If you live in a house, you have greasy fingerprints on the wall.

You can’t avoid them.  And heck, you can’t really figure out how to clean them off…until now!

Greasy fingerprints happen everywhere.  For example, I use coconut oil as a post-shower moisturizer.  I also have allergies and sneeze about 6 times in a row at rather inopportune times.  Those two random pieces of information meld together to create numerous greasy handprints on my bathroom wall caused by me using the wall as a support structure during one of my sneezing fits.  I’m sure you have similar stories.

You don’t see greasy fingerprints head on, but as soon as a ray of light is cast on your wall, blamo, your walls look like an episode of CSI.

I met a guy named Josh at a tradeshow.  When I was done my presentation on cleaning tips, he approached me and asked me about this very issue.  I told him I’d investigate and put something together for him.  So I do hope, Josh, that you are reading this!

An abrasive product or all-purpose cleaner won’t work on greasy wall fingerprints.  Also, you can ruin your paint job if you aren’t careful!  I have a ridiculously simple solution. So simple you’ll nod your head, raise an eyebrow or do something subtle, but I know you’ll react to its simplicity.

I printed up my kitchen wall with olive oil.

Yes, these stains are fresh but this technique works equally as well on old oil stains.  Try it, I dare you!

Here’s what you need:

  1. Chalk (white)

  2. Microfibre cloth (dry)

  3. Water

See, I told you this was simple.

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Here’s what to do:

Take a piece of chalk rub it over the fingerprints.

  • Remember to use it on an angle.

  • If you use the chalk on a sharp edge, you’ll leave small scratches in the paint.

  • Leave it for 5 minutes or so.

Take a dry microfiber cloth and dust off the chalk residue.

  • You’ll see remnants of the chalk directly over the oily marks.

  • That means the chalk has stuck to the oil and removed it from the wall (success!!).

Add a bit of water onto the microfiber cloth and go over the prints once more, to wipe up the dusty prints.

  • Let it dry and you’ll see, the oily marks are goners!

This is magical…I love doing this trick because it’s so easy and works like a charm.

Give it a try and see what you think!

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  1. can there be products made into the wall paint, stainless, wall coverings made and ect… to keep finger prints , smudges, and chips from coming of walls, baseboard, cupboards ? if not can someone create something to do all this ??? Please someone out there develop a product when made has this resistance to fingerprints and in paints !!!!

  2. Hi Melissa will this work on emulsioned wallpaper? The prints are very obvious and the colour is call ed overtly olive. No one of course will own up to doing this so I m not completely sure what it is but it looks like greasy finger prints. I like the sound of your solution but scared to try as it is a very obvious spot at eye level next to the light switch.
    Thank you

  3. Would this work for hair marks as well? I don’t have a headboard on my bed, and accidentally leaned against the wall one night. I’ve had a grease mark there ever since…

  4. how do I get greasy fingerprints from a very delicate fabric (the back of a very expensive tutu from doing it up). Please your help would be soooo appreciated.

  5. yes and that also depends on the type of paint that has been used. ie obviously in the picture the finish of the paint has a high sheen so of course the grease will come off. If you have a matt finish, you will be left with wipe makrs from the cloth

  6. Do you recommend this method of cleaning of I’ve got … dirty greasy finger prints?? Or even worse … FOOT prints on the wall??


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