while watching an episode of your favourite show.  There’s a good chance you can set up an area right in front of the TV to get laundry chores done while enjoying your down time!  You can almost do it with your eyes closed, so why not double up and multitask.

Oven Liners

Place an oven liner mat on the bottom of your oven, and you’ll never have to clean that oven bottom again!  These are made out of materials which are as easy to clean (just rinse under water) and prevent build up from sticking to that oven bottom ever again. Beautiful!

No Shoe Policy

Never wear shoes in the house – most of the dirt and dust that comes into the house comes from your shoes.  If you have a shoes off policy, you will have less dirt and dust to deal with, hands down.

Hands Full Policy

I learned this while waitressing; at all times, have stuff in your hands. Stuff you are putting away in its rightful place. Whether it’s containers and paper you need to bring to your recycling bin, to laundry you need to bring upstairs, to dishes you need to put away, the more you can make use of your two hands, the less tidying you’ll have to do. It is something that I have done for years.

I’ve shared some of my favourite lazy cleaning tips. What are some of your best tips and tricks to save time and get more cleaned?

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  1. I really like your videos . As for wearing shoes in the house , I do ,because of feet problems . I plan to get another pair so I can just keep one for the inside . Shoe covers work except if my shoes are wet from being outdoors.

  2. I have to wear shoes in the house as I have orthotics in my shoes . Yes I could come in and change shoes but changing the orthotics is a pain,plus I would need a chair and the utility room can not accomidate a chair.. . In my younger healthier years I did remove my shoes.I do agree removing shoes does help keeping the house clean. Thanks for all your wonderful tips .

  3. When I clean surfaces (e.g. windows and cupboard doors) I always swipe vertically in the end. The human eye/brain combination registers vertical lines less than horizontal ones. A little trick to fool the eye.????

  4. Love your videos. As to the oven liner mat, I just line the bottom of both my ovens with heavy duty tin foil. I can then just throw it away and replace it when needed.

  5. Hi Sabrina,

    Mind your own beeswax! You’re not the boss of anyone else and it’s unfair of you to criticize Melissa for not conforming to your own ideal aesthetics. She can look however she wants; this is her site.


  6. Melissa, I know this will be moderate, so this is why I am writing (cause you can read it and not publish ;). As said, I love your channel, and you just pass good energy to everyone. The only thing I wish to tell you, is that, in some of the videos you wear a makeup a little bit stronger than in others or the hair more structured, and in these videos I have a weird feeling, like the old women cleaning, adverting, cooking shows (“we have to be perfect”). I’m sure this is not the message you intend to pass. I just wish to point that I prefer much more (and feel that you are talking to me), in the videos where you are more natural (such as the ones you suggested at the end of this video). And, I think you look much prettier also! Keep up all your good job! The world needs you! 🙂

  7. Hi Melissa! I love your channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You gave me a whole new idea of cleaning and mantaining a “home”, specially now, being mum of a small baby and absolutely not having time!


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