My House Tour! (CMS HQ Behind the Scenes)


I hope you guys have fun checking out my house! It’s been a while since I’ve done a home tour – it’s sort of behind-the-scenes/house tour. We’re going to do some updates and renos this year. Do you want us to film and share with you?

Are you planning any renos in your home?


Maple, Ontario
L6A 4M4

Melissa Maker is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, founder of Toronto’s most popular boutique cleaning service, and star of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube (but she still hates to clean!). Every week, Melissa delivers new videos dishing expert advice on cleaning products, tools, DIY substitutes, and practical, timesaving solutions to everyday problems. Melissa has appeared on the Today Show, and has been featured in InStyle, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. I’m not the best house cleaner/keeper but I’m learning from your you tube videos and plan save a bit more money to insulate my double garage and sound proof my basement apartment which is in Burlington.

  2. Hi Melissa, loved the tour of your home. We used to live in Mississauga in a townhome years ago. My question is, where can I get washable kitchen floor tiles? Thanks and keep up the great work <3

  3. Thanks for the tour Melissa. Sounds silly but, can you talk about the tray in the kitchen? I think it was beside the stove. I like the idea and am curious what you keep on there.

  4. I would like to know if the cleaning method for the bath tub with the baking soda, dish soap and citrus would scratch an acrylic tub.

  5. I love your videos and your ideas. I have been trying to get my husband to renovate or one and only bathroom for a couple of years. I look forward to more videos

  6. We call 2017, “The Year of the House”. We are making the extra effort to make sure the house is picked up before we sleep and if anything is out I say, “the year of the house doesn’t like this cup (or whatever) out”. We are planning on recovering our kitchen chairs, remodeling 2 bathrooms and cleaning out our linen closet and bedroom closets. We’ve already done a couple of closets and decluttered some shelves but it’s slow! I’ll do a before and after picture of our linen closet! It’s a nightmare.


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