The Dirtiest Place In My Kitchen

It should not come as a surprise that the most crust-laden place in my kitchen is…That gap between the stove and the counters!

How hideous is this mess?  No one thinks to deal with it, but springtime is a great time to pull it out and get a quick little cleaning in there. It’s much easier than you think.

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All you have to do is:

    1. Pull out the stove
    2. Sweep the crumbs and baseboards (they’ll be dusty)
    3. Spray any hardened gunk with all-purpose cleaner (you can do this for both the floor and the sides of the cupboards/counter)
    4. Spray and wipe the sides of the stove down (not the back)
    5. Back to the counter and cupboard area, use a SKrAPr to remove any hardened gunk and wipe the area clean, working your way from top to bottom
    6. Use the SKrAPr to lift any hardened gunk on the floor (warning, this might get really gross)
    7. Wipe tiles clean, and then hand wipe the rest of the tiled area where the stove sits, just for good measure
    8. Push the stove back into place.

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Now, if you don’t have a SKrAPr, you can use an old credit card or a flat, dull edge.  But I highly recommend the SKrAPr, I know I always talk about it but it makes jobs like this *so* much easier, it’s a no-brainer.  I use mine at least twice a week.

I also found these little ‘wedges’ called the Kleen Seam which you can place on either side of your stove to prevent things from falling down there.  These would need to be cleaned occasionally, but can help if this is a pain point for you.  Look at the Amazon store above and you’ll see it.

This took me all of 5 minutes and now I feel like I have one less dirty little secret to hide.  So, what are you waiting for…get on it!

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  1. Him Melissa ….thanks for all ur tips and tricks u have made my life so much easy I have a couple of questions ….can uvtell me how to clean bathroom rugs and how to get rid of roaches thanks

  2. Great video. But I need some advice how to clean my floor tiles (grout). That is they r really bad , want to try the oxy thing how long do I leave it sit before removing ? Thanks for any help you can give me

  3. My stove is built into the benchtop, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning beneath it but I should probably bother myself to clean beneath the fridge more often!

  4. Baked on rings around your old stove burners. I have tried everything in my arsenal to remove these from the stove top and NOTHING and I mean nothing has taken them completely away…. HELP!

  5. Great video – I love your site. I share it with my clients when they go to sell their homes so they can clean them up. Feel kind of silly to bring it up, you’re missing the anti tip catch under your stove. protects you in-case you put too much weight on the oven door, trip and fall on it or something to that effect. It’s a little notch that ties into the wall / floor – then one of the legs on the stove slides into it.

  6. What are your favorite microfiber cloths and where do you get them? I like microfiber but they seem to hold odors. Could this be because of the way I launder them? Love your videos!

    • I felt so dumb wondering this. I subscribed but see no log in area. The content doesn’t look like it changed at all.

  7. I WISH I could do that with my cooker. Unfortunately, we’re renting and it’s incredibly wedged in there which is annoying because I can see so much gunk between and I just. can’t. get. it! Can’t wait till we have our own house where I can have a nice kitchen where everything fits (My freezer is in another room!) and.. better appliances. The cooker is yuck.. even after cleaning it but still not as bad as our first flat so going up in the world I guess! I’m surprised how easily yours comes out!

  8. Eww, I don’t even want to see that area in my home. I’m terrified to pull my stove out. Mine will be 1000 times worse then yours, I’m sure of it.

  9. I wish I could pull my stove out! I was able to in other houses I’ve lived in. Yours looks so easy to move around. Is it on wheels?

  10. HA! That’s genius! I should do that for both around the stove and fridge. I’ll have to do it again before moving out of my apartment in August. *sigh*

  11. Love it! Now, I’m truly scared to pull out the stove…I don’t think it’s ever been done. People that lived here before us were quite dirty AND owned three big furry dogs.


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