Lint rollers offer more than what meets the eye. What have you missed?  Don’t they just clean lint off clothes?  They’re just sticky papers that are used to remove lint and pet hair from clothing, right?  Wrong!  There are so many cool ways to use a lint roller, that I just had to share it with you. So here you go my friends, 19 MORE ways to use a lint roller!

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Purse, briefcase, suitcase, gym bag, carry on, luggage, or backpack

Yes, essentially any sort of bag can be cleaned with a lint roller!  Just empty the contents and use a clean sheet of lint roller sticky paper to zip the sides and bottom of just about any bag clean!

Removing Sparkles

Pesky sparkles from holiday decor, costumes or crafts are usually a pain in the rear to deal with. Next time you are faced with this issue, grab the lint roller and zip those shiny bits right up off carpets, tables and even skin!

Cleaning up broken glass or light bulbs

Be it a lightbulb, an ornament or a broken glass, a lint roller makes picking up even the smallest shards of glass easier and safer.

Inside the car

Whether it’s cracker crumbs from the kids, dust on the dashboard, a scary-looking cup holder or debris mucking up the carpets, cars collect a lot of little particles and crumbs.  Clean car debris easily with a handy lint roller (you may want to use a smaller one to get into tighter crevices).

Clean lamp shades

Delicate fabrics on lamp shades are a curious cleaning conundrum.  Use a lint roller to remove any debris or dust from your lampshade, just be sure to be extra gentle if it is a paper lampshade (or avoid this altogether)!  This works particularly well for removing dust from velvet (i.e. the back of a picture frame) or other upholstered or delicate accessories.

Clean out drawers

Once the larger items are removed from your drawer, instead of whipping out the vacuum, give drawers a quick zip with your lint roller and voila, clean drawers!

Spot clean furniture

If company is coming over and the upholstery looks rather drab, use the lint roller to pic up pet hair, dust and debris and get your furniture looking fancy in minutes.

Clean up paper bits from crafts

If you are an avid crafter, gift wrapper, or quilter, use the lint roller to pick up loose bits of paper, string and ribbon.  Many crafters and quilters swear by lint rollers to keep their spaces sane!

Cleaning stuffed animals

Plush toys definitely need to be washed from time to time, but if a quick clean up is all they require, use a lint roller to remove dust and debris without taking your child’s precious friend away for too too long.

Clean baby areas (stroller, car seat, high chair)

Moms, here’s a tip you’ll be glad you came by: keep a lint roller in your diaper bag to quickly clean up strollers, car seats and any other area your baby hangs out (and makes a mess of)!  You can even keep one in the car to clean up car seats and floors after a messy afternoon snack.

Clean pockets

Pockets are awkward places to clean, and whenever they are cleaned, there’s always a strange collection of particles discovered.  Let your lint roller do the work; simply stick it into a coat pocket and jostle it around a bit, remove it to reveal those strange particles, but more importantly, your clean pockets!

Blind cleaner / curtains

Cleaning the blinds and curtains can be a bothersome task for some, but using a lint roller makes it a much easier job.  Gently work section by section and zip up dust from any window treatment without breaking out the vacuum.

Clean up hair

Whether you are shaving, plucking, trimming or performing any other form of hair removal, a lint roller will save you from leaving your hairy trail behind.  Use it to pick up any fallen hair from your clothing, the floor and even yourself!  Hairdressers also love using these after they cut a client’s hair, because there’s always a few rogue clippings that snuck under that sexy cape.

Clean bathroom rugs

This has to be one of the most forgotten places in a home to clean!  The easiest way to tackle this on a regular basis is to use a lint roller (again, if you don’t have a vacuum handy), and this is a perfect way to maintain the rug between washes.

Clean speaker grills

Especially fabric covered speaker grills; they are always perplexing to clean…until now!  Use a lint roller to dust the grills gently without damaging any of the components of the speaker.

Dispose of bugs

If you are squeamish around dead bugs (ones that you find around the window sills, or perhaps dead ants), use a lint roller to pick up their bodies and provide them with a somewhat proper burial.

Clean phone / tablet screen before applying protector

If you have ever attempted applying a screen protector, you’ll know the entire preparation procedure required to get it 100% clean prior to, because heaven forbid there is but ONE speck of dust.   To get every single, possible speck of dust up, wipe the screen with a clean microfiber cloth and give it a final once over with your lint roller before applying the film.

On the cat / dog

May as well cut the middle man out directly and lint roller your pet!  Some may like it, others may hate it.  One of my cats really enjoys the experience and the other runs for cover when she sees the lint roller coming toward her.  Either way, you can lift loose hair from your pet with this handy tool.

Felt pads on chairs

Especially for pet owners, those felt pads under furniture become crud magnets.  Flip the furniture over (where possible) and use a lint roller to clean off those felt pads easily and quickly!

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Comment Question: What’s your favourite alternative use for a lint roller!

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  1. yup! same as a couple of other commenters, I use on my bed sheets and pillows. Makes your midweek sheets feel like they’re still straight out of the wash 😀

  2. This may sound a tad gross, and TMI to some, but I have dry skin and find that it flakes off onto my bed overnight. Was noticing an accumulation on the bottom sheet seemed to cause itchiness.

    A few months ago, I realized my seldom used lint roller would be perfect for running across the bottom sheet a few times a week, and after doing that, decided daily would be even better!

    It picks up that dead skin, and I suppose some of the dust mites, etc, as well as the lint fibers from the sheets. It picks up the stuff so well that it takes two sheets to clean the queen size bed. I also occasionally use it on the pillows/cases. Fortunately, my sheets are dark blue, so it’s real easy to tell that they are clean, besides the evidence on the roller.

    I found a great and simple way to keep my bed cleaner between washings of the linens, I sleep more comfortably, and I suppose the lint roller industry likes me more than they did about six months or so ago! 🙂

  3. Would sparkles also be known as glitter??? Glitter is going to be the death of me. I have a 6 and 9 year old girls and they puke glitter. If they work on glitter I am going to go fill up my cart with lint brushes!!

  4. Good stuff but how do you use a lint clothes roller from h&m which has been designed with a papercover on it? Thanks for the tips in advance!

  5. Hi Melissa
    Thanks for the whole information,
    I love videos and website, I’m Latina and i’ll like to read youre website in Spanish
    Gracias y Éxitos
    Dios te bendiga

  6. Great information. I have fallen in love with new ways of making things work and your videos and text have caught my attention. I am going to try them out and recommend to my family. Fiifi Brown-Pobee. Accra Ghana. I have subscribed to receiving more info. GOD BLESS

  7. I have a down comforter so I use a lint roller for the fine dust and feathers that gather on my decorative pillows and on my duvet cover. I also use it to remove hair from my pillowcases.

  8. I used a lint roller to puck up greasy dust from above my kitchen cabinets. I sprayed with a degreaser and wiped but I was left with greasy dust balls remaining on the surface. The lint roller picked up the remaining residue.

    • The lint roller is like a huge roll of backwards tape. Look on the sides and you should see perforation marks… Just pull up around the marks and the old piece should just roll right off into your hand, and you tear it when the brush is clean. Then do it again and so forth. I wouldn’t atore the king brush clean cause that wastes the tape… And you will have to just rip off another sheet when you go to use it again. Hope it helps!


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