Happy Holidays, Clean My Space Nation!

This year I wanted to share with you some of my favourite gift ideas because you know, gift shopping isn’t as easy as it is cracked up to be.  Don’t worry; they all do not have to do with cleaning. They’re unique, useful and certainly something the recipient will appreciate – and between me and you, there’s a tiny little cleaning or organizing twist included.  Trust me, it’s win-win.  I’ve done a video on some of the items so you can see them in action (note: some items we ordered didn’t arrive on time for the video, so I’ve linked them here).   I’ve got tons and tons of ideas for you! All prices here are approximate; what they were at the time I found them.  Check online to see the most current pricing.

I’ve searched high and low for items I think will suit anybody on your list and have included small, medium and big ticket gift ideas. Read on to discover the 2015 CMS Gift Guide and get your shopping done!

Note: several links go through our Amazon affiliate account; clicking a link is a great way to say, ‘hey, thanks Clean My Space!’.

Small items (stocking stuffers, secret santa, ~$20)

We’ll start our journey of great gifts with items almost everyone needs to get for one person or another, the small ticket item, whether it be for a stocking stuffer, secret santa, or gift exchange, these gift ideas will sure to please any recipient and they are all under $20.

Cosmetique Collection Make-up Divider – $9.99-19.99

I love these acrylic makeup storage dividers.  They look sleek and serve a great purpose.  It’s a perfect gift for anyone who wears makeup (I have seen this in my 14 year old niece’s room as well as in a grandmother’s bathroom!).   Makeup can be really hard to organize because of all of the shapes; brushes, tubes, pots and palettes and when you need that perfect lipstick or brush, having everything organized makes your job infinitely easier.  The one in the video is available to purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond but it is not available online, though there are lots of great options which I’ve linked above.

Chef’n Garlic Zoom – $14.50

For the kitchen wiz who finds garlic to be a stinky (but oh so delicious) P.I.T.A…This handy little device removes garlic skin and then chops it up. No more stinky garlic hands!

Love Fresh – 100% natural deodorant – $15.00

If you know someone who is into living a holistic lifestyle, I am willing to bet they’ll love this for a gift.   I found this hand crafted natural deodorant at a gorgeous boutique here in Toronto a few months back.  I had tried several natural deodorants in the past (of course, the expensive ones), and let’s just say I got some *unsavoury* results.  So when I saw this, I thought – ‘OK, I can part with $15 on the off chance it actually works’.  Well, to my amazement, IT DOES!  Whether it’s at the gym, travelling or a big interview, I didn’t smell all day…as in before I went to bed I smelled as fresh as I did that morning.  WOW.  It’s all natural ingredients and essential oils (which I love love love).   I have gifted it to a few family members and they all go crazy for it. It comes in different scents but my favourite (thus far) is sweet orange patchouli.

Dustin – Mini Screen Cleaner – $16.00

If you have a neat freak or a road warrior on your list, this is a smart little gift for them.  These little dusters are great to keep in the office or when you are on the go (one has a little keychain!) or any time you encounter a mucky screen (think: e reader, laptop, tablet, phone).  Quickly reach for one of these little cuties and give the screen a quick swipe – voila!  No prints or dust.  They come in three different sizes and can clean any electronic screen safely and efficiently.

Silicone Baking Cups -$9.99-19.99

Do you have a baker on your list?  While I’m not a baker (I’m a Maker!), one thing I do know about baking  is that it requires a lot of clean up.  So, if cleaning a muffin pan is something a baker in your life could do without, consider picking up these silicone baking cups.  Silicone bakeware is fantastic because the clean up is as simple as soap and water and nothing sticks!  You can pick-up the Betty Crocker ones featured in the video at Bed, Bath and Beyond or visit the link above for some fun, colourful options.

Cuisinpro Magnetic Spot Scrubber – $8.99

For the wine lover who decants religiously, or the person who has fresh flower at home each week, this little gift is a perfect pick.  The magnetic spot scrubber can plumb the depths of vessels which sponges and brushes can’t really reach by using magnets and silicone nubs to scrub.  Add some soapy water, toss in the spot scrubber and within minutes, spots will be gone and vessels will be clean and ready for the next chianti or dozen roses.

Sugru– $22.00

I snuck this one in although it is just over $20…but I just love this product!  This self setting rubber is a great idea for the DIY-er and the non-handyman alike. It’s easy to use to fix those minor cracks, broken wires and other miscellaneous damaged items around the house.  You can even create your own hooks, bumpers or nubs on any item!  It’s like Play-Doh meets duct tape in the year 2015.  It comes in many colours to match whatever needs fixing.  I’ve had this around the house for over a year and it seriously comes in handy.

Here are some which I was unable to feature in the video, but that I still wanted to share with you.

The Warsh Cloth – $10.00

For the makeup lover in your life, the Warsh Cloth is it!  This magical cloth removes all the dirt, grime and make-up from your face without any soap. And leaves your complexion glowing.  It is also great for anyone with sensitive skin or who loves face products.

Raining Planter – $10.99

I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter planter than this.  It would be great for a kid’s bedroom or even for a small apartment which can’t accommodate planters.  This sweet little showstopper hangs on the wall; you water the plant via a cloud and it RAINS onto the little plant!  It’s simply adorable and another way to encourage clean air and foliage in a home without hogging space.

Punch Out Laundry! – $19.99

This laundry punching bag is the perfect gift for someone who loves discharging their anger and hates doing laundry!  It just needs a good place to hang, and of course the only caveat is that the recipient will need to empty it in order to do their laundry from time to time, too!

Bristle-free Grill Brush – $16.99

This one is for the person who loves grilling, but doesn’t love cleaning. Here’s the best tool for keeping the grill clean, effortlessly!

His and Hers Key Holder – $17.00

For the couple that loses their keys (and occasionally, their marbles), this is the perfect gift!  Cute key holders are here to save the day.

Aquawell Shower Water Saver – $19.00

This shower water catcher collects the clean water you use while heating up your shower! Perfect for that friend in California.

Butt Face Bar Soap – $24.99

And finally a stocking stuffer that will be sure to make anyone laugh. This soap is too cute not to share!  It is NOT this expensive, it just turned out to be priced that way on Amazon on the day I happened to order it (it arrived a day after we filmed…).

Medium Items (~$20- ~$100)

Now we move onto the medium gift items (in price, that is…not in thought, coolness or functionality). These are super affordable and sure to please!

Silpat – $25.00

Silpat liners are a staple for any baker or chef on your list.  These have developed a cult-like following because of how well they distribute heat and of course, how simple they make clean up.  Use this in lieu of aluminum foil or parchment paper, save money and of course, save clean up time.  It also comes in various sizes.

Polder Style Station – $19.99

This is a must have for the hair-obsessed person in your life! This organizer has designated spots for a dryer, curling iron and flat iron. Its silicone base ensures hot tools will not burn it, plus it features notches in the back for cords to easily pass through and can be wall mounted or hung over a cupboard door.

Serene House Blob Scentilizer Diffuser – $54.99

If you know someone who loves essential oils, they will love the Blob!  This aromatherapy diffuser is one of my favourite things in my house these days. It makes any room smell great and it also helps me feel more rested before bed and more energized during the day, depending on the essential oils I use.  I find it to be so welcoming and a lovely alternative to air freshers.  I recently gave this as a gift and apparently, the recipient and her boyfriend are fighting over whose house it gets to stay at!

Anti-fatigue Gel Mat – $39.95

This comes in various sizes and is great for someone who is on their feet for an extended period of time as it makes standing easier and more comfortable. If you know someone who spends a lot of time standing for work or home duties (cooking, ironing, etc. ) this is an awesome choice for them.  When I used to work at a bar, they’d have a similar mat for us to run around on (plus it prevented slipping) and it did feel a lot easier to be on your feet for hours on end.  The receiver of this one will be thanking you for saving their legs and feet!

Take-out box laundry hamper – $19.99-24.99

What’s not to love here?  This is an ideal gift for any high school or college student! It’s kitschy and encourages them to do their laundry.

Tightvac Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container – $14.99

Got a coffee lover in your life?  This vacuum sealed storage container will help keep those coffee beans fresher than fresh.   Not only does it help contain heavy scents (although, what’s not to love about the smell of coffee), it also keeps air out, meaning the beans will stay fresh and taste divine.  Plus, it looks really cool and makes a futuristic suctioning sound whenever the lid is used.

Maxx Dry Boot Dry – Silent Shoe and Boot Dryer – $42.85

The perfect gift for anyone who works in construction, the family who enjoys outdoor winter activities, or the designated shoveler. This handy little machine is great for drying wet boots which helps keep odours at bay and helps get the boots outdoor ready in less time.  As an added bonus, boots can be warmed (think: toasted dinner rolls, but for boots) before heading out the door for that extra warmth that many of us crave in the winter.  How decadent is that?!

UV Sterilizer – Easy Care Health House – $49.99

Got someone on your list that likes things super clean?  Or perhaps, someone whose electronics are oft exposed to many germs?  Then this is the gift for them. This is like a little tanning bed for small items.  This unit charges, sterilizes and can even infuse scents onto your items using essential oils.  It works for phones, keys, jewelry and small clothing items.

And here are some items we didn’t get into the video but still thought were worth mentioning because of how neat they are!

Incredible Octo Plant Holders – $25-100

These awesome plant holders didn’t arrive in time to make it into the video, but I love this so much I am definitely keeping it for myself! Great for the space-squeezed urbanite who needs some green in their life, this insanely adorable planter hangs from the ceiling and grows to looks like a cute octopus.  Indoor plants help clean our air!  This is an amazing gift and they come in in all sorts of colours and styles to fit anyone’s personality.  If you are US-based, they’ll ship complete with the plant.

Jennifer Jansch Travel Bags – $48.00

For the frequent flyer who needs some organization in her life, these cute breathable bags which travel well are the perfect solution to keep that suitcase from being a disorganized mess! There is also a male version that is super cool!

Shower Squid – $36.00

If you know someone itching for more space in their shower (and let’s not forget, shower accessories tend to harbour mildew), this gift is the perfect (and cute) solution.  It’s adorable and the tentacles hold shower accessories while allowing air circulation and keeping the bathroom clean.  Totally cool!

Closet Dividers for Baby – $24.99

Every baby has clothing for different ages and stages and thinking about what to get a newborn for the holidays (aside from a holiday outfit or stuffy) can be tough.  These adorable closet dividers help mom and dad categorize clothing in a cute way.

Stemless Wine Glasses with Coasters – $29.49

This gift is for the wine and furniture-obsessed! These wine glasses are classy and have a built in coaster (more beautiful than it sounds!).

Cupsy – $29.97

If you need a gift for the ultimate couch potato, or even the casual Netflix consumer, this is the gift for them!  It wedges between sofa cushions and holds cups, wine glasses, bottles, cell phones and snacks.

Cantilever Flatware Set – $24.95

The perfect gift for an open germaphobe, these beautiful pieces will never touch the counter or table and pick up dreaded germs.  They are quite the conversation starter, too.

Wall Mounted Trouser Rack – $69.95

Perfect for the person who is short on closet space but long on pants!  A great way to organize clothing and keep messy floors at bay.

Curvit Shower Curtain – $19.99

If you know someone that treasures their shower time but doesn’t have the most lux shower, this is a great way to fake it!

Shirt Shuttle – $50.00

A perfect idea for the traveller who hates ironing but loves crisp shirts.  Think of this gift as a laptop shell for dress shirts.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner – $39.99

For the jewelry lover on your list who has it all! This jewelry cleaner is sure to keep all their precious gems shiny and looking like new.

USB Paper Towel Holder And Charger – $29.99

Have someone on your list who is always plugged in, even when they’re in the kitchen?  Then this is the gift for them.  Charge devices or plug in phones, speakers or tablets to enjoy media while in the kitchen.  And, everyone needs a paper towel holder so make the use of the space with extra USB ports.

Big Ticket Items ($100+)

For those extra special people in your life that you plan on spending $100+ on, this is the gift category is for them…

Reliable Pronto Steamer – $99.00

Here’s another item that’s great for almost anyone on your list! This can be used as a garment steamer and a steam cleaner. Its size makes it convenient, easy to store, and it works extremely well because of its design and steam generation capabilities.

Neato Botvac D80 – $549.00

If you want to get into anyone’s good books this is your way in!  Taking away the task of daily vacuuming is a dream for many of us.  This nifty robot vacuum is shaped like a D to get into corners, it uses laser mapping and navigation, picks up pet and human hair and has spin flow technology which leaves nothing behind (as in, it actually has fantastic suction). The recipient of this one will be thanking you for years to come!

Dyson Cool – $299.99

This silent fan will keep anyone cool on even the hottest day without roaring like a fan dragon. It looks sleek and is remote operated. An all around winner!  When my air conditioner broke this past summer, we had this on full blast and it really helped us stay cool before our new unit was installed.

And here are some of the great big ticket items which didn’t make it into the video, but would still make terrific gifts!

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum – $398.98

This is one gift that is sure to impress. It’s cool and useful, especially for someone who likes crafting or a person who’s obsessed with their car.  It’s also great for small spaces and quick clean-ups, too. It’s lightweight and super efficient. Another gift to ensure lifetime love and adoration!

Nifty ‘No Clean’ Aquarium – $99.40

Perfect for the fish lover who wants the most low-maintenance pet ownership experience possible (it’s self- cleaning).

Garage Storage Pulley System – $125.00

This is SO COOL!  For the new homeowner or the organizationally obsessed, consider this cool gift to help keep things in the garage neat and out of the way (and it looks awesome!).

Bionaire Air Purifier – $109.99

We talked about the gift that will make your home smell great, but this one is for the person who wants their air perfectly cleaned!  If you know someone who gets colds often or has allergies or asthma, this is a great pick.

The Laundry Alternative Eco-egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine – $115.00

Another great gift for someone in a dorm or small space that doesn’t have a washing machine. This mini countertop washer will help them stretch the time between Laundromat visits!

There you have it! Clean My Space’s first official gift guide. I hope you have found it useful. Let me know which item is your favourite and if you could receive one off this list, which would it be? And if you’ve found any great, unique gifts I want to hear about them, so please make sure you comment below!

We wish all of you happy shopping and a very happy holiday season!

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