Many of you know that I wrote a book about cleaning. What you don’t know is that I have enough content to fill a second book… with all the excuses why I shouldn’t clean something! It’s true, I’m the queen of coming up with excuses for not cleaning. I don’t love cleaning, but when it has to happen, I like to find ways to cut my cleaning time. So, I’m going to share five cleaning tips that will help you cut your cleaning time so that you can spend time doing things you actually love.

clean correctly

Clean Things the Right Way

When a stain, a spill or a splash happens, clean it right away. You might really not want to clean the thing at that moment, but think about it like this—it’s a little bit of pain for a lot of gain. If you let that stain, or schmutz, or whatever it is, settle, it’s going to take so much longer to clean later. That’s why they always tell you to treat stains immediately. When something has time to set in, either it hardens, or in the case of a stain, it can set, and ultimately becomes way more difficult to clean. So, when a mess happens, take a second and clean it up.

cleaning microwave with lemon

Cut Corners

This is one of my favorite tips, because I love showing you guys how to save time by cutting corners (without affecting results). We have a ton of videos and articles on cleaning tricks and hacks that show you how to get a job done in a lot less time with a lot less effort. For example, cleaning your microwave is so much easier when you use our little microwave cleaning trick, or what about cleaning the blender? Super easy with this little trick! If you’re struggling with cleaning a certain item, do a little search on this site or on the Clean My Space YouTube channel, and I’m certain you’ll find a shortcut on how to clean that thing faster.

cleaning jeans

Do Less Laundry!

Here’s a way to take a load off… literally! I’m not telling you to walk out of your house wearing clothes that are going to make peoples’ eyes water. What I am saying is not everything that you wear has to be washed as frequently as you might think! We have this rule here at the CMS HQ—the closer something is to your body, the more frequently it needs to be washed. So, things like t-shirts, undergarments, that kind of stuff, we wash after a single use. However, things like sweaters, jeans, etc., these can be washed less frequently. In fact, there’s this raging debate online about washing jeans—in short, some people never wash their jeans! I have a friend from university who followed this mantra, and we use to joke that his “jeans are going to walk out the door!“. Basically, we peer-pressured him into cleaning his jeans. I’d love to know in the comments, how frequently do you wash your jeans and what’s your whole opinion on this jean cleaning situation?

cleaning with music

Clean For 10 Minutes!

Set aside 10 minutes a day to clean. Whether it’s an MIA (Most Important Area), a messy kitchen, or just a little bit of vacuuming. Whatever it is, give yourself that little time each day. Set a timer, listen to a 10-minute podcast, or play two songs. Just get it done! This is so important because as I always say, “a mess begets a mess”. If you live in a messy space it’s that much easier to overlook things and continue to contribute to that mess. However, if your space is clean, you’re more inclined to keep it that way. Giving yourself 10 minutes a day to simply maintain is an excellent way reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning on your regular cleaning days.

makers microfiber cleaning cloths

Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are incredible to clean with. They have this amazing technology; the fibers themselves are split one hundred thousand times—which means they’re so microscopic that they can pick up bacteria, dirt, dust and debris. They don’t leave moisture behind and they don’t leave lint behind. And, the best part, Microfiber cloths can be re-washed up to five hundred times! Compare this to all the money that gets wasted on single-use disposable paper towel. Microfiber really does cut your cleaning time and ultimately saves you money if you buy quality microfiber cleaning cloths. When our staff started cleaning with microfiber cloths at my cleaning business back in 2006, our efficiency went through the roof! So, honestly, if you haven’t cleaned with microfiber yet, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Hi Melissa,
    I was wondering if you sell your microfibre clothes in Canadian dollars. I don’t want to pay the exchange rate since I too live in southern Ontario.

  2. This one may sound a little disgusting, but how often do you wash a bra? They’re expensive and don’t lend themselves to a dryer. Somehow this topic came up over lunch and the answers ranged from every time that I take it off to “oh, whenever “.


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