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It’s that time of the year again where we start bundling up in blankets, changing our latte order from pumpkin spice to peppermint, and thinking about our loved ones. Every year I put a gift guide together for the Clean My Space community, and this year I decided to make our biggest gift guide yet!

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a cleaning enthusiast friend, a plant hoarder relative, an eco-conscious coworker, or a tech-loving hubby, we have it all in our gift guide this year! The theme for this gift guide is: buy once buy well, and environmentally conscious gifts. My goal is to help people make great, meaningful purchasing decisions. I want you to get your loved ones a gift that they will use and love and that will last them a long time.

So let me make your holiday shopping list a little easier, more eco-friendly, health-conscious, and responsible with great gifts the whole family will enjoy.

Gifts for the Cleaning Lover

These gifts are sure to wow even the neatest and most organized person you know. If you love Clean My Space, you might love these gifts!

The Maker’s Mop

This mop is perfect for that cleaning lover you know who likes their floors spotless and can’t stand spills or stains. With its 360° pivot head, the Maker’s Mop is specifically designed for power and versatility. This mop easily tackles the most stuck-on stains and messes in less time than a traditional mop because its unique curved shape allows the user to focus pressure on the Precision Edge. The Maker’s Mop bundle includes the mop, two Everyday Microfiber Mop Pads, and two Deep Cleaning Microfiber Mop Pads. This is literally the total package and a perfect gift for neat freaks everywhere. 

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Dyson V15

This fancy shmancy vacuum is the latest cordless Dyson. This gift is excellent for people who want to be on the cusp of Dyson’s most cutting edge technology. It includes a laser to detect all dust and dirt that may not be visible otherwise, making sure nothing gets left behind. And this vacuum actually listens to how much dirt it’s sucking up, and adjusts its power up or down depending on how much dirt it hears. This helps conserve batteries efficiently, and is great for fans of cleaning, technology, and environmentalism.

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Sorbus Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display

This is the dream solution for anyone who has a lot of makeup and jewelry. It has seven different-sized drawers and 16 slots, so it can fit even an avid makeup or jewelry collector’s items. Plus, it’s see-through, so it’s not just for storage it’s also for display. This is a lovely addition to the home organization and aesthetics of anyone with makeup or jewelry clutter.

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More gifts for the cleaning lover in your life…

Fuzz Remover & Lint Brush: This is a great, inexpensive gift that will actually get used! The Gleener Fuzz Remover Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush keeps fabric looking newer for longer by removing pills, and it’s small, so it makes a great travel companion.

Air Purifying Bags: These charcoal bags are the eco-friendly way to keep items or areas in your home smelling fresh. They’re a wonderful idea for a stocking stuffer and a great gift for the person on your list who isn’t a fan of traditional air fresheners.

Washer & Dryer Bed Sheet Detangler: This is another great stocking stuffer or gift swap present for the person who always struggles with doing their laundry, or anyone who has to wash multiple sheets. These bed sheet detanglers help keep sheets from bunching up in the washer and dryer, making it so much easier to wash sheets and make beds!

Laundry Sock Organizer: This is the perfect gift a person who is obsessed with cleaning and organizing, but still shakes their fist at losing socks in the wash. Affordable and unique!

Sleeve Ironing Tool: For the person going back to the office, this tool will make ironing shirts faster and easier than a normal iron.

Travel-Sized Cosmetic Organizer: This nifty travel-sized make up organizer is like a pegboard. The makeup lover on your gift list can pull the dividers out and rearrange them as they like.

Gifts for the New Couple

There’s all kinds of cute and useful gifts that new couples and new households need. Here are my picks for the lovebirds on your holiday gift list.

Candle Art

For the couple who loves art, decor, and something a little bit cheeky, this candle is sure to get a prominent spot on the shelf. It’s a great conversation piece, and it comes in a variety of colors. Plus, there are some more risque options available when you click the link.

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Garment Steamer

If you’re looking for a useful gift for couples, you might have found it with the Reliable Dash Portable Garment Steamer. This is definitely a steamer that will last for years and years, so it’s one of those buy once buy well products. And it heats up quickly and can be used on all sorts of fabric. Bonus points because it can be packed away easily for travel. I’ve had this steamer for years, and I can promise you I love it!

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Waffle Weave Bathrobe

There’s nothing cozier than a bathrobe, and there’s nothing cuter than matching couples’ bathrobes. And these aren’t just ordinary bathrobes! These are the Maker’s Clean Waffle Weave Luxury Bathrobes. We took our famous waffle weave fabric and made its three-dimensional pocket even bigger, allowing for faster drying and unmatched softness without the weight of a typical bathrobe—the perfect gift for any new couple to cozy up in over the holidays and beyond.

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More gifts for the new couple on your list…

Dyson Omni-Glide: One of the newest vacuums at Dyson right now, the Omni-Glide is great for the couple who needs an in-between vacuum. You can pull this one out for smaller tasks, and the omni-glide head goes in multiple directions and goes completely flat for all those hard-to-reach areas.

Salt Holder: This is a great gift for a couple who likes to cook, because it’s an item they probably won’t buy for themselves but that they will use and appreciate.

Three Tier Salt Holder: For the couple who really loves cooking, gift them a salt holder that can hold their flaky sea salt, black salt, and kosher salt all at once! This can also be used for spices.

Bamboo Drawer Organizer: Everyone has a cutlery drawer, but it’s often made of cheap plastic and doesn’t quite fit properly. This drawer organizer is made from eco-friendly bamboo, and it’s adjustable, making it the perfect fit literally and figuratively.

Steam Iron: Most couples are going to need an iron at some point or another. So whether they decide to register for it or purchase it themselves, get ahead of the game with this great staple gift for any household.

Compact Espresso Maker: Give the gift of delicious, fancy coffee without taking up a whole lot of counter space.

Mini Food Processor: This powerful mini food processor is excellent for food prep, and easy to store even in a small kitchen.

Butter Crock: Nothing says adulting more than storing your butter in one of these. Butter lovers everywhere know the real way to keep your butter is on the counter, and a fancy butter crock is a clean, convenient, and beautiful way to store butter.

Meditation Mat: This meditation mat is great for couples who meditate and those who don’t. It’s a comfortable seat you can pull out quickly and store away neatly.

Gifts for the On-Campus Student

Living on-campus is an exciting time, and it’s even better when you have the right items for your dorm room. Check out my top gifts that are fun and useful for on-campus students.

Valala Floor Mirror

There’s no better way to check your outfits and post the perfect Instagram selfie than a full-sized mirror. And this mirror gets bonus points for dorm living because it also functions as a clothing rack with a built-in accessory tray, and it can be used as a room divider. Basically, there’s nothing this mirror can’t do except your laundry.

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Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair is a fun and funky addition to any dorm room. We know on-campus students have little to no seating in their room, so a bean bag chair in the corner is great for lounging around and having guests over. Plus, this chair is excellent if the on-campus student on your gift list is a gamer.

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Retractable Clothesline

This is one of those neat gifts that’s sure to be used. For the person who doesn’t like to use a dryer on all their clothes but doesn’t have the space for a bulky clothes rack, this retractable clothesline is the perfect thing.

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More gifts for the on-campus student in your life…

Clothing Storage Bags: These are great for people who live in small spaces, who might need to transport clothes from one place to another, or who might need a different way to tuck away their out of season clothing.

Purifying Desk Fan: This small air purifier from Dyson also acts as a fan, so it will keep your on-campus student cool as it cleans the air.

Space Heater: Dorm rooms are always too hot or too cold. Help your on-campus student feel just right with this oil-filled portable radiator.

Portable Garment Steamer: This small steamer is the ideal size for a dorm, and it can steam and iron out wrinkles, making it great for students who probably aren’t neatly storing their clothes.

Gifts for Kids

Kids probably make up the bulk of our holiday gift lists, so it’s important to be armed with an arsenal of great gift ideas for children. These are my favorites of the year.

Mini Pet 3D Puzzle

Is it a puzzle? Is it a toy dog? It’s both! This amazing 3d puzzle is for children 14 and over, and comes with a whopping 2100 pieces. And once they finish putting it together, it becomes a mini dachshund. Great for teens looking for a challenge.

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Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set

It might seem crazy, but this cleaning toy is a big hit with my daughter and her friends. These colorful and realistic cleaning toys inspire hours of pretend cleaning and play. Plus it’s a great way to get kids thinking about cleaning.

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Roll Up Piano

This fantastic invention is great for any budding musician. Easily roll this flexible silicone piano out for playtime, and back up for clean up. With 49 keys, multiple keyboard song programs, and even demo songs it’s basically an electric keyboard for kids! And the Roll Up Piano won the top toy of the year award.

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More gifts for the kids in your family…

Step Stool: We all remember the struggle: never being able to reach anything! So give the young kid on your list the gift of height with this versatile stool.

Embossing Rolling Pin: This super fun rolling pin makes heart imprints on dough, the cutest gift for a new baker.

Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers: These unique glow-in-the-dark stickers are educational and a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Choose from a variety of packs including Space Adventures, Fairy Tale Night, and Little Learners.

Nintendo Switch: For the special gamer on your list, splurge on the ever-popular and always fun Nintendo Switch.

Magnetic Building Blocks: Magnetic building blocks inspire endless fun and they’re a toy that can be used over and over. Educational and fun, this will be a hit with children and their parents.

Sugar Art Sculpture: These amazing sculptures by Sugar Art are sure to wet the imagination and the appetite of kids and most adults.

Gifts for Techies

It can be hard to buy a gift for someone who’s already up on the cutting edge technology, but these picks are sure to surprise and wow even the techiest of techie.

Apple Pencil

The second generation Apple Pencil is a really cool present that the whole family can use. Kids and adults who love to draw and do digital art will fall in love with this pencil. Plus adults can use it to design documents and make work graphs. This is a really unique, new tool that is compatible with some (not all!) Apple products.

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Neon Sign

Shopping for a techie who has everything? Give them an amazing piece of neon art! What’s great about these is they are really unique and an amazing conversation starter. Plus there are a ton of different signs to choose from, and you can even get a custom sign made.

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Temperature Control Mug

This is a cool gift idea for someone who loves having a warm beverage and nurses it throughout the day. The Ember Mug is temperature controlled, so it keeps any warm beverage at the desired temperature all day long. This is an item most people wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would appreciate and use.

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More gifts for the tech-lover that has it all…

Camera Printer: This is ideal for an adventure-loving family or a photography enthusiast who still loves printed photos. Save them the hassle of getting photos developed with this camera printer that prints photos hassle-free at home.

Adjustable Cellphone Stand: This comes in a cellphone and a tablet version and is excellent for people who want to video call or watch content hands-free.

Apple Watch Band: A gift that would be appreciated by anyone that has an Apple Watch, choose from a variety of colors.

Nest Cam: If you’re buying a gift for an expecting family, I would definitely consider the Nest Cam. This camera synchs to a phone, so it’s great for tech-loving new parents.

Air Purifier and Cooler: This high-tech product from Dyson cools the space and purifies the air. It also removes chemicals from the air, so it’s great for a tech-lover undertaking home renovations.

Humidifier and Air Purifier: Another high-tech product from Dyson, this item humidifies and purifies the air and acts as a fan. It’s great if a family member is under the weather and it’s self-cleaning.

Wi-Fi Router: Everyone loves reliable Wi-Fi, and this Wi-Fi booster is fantastic for improving Wi-Fi quality and boosting modem capabilities so the whole family can stream, game, and listen to music simultaneously without interruptions.

iPad Mini: For that special tech-loving family on your list, splurge on an iPad Mini. It works as a gift for the whole family and is perfect as a second tablet.

Food Saver: This amazing item vacuum seals food to save and store for later. This is a really convenient tool for families who batch cook or shop in bulk.

Gifts for Plant Lovers

You can’t go wrong gifting a plant lover something useful for their plants. But you don’t want to gift something they already have. These are my unique choices for plant lovers.

This amazing watering can was designed by an engineer. It includes a chopstick for easy soil aeration, which is key to effective watering. And it makes a gurgling sound when your pot is almost out of water, so you know exactly when to refill it. Plus, it’s lovely on a plant shelf.

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Heavy-Duty Plant Stand

Plant lovers usually have at least one big plant they’re really proud of. But that plant is often sitting on the floor because it’s hard to find large plant stands. This plant stand is great for very large plants. It’s well balanced, very durable, and can support a really heavy pot with a really heavy plant. And the wheels make it easy to move when needed.

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Blooming Table

Blooming tables are quickly becoming popular as a beautiful way for people who love succulents to enjoy them and have a functional furniture piece. They are certainly conversation starters, and it’s unlikely your plant-loving friend will have one.

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More gifts for your favorite plant lover…

Light Meter: For the true plant geeks, this gadget will allow them to accurately assess the light in their area to decide on the perfect spot for each plant.

Propagation Station: If someone loves plants, they’ll love propagating and sharing their plants even more—a beautiful and efficient way to propagate and display their efforts.

Pruning Shears: Just like us, plants need haircuts too. A great pair of pruning shears is an asset to any plant parent.

Hanging Planters: A lovely and unique way to display plants, especially vining or trailing plants.

Gifts for Eco-Conscious People

At Clean My Space we’re all about choosing the most eco-friendly options. So treat your environmentally conscious friends and family with some thoughtful gifts.

Vegan Winter Coat

Vegan winter coats have come a long way, and these winter coats are super warm and super stylish. For someone whos looking to use products that are environmentally responsible and don’t use materials from animals, this is a great gift. Get them in all different styles, and don’t let your eco-conscious loved ones sacrifice style or warmth with this responsible choice.

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Refillable Shower Dispensers

This product adheres to the shower wall and can be refilled with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. These are great for the eco-conscious person who buys in bulk to conserve plastic and reduce waste.

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Food Cycler

If you want to splurge on an eco-friendly loved one, this product is amazing. It takes composted food scraps, dehydrates them, and turns them into flakes that can be used as fertilizer. This is the ultimate way to literally recycle food scraps and put them right back where they came from.

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More gifts for the eco-friendly people you love…

Eco Socks: These aren’t just regular socks. These socks are sustainably made, and part of the sale of the socks will be donated to an organization devoted to protecting the environment.

Wood-Framed Sunglasses: These unique sunglasses are framed with wood instead of plastic. Stylish and eco-conscious.

Dryer Balls: The perfect way to replace fabric softener and dryer sheets. These dryer balls are made out of eco-friendly, organic, sustainable wool.

Beeswax Sandwich Bags: This is a clever way to replace saran wrap. Something that anyone on a journey to being more environmentally friendly would appreciate.

Soap Pumps: For someone transitioning to a more eco-friendly life, help them get there with these lovely glass refillable soap pumps.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Hanger: This company uses plastic taken out of the ocean or intercepted before getting to the ocean and turns it into strong, durable, colorful hangers. A must-have for any eco-conscious person.

Gifts for the iPhone Fan

If someone on your list loves their iPhone, this is the section for them. Here are my picks for the best iPhone accessories of the holiday season.

Pivo Tripod

This smart tripod has a moving head that follows you around. This is great for filming dance, sports, travel vlogs, and more. Plus it’s light and easy to carry and comes with a convenient case.

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Compostable iPhone Case

This super cool case comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be composted when your loved one wants to switch it up. This is a must have for iPhone enthusiasts and eco-conscious friends.

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iPhone 13

OK, it’s not quite an accessory, but if you’re planning to splurge on an iPhone lover the iPhone 13 is a must have. It has the most advanced dual camera of any iPhone, it’s super fast, and has a long-lasting battery. The newest iPhone uses Apple’s cutting edge technology, and will not disappoint.

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More Gifts for the iPhone fanatic…

PopSocket: This fun way to accessorize an iPhone also offers an ergonomic option for holding big chunky phones.

UV Sanitizer: This is a gift for an iPhone lover who hates germs. It’s easy to throw in a bag or keep in the car, and they can use it to sanitize their phone and other small items with the power of UV light.

Professional-Grade Microphone: This is great for someone creating their own video content on their phone.

Maneuverable Phone Holder: This phone holder has a vice style clamp that can be attached to tables, counters, mirrors, and more. This is a great gift for anyone who records themselves, has a TikTok, facetimes frequently, or watches a lot of content on their phone.

Gifts for Clean Beauty

There are probably a lot of people on your list interested in beauty products. So give them the best of the best with high-quality products that are actually good for them and the environment.

Nail Polish

These nail polishes are vegan and nourishing for nails. They’re basically a two in one nail polish and nail treatment, and they come in so many great colors. Plus, they don’t need a base coat or a top coat and they last for at least a week before they chip!

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Luxury Face Cloth

Regular cloths are often too rough on the sensitive skin on our faces. That’s why Maker’s Clean developed these super soft luxury face cloths. Add this luxurious touch to a loved ones nighttime routine and know they’ll use it every day.

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Face Serum

This lovely product is an all-in-one face serum that’s affordable but really high quality. This would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift exchange present.

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More gifts for the clean beauty aficionado…

Vitamin C Serum: This serum from the clean beauty brand Beauty Counter smells citrusy, and is excellent for evening out skin tone. This is a product everyone will love, but not everyone would buy for themselves.

Olaplex: This is a product that people who color their hair would appreciate, and so would their hairdressers. Free from DEA , Aldehydes and Formaldehyde, this deep conditioner will repair and protect hair.

Dyson Airwrap: This splurge product is the last stop on the hair tool train for a long time. It dries, it does blow outs, makes waves, and adds curl. Plus the airwrap measures temperature 40 times per second, so it never burns.

Pacifica Mascara: This clean beauty brand has created an impressive mascara at a great price.

RMS Bronzer: Clean beauty enthusiasts everywhere swear by this bronzer. And the makeup lover on your list can apply this bronzer over their regular makeup.

PÜR Pressed Powder: This mineral foundation powder feels light on the skin, comes in a variety of skin tones, is SPF 15, and is excellent quality but half the price of other fancy powders.

Luminizing Drops: This amazing product is a liquid highlighter. It’s a super fun way to add glow to skin, and can be used on top of regular makeup or sunscreen.

Coola Sunscreen: This moisturizing SPF never leaves a white chalky cast on skin. A great pick for anyone on your list who’s starting to think about skincare and sun protection.

Lighted Makeup Mirror: If you’re buying holiday presents for a makeup lover who doesn’t have good lighting in their home, this is the gift for them. This mirror has a smart touch control screen, 360° rotation, and is a nice decor addition in any bathroom or bedroom.

Vegan Hand Serum: For the nail obsessed, or anyone who has complained about their hands looking worse for wear, this hand serum is for them.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

And that’s it for Clean My Space’s Biggest Gift Guide yet! I think I’ve covered everyone on your list and a whole lot more. I wish you all a stress-free shopping experience and a happy, healthy holiday season!

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