Cleaning With Toothpaste!


I’ve recently discovered that toothpaste – ideally the non-gel type, and with baking soda – is a super duper cleaning product!

Why It Works

It’s got gentle abrasion and can clean tough stains. Further, use an old toothbrush to agitate the toothpaste (a-la brushing your teeth) with a bit of water and scrub in a circular motion. Almost sounds too easy but it does work.  Gently wipe off with a clean cloth and water.

What It Works On

Try it on painted walls to remove scuff marks and use it as a gentle jewelry cleaner. Let me know if you have other uses for toothpaste that you can think of!  Be gentle on painted walls, you don’t want to remove the paint!


Another added bonus is the minty-fresh smell you get lingering around after the cleaning task is complete. Sweet Georgia Brown! And did I mention you can clean jewellery with it? Check out this video:

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