Pet Hair & Dander: The Definitive Guide

Keeping your house clean is one thing, but keeping your house clean when you have pets is a WHOLE other story. Hair, dander, drool, dirty paws, and the occasional accident can be a lot and make for tough cleaning. Here are some ways to solve your pet(ty) problems and keep your house as clean as possible!

Air Purification

Hair and dander are just part of the process when you have a pet. Malee, my cat, is 13 and she is a Siamese Himalayan Mix, so she sheds a lot! I like to use an air purifier when I know someone who has a pet allergy is coming by. For example, my mother is very sensitive, so I like to start the air purifying a day before she comes over. I like using the Dyson air purifier as it’s great for filtering unwanted allergens. This is also a good reminder to change out your furnace filter every turn of the season (roughly 4 times a year).


For me, everything changed with the advent of stick vacuums. Back in the day, I would always struggle to get out my corded vacuum cleaner. It was always a clunky mess that took way more effort than it should and was always difficult to store. On the other hand, my stick vacuum hangs right on the wall beside my washing machine in my mudroom. It’s quick, convenient, and is great at getting rid of pet hair.

I like to use the Dyson V15 because it has a large bin capacity while still being light and portable. It also has the laser-slim fluffy head which shines a red light on hidden dirt, hair, and debris scattered across the floor. At first, I thought it was a little gimmicky, but after using it for a while I can safely say it is one of the best and most innovative cleaning tools I use.

Vacuuming is not important for sucking up pet hair but it’s also essential in removing dander from surfaces and the air. HEPA filters or multi-stage filtration systems on your vacuum are key if you want to minimize pet mess problems.

Quick and Easy Fix

While I am a firm believer in vacuum use, there are other ways of tackling these pesky pet problems. Next time you have a guest coming over and you don’t have time for a full vacuum session, try using a squeegee, damp glove, or microfiber cloth to remove pet hair from surfaces and furniture.

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Dampen the rubber edge of a squeegee or a rubber glove (while it’s on) and run it along the surface or furniture. As you pull back in strokes, you’ll see clumps of hair form. You can then simply pluck them up and toss them out. Quick and easy!

Lint Rollers

If you’re heading out the door and notice a bit of pet hair on your clothing then a simple lint roller is the perfect solution! While they can be super useful in a pinch, they often tend to be disposable single-use items that are not best for the environment. So, stick to something reusable and sustainable if you can, and if you do decide to go the lint roller route, make sure to pick a good brand that you trust.

Washers, Dryers, & Steam

Washing machines, dryers, steamers, and steam closets can be amazing for getting rid of dander and allergens from fabrics. Normally, these tools have a “sanitize” or “allergy” setting which is designed especially for dealing with dander, dust, and other allergy-causing substances. To accomplish this, machines use heat and/or steam to clean the fabrics, so you have to make sure that whatever garment you’re cleaning can take that type of wash.

A steam closet is great for removing allergens on soft surfaces such as stuffed animals, decorative pillows, throws, and other soft surfaces that can collect allergens. This method is hands-off, effective, and delicate. Simply place items inside and turn on your steamer. It’s that easy! It’s safe, chemical-free, and effortless. Perfect for the busy spring season!

Cat or dog, pet hair or dander, stop feeling like these pesky problems are taking over your home. Take control of your space and start cleaning the right way!

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