What Dyson Should I Get?

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to test out just about every single vacuum that Dyson has in their lineup and I have been talking about Dyson products for many years. Today, I want to give you an update on what’s new and exciting with Dyson, along with pointing out some of the models’ features. Don’t forget, our eBook Bundle is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to up their cleaning game and encompasses 3 fantastic eBooks, plus a bonus cleaning checklist that’ll help you get started on your cleaning journey!


Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of exciting things happen from Dyson, in the cordless vacuum space. Going from the V10 to the V11 was a big jump, but I think the most exciting jump was from the V11 to the V15, which is what I use now. As I’ve done reviews for this product in the past, I am just going to run over some of my favorite features today, as they really set the stage for some of Dyson’s new releases of 2022.

The first thing I want to talk about is the laser slim fluffy head cleaner. It’s a mouthful I know, but it really is amazing. This is designed for hard floors only and it was made to solve a problem that a lot of us were having when vacuuming these types of surfaces. It is often very hard to see where all the dirt and dust are. Now, when I talk about cleaning, I always talk about getting down to eye level or using a light to shows where the dirt might be. This can be tedious and doesn’t always yield the best results. So, Dyson decided to engineer a laser into the head that illuminates the floor in different ways so that you can actually see what you’re picking up. When I compare using a regular vacuum head to using the V15 on hard floors, there is a remarkable difference. The laser slim fluffy head cleaner is a must have when dealing with hard floors and it is an amazing tool to have in your toolbox.

The V15 Detect is another cleaner head with fantastic capabilities. It works across all floor surfaces and is called the high-torque cleaner head. It has an anti-tangle comb built into it which is made up of little polycarbonate teeth that are put into the cleaner head to comb and pull out hair so that it doesn’t get tangled up in your brush roll and stuck in your filter. As a person with long hair and also someone who has professional cleaning experience, the V15 Detect is a big deal. It is a total game changer and it is what I prefer to use when cleaning hard floors.

Another seemingly small but big change is the mini motorized head to the hair screw tool. You’re still getting the capability to use a brush roll on a smaller area like in a vehicle or on stairs, but the conical-shaped brush roll literally corkscrews hair and other long things like ribbons or strings. It avoids the tangling of the brush roll and makes your vacuuming experience cleaner.

The bin capacity of the V15 is 0.77 liters of dirt, so you can really pack a large amount into it. Another fantastic upgrade that I love is the swappable battery. You get 60 minutes of run time on these vacuums and then you can just simply swap out the battery. Depending on the model you get, you might get an additional battery in your kit, or you can always buy an additional battery, which instantly ups it to 120 minutes of cleaning time!

The Piezo sensor is another ingenious addition to Dyson’s product line. This one took me a minute to really wrap my head around, but once I got it, I got it. There is, if you can imagine, a mini microphone in the bin that listens to the dirt that is entering it. Why is it doing this? Two reasons. First of all, it has the ability to separate out the size of dirt to the micron, which helps the vacuum determine how heavy-duty it needs the suction to be on auto mode. This will allow it to work more efficiently and will allow the battery to last longer giving you more cleaning time. The second thing is, its inventive screen gives you a visual confirmation of how much dirt you are actually picking up. It gives you all the info you need to vacuum faster and better.

The V15 is the best-in-class cordless vacuum that Dyson has to offer and it truly is a wonder. It is the perfect size for small to medium-sized homes, or if you’re someone who has a large vacuum or central vacuum in a larger home, and you’re looking for something secondary.


Here is a bit about the evolution of the Dyson Outsize+. First, there was the V11, then the V11 Outsize. The V11 Outsize encompassed all of the amazing technology that went into the V11, but with a bin that is 150% larger. You get almost 2 liters of bin capacity, meaning you can essentially replace a full-size vacuum with a cordless one. The other great thing about it is it comes with two click-in batteries that last up to 60 minutes of run time each. This machine allows you to clean a large home without worrying about losing suction power or running out of battery.

But then, they came out with the Outsize+. What Dyson’s done here, is they’ve combined some of the really exciting technology from the V15 into a full-size vacuum model. To review, you get the laser slim fluffy head, which is the same size as the head that you get in the V15 and is for hard floors only. You also get the digital motor bar XL head, which is similar to what you get in the V15, but 25% larger and it can be used on both soft and hard surfaces. You also get the screw tool with the Outsize+ model, instead of the mini-motorized tool, which frankly, I think is much more useful.

Now, this model doesn’t come with the handy Piezo sensor, but it does come with intelligent battery modes that help determine the type of floor that you’re vacuuming. I have found it to be particularly useful when I’m in auto mode and I change the type of floor I am vacuuming on. The Piezo sensor is certainly a great upgrade if you have the V15, but if you need the full-size vacuum, to me, the Outsize+ is the way to go. It’s the one I use in my home which is quite large. It’s just under 3000 square feet and the Outsize+ is just perfect for our family. No more big clunky vacuums, Dyson is the way to go!

V12 Detect

Now, we come to the V12 Detect. It encompasses the same technology as the V15 but it is compact, lightweight, and goes for a much lower price. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

First, we have the laser slim fluffy head, which is great for hard floors to pick up and detect all of that extra dirt that you weren’t seeing before. It also has a motor bar head with detangling veins that are able to separate out hair and strings from the rest of the dirt, keeping them from clogging up your beater bar. Next up, it’s got the Piezo sensor, which means it’s optimizing your battery use and will tell you what it’s sucking up. It gives you a visual cue so you can actually see how much dirt is going into your bin. It also comes with the fantastic click-in battery that has 60 minutes of run time. I love this feature and I love seeing it on all of Dyson’s vacuums. You can also pickup an extra click-in battery giving you a total of 120 minutes of run time. More then enough to clean the whole house!

Let’s get down to some numbers. When it comes to suction, this machine has 30% more suction than the V8. It’s also 24% lighter than the V15, which is great for someone who’s looking for something lightweight and comfortable to use. When it comes to bin capacity, the V12 Detect clocks in at 0.35 liters, whereas the V15 Detect clocks in at 0.77 liters. The most exciting thing about the V12 Detect, and it was a total surprise to me, is the push-on, push-off button. I know so many people have come up to me and said that they just felt that having to grip the old triggers, while maneuvering the vacuum, created a mobility challenge for them. Now that this new feature is here, moving the vacuum around is so easy and frankly, it’s a total delight. I think the Dyson V12 Detect is great for condos, apartments, smaller homes, or again, as a secondary vacuum. It is also an amazing product for those who have mobility issues, particularly with their arms and hands. It is lightweight, efficient, and ready to work whenever you are!


Now, if you’re looking for an entry-level, cordless vacuum that Dyson offers, you want to go for the V8. It has a lot of the great technology that Dyson vacuums offer but at a more reasonable price point. It still has the filtration, fantastic suction, tools, and clever design that you’re looking for, but at a more manageable entry point. The battery gets you up to 40 minutes of runtime, the bin size is about 0.54 liters, it comes with a cleaner head for hard floors, and they give you one for soft surfaces.

The V8 is fantastic for small apartments, condos, car cleaning, and other small cleaning jobs. It’s easily accessible and often available in retail stores, so you don’t have to wait for any online deliveries. If you’re looking to get your hands on a Dyson and you want to break into the market, the V8 is a great place to start!

Final Thoughts

I know that it feels like a lot of money to spend when you’re buying a vacuum and thinking about a Dyson but I stand by this company 100%. They spend a fortune on research and development, and they are, unequivocally, the market leaders. They are the company that is most often copied as they bring exciting and inventive new trends to the vacuum platform with every product they put out.

You can see the Dyson copycats on Amazon and in retail stores. They are made to look like a Dyson, but trust me, they don’t function like one. Dyson cares about filtration. They want to make sure that all of the dirt, dust and microscopic particles are cleared and cleaned so you can breathe easy and enjoy the air in your home. Dyson has people who are hired specifically to study this task and study the way that dust moves around in the home. They also have to make sure the particles are sealed in the bin, so that the air blowing out the back is clean. The less expensive vacuum brands are just designed to look nice and occasionally work well, but they don’t compare to Dyson’s technology and ingenuity.

Dyson rethinks tools, design, and they are constantly thinking about how they can make the vacuum experience easier, more efficient, and more effective. Yes, you’re paying more for it but I believe it is for a product that will work better and last longer than the others. Thanks for joining me on this Dyson deep dive, I hope you’ve learned a bit about the various products they offer and can now find the right machine for you!

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