12 Days of Clean: Safe & Quick Broken Ornament Clean-Up


Crack, shatter, damn.

Alas, small breaks do happen and even the most lovely ornaments, light bulbs and even glasses are prone to breaking.  So if you find yourself among a broken item and a lot of warm bodies this holiday season, here’s how to quickly clean up the mess without interrupting the party.

Sweep up any larger pieces, being careful not to cut yourself.  Place the glass from the dustpan into a wet paper towel (this sticks to the glass more and is easier to bundle up.  Place in a plastic bag.

For the finer bits, grab your lint-roller and brush the area where the breakage happened to pick up the tiny shards that could end the night in a hospital bed with stitches.  You’ll see all the little shards come up and then can easily peel it off the lint roller and throw it away.

I know it’s obvious, but it’s good to have a refresher on it because I am pretty certain you’ll experience a broken something this holiday season, and now the solution is top-of-mind.

A lint roller is so handy around holiday time and here’s another terrific use for it!



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