Target Haul!

Possibly the most requested haul video has arrived, here’s my trip to Target!

Now keep in mind, my friends, I live in Toronto and Target just ain’t the same here as it is in the USA.  That being said, I did manage to walk out with some really golden buys, and that’s what I am going to share with you.  So even if you are in Canada, you can still get some great finds at Target and if you are in the USA, even better for you.  OK, let me show you what I got! Just a quick note – I am linking all items (or very similar ones) to Amazon since I know items can be found there and are not dependent on what your local Target stocks, or if you are outside of North America, you can see similar items on Amazon!

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OXO Squeegee with plunger 

I have shared several times the importance of squeegeeing your shower walls and tub after a shower.  This removes soap scum and water which essentially means you’ll eradicate build up entirely from forming, which basically means you never have to scrub your shower.  Plus the lack of moisture prohibits mold and mildew.  I had a squeegee but the blade was short and also I left it on the side of the tub and it always fell.  I like this one because it comes with a handy plunger and has a wide blade, meaning less strokes for me.  Check it out here!

OXO Electronics Cleaning Brush 

Since it is 2014, well…almost 2015, we are one with our gadgets.  They get used A LOT.  One way to keep them clean is with this handy pen-style brush.  It has a retractable soft fluffy brush one one side and that same famous wiper on the other, for you to really do some digging in! This is also a great brush that you can use to clean other delicate items, like costume jewelry or you can even use this in your car.  It’s quite versatile and really cute to boot! Check it out here!

Flexible soap saver

You know when people give you gifts and it includes a nice bar of soap, and you never quite know when you’re going to use it (since you use body wash and gel hand soap?) OK – well, maybe that’s just me.  But I got tired of collecting bars of cute soap and thought that I might as well use the stuff up instead of let it gather dust.  So, I got a handy little soap dish for my bathroom.  Simple and not overly exciting, but necessary.  I like that this one is plastic and flexible, I have broken them in the past and I just don’t see the need for an overly fancy one.  Plus, this can be cleaned so easily, put in the dishwasher or rinsed.  I love that about this one. Check it out here!

Room Essentials rubber lined storage containers

I recently got a new makeup and medicine cabinet and while it opens up a lot of space, it is under-utilized right now due to the fact that I have yet to find proper storage containers.  These little ones are good because I can keep things like makeup, hair accessories and brushes in them in an neat and organized way.  I am still looking for ones with varying shapes and sizes for cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc.  but I think this was a good start. Check out a similar one here!

Garment bags

I picked these up because there were two occasions where i needed to carry dresses with me and I simply didn’t have a garment bag.  Either I gave it to someone when they borrowed a dress and never gave the garment bag back (not naming any names here, but I am thinking a blood relative who *kinda* looks like me is involved), or when we cleaned out our closets last spring, we ditched them since they took up space.  Oh well.  Anyway, I picked one up so that I’d have one handy the next time I am travelling to a fancy event and need a dress.  And I hope that time comes soon since I LOVE dressing up. Check a similar one out here!

Clorox covered toilet plunger 

I have wanted a new plunger for a while now.  The one I have works well, but it has a wooden handle and I just can’t get comfortable with the thought of what hangs out in that wood once the plunger has been used.  I know OXO makes a covered plunger and I have been anxiously waiting to get this one (since it combos up with a toilet bowl brush and looks really neat and tidy).  I haven’t seen the OXO one here in Canada, so I took the plunge (lol) and got the Clorox one.  In reading some reviews, it’s not the greatest, however I can try it and if I am not happy, well, that’s why there are return policies.  However, getting up the guts to take a used plunger back to Target, well, I don’t think I’d ever get there.  I just like the fact that it is all plastic and comes with a little cover.  Plungers are ugly but they are really good to have handy, so this is a good compromise.  It looks sleek, it just needs to work.  Check it out here!

Dawn Ultra Escapes Caribbean Breeze

It’s no secret that I am Dawn-obsessed.  So when I saw these new flavours (I know, I know, scents) I had to smell all of them. And yes, I deliberated in the aisle for about 4 minutes.  I do this with everything, shampoo, soap, you name it. Do you do that? Anyway it was a tough choice but I went with this one, it smelled divine and I can’t wait to use it!  Find it here!

Kleenex Everyday Tissues Wallet

With cold and flu season coming up, or straight up cold weather, I am going to be hitting Kleenex a lot more frequently.  Rather than having a whole tissue box in the car or keeping a few granny-style tissues in my purse (or worse, up my sleeve!), this was a cute alternative to pick up.  They are small enough to keep in the car or in my purse and I know they’ll get good use this winter. Look at the cute packages here!

Drain Protectors

If you have long hair (like moi), you know the struggle after washing your hair.  Your tub is covered with hair strands and heaven forbid they slide down the drain.  Sure, it’s no big deal now, but hair doesn’t flow nicely down a drain and eventually creates a veritable nest of hair, soap deposits, bacteria and other nasties which make your tub drain slower and worse yet, causes a stench.  Removing this blockage is one of the grossest things you may ever have to do.  So that being said, this easy little drain cover keeps hair out and is a really simple fix for this obnoxious problem.  Check one out here!

Caldrea Hand Cream 

All of my fancy friends have Caldrea hand cream in their kitchen, to be used once dishes are done.  I tell ya, after a few minutes of clean up my hands get super dry and I always wish I had something nice to use.  Well that was that, I saw a nice shelf filled with various scents, I smelled all of them (several times, I for sure blocked the aisle), and decided on Blackberry Mint.  All scents were lovely though.  I like that it is fast absorbing too, since some creams can leave a greasy finish.  Check it out here!

Casabella Storage Caddy

We had another storage caddy and it was too shallow and frankly too small.  I’d load it up and bottles would tip over or were too wide at the base to fit in.  We needed something sturdier, deeper and wider and this was the ticket.  I also prefer the colour to the bright red one I had.  Chasuble makes pretty things that work well, and I like that.  Check it out, here!

Cascade Action Pacs 

Just another staple in the house.  I love these, I have tried so many dishwasher solutions and they just don’t cut the mustard like these do.  I’ve used these for years now and I like that they are in the pack meaning I don’t need to get any rinse aid or get powder on the floor (especially with kitties who will literally eat anything).  Here they are!

Oxo soap dispensing dish brush

I have used the ‘sponge on a stick’ dish wands for many years and my biggest beef is how dirty that sponge gets after a while, along with the fact that sometimes a sponge jutst doesn’t have the agitation capabilities that a brush does.  I love this brush for that very reason, plus it has a nice comfy grip.  Minor thing, I know, but it does make a difference.  Plus, the bristle head is easy to keep clean and clings on to less debris and staining (can I get a heck yes!). Here it is!

So that was what I managed to pick up on my most recent trip to Target, what do you love getting when you go?

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  2. I love your videos you both are so funny and interesting and articulate at the same time. Chad does an awesome job editing and love when you keep the little hiccups or hold ups and make it a funny part of the video.

  3. Great videos Melissa and Chad. I am a fan of a good PVA mop. They are very absorbent and I use the for all my floors. Have you ever tried them?


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