6 Simple Habits For A Cleaner Home That You Can Start Today!


In this video, I’m sharing with you 6 simple, yet effective habits to help you keep your home clean! I have benefited quite a bit from these habits and I hope that you try some of these and get the chance to experience the change for yourself. You can do this!

If you feel crazy overwhelmed with keeping on top of daily housekeeping (let alone cleaning!) this video will help ease that, I promise :).

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  1. Good tips! I make sure the kitchen sink is empty and clean before I go to bed no matter how tired I am. I hate starting the day with a sink full of dirty dishes. Makes me cranky! And it feels like I’m behind all day.

  2. I found an app called Chore Checklist which suggests cleaning tasks and frequencies, and then reminds me to do them every day. It took some tweaking to get the tasks right for my household, but it wasn’t difficult, and now I am ahead of my cleaning, instead of feeling guilty and wondering why I left it so long when things got really dirty. Most of the time my jobs take me about 15 minutes or less every day.

  3. Great ideas. I have a morning routine, which, even if I do nothing else all day, ensures the basics are covered. I make my bed as soon as I get up, swipe around the bathroom and toilet and give it a quick tidy, put a load of laundry in and fold yesterdays, clean up the kitchen and sweep the floor and then have a quick run around the teens room to tidy up. On a good day this only takes me 30 minutes.

  4. As always , I learn stuff when I watch your videos! I like to cleanup the counter top surfaces of the kitchen as a last thing daily before heading to bed. i.e. setup coffee pot etc, then lastly wipe down the counters.

  5. Hi Melissa! I just discovered your web site in a Wiki how clip.

    What I do to keep it going is this: I started an index box years ago with regular daily chores, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.” Alternate weeks, and special monthly/bi-monthly/every six months items on those cards, and a special Holiday section. Even a card for birthdays so I know when to get a card in the mail. Each day, I pull a card and do what’s on it, then file it to the appropriate slot. Cards include desk days, days out with friends for lunch and running errands, and a day off for me to do whatever! My steno pad is a constant list tracking companion.

    One of my daily things is to wash a load of laundry ( in at night, dry in the a.m. and put away.)Laundry stays pretty much done without dedicating a day to it. Finally, I do a light pick up/ put away before bedtime so I don’t feel overwhelmed upon rising in the morning to clutter. Also, get ready for the day, (make up, etc.) first thing in case a grand opportunity pops up! This system has worked for me for 45 years with some modifications. When I was raising children, some things were delegated to them. (I raised boys and I didn’t want them to feel they needed to marry to have a well-run house. You are right! I forget who said it, but “never have anything your home that isn’t beautiful and doesn’t bring you joy” is the best way to live.

    My motto is “always leave a room more beautiful than when you entered it.”

  6. Hi. Melissa,
    I have A/C permanent filters that need thorough cleaning. What can I use for that? Thanks for all your helpful postings.


    • Hi Fetu,

      For a removable permanent filter, you can try scrubbing it with a little diluted dish detergent and a cleaning toothbrush. You should be able to cut the grime easily. Then, you can wipe the whole thing down with a wet cloth and put it back in place. Hope that helps!!

  7. I do something similar to the basket tip. I don’t do individual baskets for family member (Cause let’s face it, it would never get put away haha!) But I grab a box or laundry basket (As I have 5 of them lol!), go through each room and anything that doesn’t belong in that room goes into the box/basket. I set it aside for later that day/week/whenever I have time and then sort out the box to where things should be.

    Also, while my kids are having a bath (Or shower), as they are old enough now to entertain themselves I will often fold and put away washing (Only in the rooms I can still see them from) or clean down my bathroom/toilet instead of sitting down watching them. I get so much done in that time and feel so much better that I haven’t “wasted time”.

    While waiting for the jug to boil or toast to pop, I try to find something to do quickly like load as much of the dishwasher that I can in the time frame, clean down a bench or put a few things away

    The best way though I find keeping on top of things is to have a checklist. I have a permanent list on my kitchen wall that I printed off and put in a photo frame. The glass acts like a clear white board so I cross off each thing everyday and can rub it off at the end of the week ๐Ÿ™‚ (Or end of day for my daily jobs) Anything extra I need to do I write in a book and leave it on my kitchen counter, as I find time I will go through that list and try do something. Sometimes it takes me just a few days, sometimes it takes me a few months haha!


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