Useful Home Products from the CMS Mail Bag!

In this second instalment of the Clean My Space Mail Bag series, we take a look at some innovative tools and products which we think can help you organize and optimize your family’s daily routine.

I personally love mail bag videos (I am even curious when my neighbour gets a package) and of course most of all, I love getting packages sent to me – and here at Clean My Space we get a lot! So for those interested here is a peak into the CMS mail bag, and the best products from it.

The Swag Bags 

If you haven’t seen my videos on how to keep your food fresher for longer, I recommend that you check them. One way to keep food fresher is with Swag Bags. They are a company based out of Australia that sent us their products aimed to help keep food fresher for longer. In this case, your produce. Simply run the swag underwater, get it a little bit damp and ring it out. Then you put your produce in the bag, you roll it up and put it in your crisper drawer. The only maintenance needed is to sprinkle water on it every now and then, and it’s supposed to keep fresher for longer.

over the shelf basket

Spectrum Diversified Over-The-Shelf Basket

We have featured products from this company before, because we love it. Their latest product we are loving is an over the shelf basket. It’s a basket that you slide over your cabinet shelf and it doubles your space. It opens so many additional storage opportunities for vitamins, bulk foods, grains, everything.

sanimaid toilet brush

Hygienic Toilet Brush

For those of you who think toilet bowl brushes are disgusting (as most of us do) this is your solution. It’s made in Denmark by a company called Sanimaid and it’s the toilet bowl cleaner of the future. Essentially, it is a silicone paddle that is odor and bacteria resistant. It has small ridges on the bottom and is flexible so that it can both slide and scrub around your toilet. The benefit of the silicone? It doesn’t let any of the scum cling onto it as a brush does – much more sanitary. Once you’re done cleaning just give it a good rinse, let it drip-dry it, and put it back in its holder. No odors, no bacteria, no cling-ons.

scented dryer balls Nellie’s Dryer Balls

I’m always talking about dryer balls because I believe in them. They make a difference when you’re drying your clothes by helping them dry faster and reducing lint, wrinkles and static. Nellie’s all-natural scented dryer balls keep their scent for 50 loads and when it runs out you can reinvigorate it with some more essential oils.

products from kohler kitchen cleaning

Kohler Products

You probably know the name Kohler because you’ve seen them on faucets or bathroom fixtures before. Kohler has come out with a really interesting line of kitchen products and accessories that help you function better in the kitchen. Here are some of my favorites.


white dishes drying mat Kohler Silicone Drying Mat

One of the best is the silicone drying mat and it can be used for a number of different things, from drying dishes to protecting the bottom of your sink, to even a giant trivet. It can roll up easily for storage inside a drawer and it’s easy to wash and take care of, doesn’t cling on to odors, and all that other good stuff that comes along with using silicone.

kohler kitchen lineKohler Surface Wipe

Another product they sent is a small sink side brush. It’s has bristles on one side to sweep crumbs into your sink and a squeegee on the other for spills. Simple solution but really, really handy.

Kohler Dish Scraper

A similar and useful products is the this multiple side scraper. It’s used to scrape food off of dishes and into the garbage (an important thing to do to save your dishwasher and sink from clogging). Another simple but handy solution.

box cutter

Canary Box Cutter

I’m sure you can imagine with all the packages we get at CMS HQ, we spend a lot of time breaking down boxes. Typically we use a plain old box cutter with a razor blade and that has its downfalls, from being dangerous, to ineffective as the blade often get’s stuck and struggles with thicker materials. When a better solution comes along, it’s certainly something to get excited about. I was sent the Canary box cutter, and believe me I was excited. It has a double-sided serrated edge which solves all of those problems. It’s easier to cut through tape and packing straps because you can get a sawing motion going, and you have a lot more control over your cuts. It also has non-stick coating on it which means that while you’re cutting, it won’t get stuck in the tape or pick up tape residue. lint brush Fuller

Fuller Clothing Brush

This brush looks like a toilet brush, but trust me it isn’t. It’s a lint brush. Fuller has been around since 1906 so these guys know a thing or two about brushes. This brush has a curved shape so that it can easily fit over your shoulder, and the bristles are soft enough that they can effectively pick up lint on your clothing or upholstery without damaging it. I like that it comes with this little leather tie so you can hang it in your closet or by the front door and quickly brush off before you step out (especially, if you have pets like me and you constantly are wearing your cat lady badge on all of your clothes). Another great bonus is that it’s not a plastic tape, so you don’t create waste.

Check out these products, and our other mail bag videos for another look into life at the CMS HQ.

**Thumbnail courtesy of Kohler Co.

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