Super Fine Steel Wool Hacks!

If you’re wary of using a steel wool pad in your cleaning routine, you’re not alone. Though it has its place in heavy-duty jobs, the truth is that standard steel wool is too rough for most tasks. In fact, it can strip and damage some surfaces. But lesser known superfine steel wool, or grade 0000 steel wool, has many useful applications. Here are some of our favorites.

Glass Gladiator

When glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth alone won’t cut it, rid your windows, mirrors, vases and more of stubborn sticky residues like tree sap with a superfine steel wool pad. Prime the surface with a spritz of cleaner and gently rub away the gunk.

Rust Remover

Breathe new life into old metal patio furniture or gardening tools. Avoiding painted surfaces, simply scrub off any rust or dirt with a damp 0000 steel wool pad. You can actually use this same method to season rusted iron cookware; just use the appropriate cooking oil of your choice in place of water.

Wallpaper Warrior

Kids’ drawings: Cute hung up on the fridge, not so cute all over your wallpaper. If your wee Van Gogh has let his or her crayons loose on a wallpapered surface, dampen a superfine steel wool pad and gingerly buff away the marks. Work carefully, applying minimal pressure, to avoid stripping or over-wetting the finish. Always test in an inconspicuous spot first.

Steel Saver

Beep-beep-beep—there goes the fire alarm, and with it, your beloved steel pan. Have no fear! Soak the affected cookware overnight and pull out the 0000 steel wool. With enough elbow grease, the burnt-on grime will lift off.

Shoe Showstopper

Make light-colored rubber soles look new again with 0000 steel wool. Dilute a few squirts of dish soap in warm water; dip superfine steel wool in the solution and get scrubbing! Your sneakers will be spiffy in no time. Just be sure to steer clear of any leather or fabric portions.

Floor Friend

And speaking of footwear… Whether it’s from shoes in the front foyer or from chairs in the dining room, scuffs happen. No worries—you’ve got a super friend in superfine steel wool: Dampen with warm water and buff those scuffs away.

Have you used this secret cleaning weapon before? Is there another handy application for 0000 steel wool we didn’t mention? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I love reading all your cleaning tips. I do use them what pertains to me. I clean to feel good, especially now moving my Father in Law in. It makes my mind busy and not have to entertain him all day. He’s a hand full! I will be trying the baseboard one soon, I have been thinking about doing them for a long time. Keep giving me great ideas. In AZ is lots of dust and I like my windows open. Most people keep them closed because of the dust. I do not like to dust and don’t do it all the time but any hints will help out.

  2. Honestly, I just used steel wool for cleaning my traditional pots and pans. Never heard this one before but, I’m looking forward to cleaning my sneaker’s sole following your smart idea’s in the next day.


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