The Great Debate: Consumer Opinions Around Choosing a Cleaning Product

This is a very interesting debate. Last evening, my friends and I partook in a nerdy pumpkin carve-off and had a ball. I casually surveyed them amidst our carving fiasco to find out their thoughts and buying habits when it comes to cleaning products.

Here were the characters I had on hand and their opinions:

1) J and J, who are trying to make more environmentally-conscious choices as they want to preserve the environment, health was not the forefront of their concerns. J and J made a pledge in their home to reduce chemicals in their home and replace old products with ones that are better for the environment. They did mention they were not happy with the expense associated with this choice.

2) D and J, who are pregnant. Prior to pregnancy, D and J were very happy with run-of-the-mill cleaning products and felt they were adequate. J is very set in his ways and likes certain products, and D is happy to get products that are going to be better for her and baby. D has an aversion to vinegar, as her mother used it a little too much in their home when she was growing up and can’t stand the smell. The environment was not a concern to them, and health was a new concern strictly due to pregnancy. Cost and efficacy are big factors in their decision-making.

3) Y and D, who are completely obsessed with big brand cleaning products, have no concern for health or the environment. They are both great people with big hearts who are well-educated and very intelligent. They don’t see a need for making a change, and truly enjoy the smells associated with cleaning products. They are also happy to know that products ‘kill germs’ and feel better about being in their homes when the strong smells are present. Cost wasn’t entirely mentioned, however efficacy and convenience were.  Health and the environment were not at all a concern to them.

So, what can I make of all of this information? People like products that work and that they are familiar with.  More people are moving toward the trend of being health and environmentally conscious, but it’s still a little fringe. Check out Maker’s Clean Products for reliable and efficient cleaning tools that will get the job done right!

What do you think about this? What are your opinions and thoughts about cleaning products? What is important, what do you look for?

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