Makeup Brush Cleaner – Day 1 – 31 Days of DIY Cleaners

Cleaning your makeup brushes very regularly is a great way to keep your brushes lasting longer, your skin clear of breakouts and your makeup to be applied smoothly and without murky interference from previous makeup applications, especially if you’re changing colours.  Makeup artists will clean theirs after each use!  Using something very gentle is key, since many makeup brushes are made from delicate hair and you’ll want to prolong the life of the brush as best you can.

  • 1 tbsp white vinegar 
  • 1 tbsp dish soap 
  • 1 tbsp sweet almond, jojoba or olive oil 

Mix this together in a jar and keep it for brush cleaning day.  Before use, shake well to combine and then scoop a bit of the solution out into a small bowl.  Run a bit of water into the bowl and massage the solution into the bristles by rolling the brush tip around the bowl.  Rinse the brush and hang to dry.

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  1. WOW!! Followed recipe added a little tiny bit to cup followed by water. Dropped in my (used to be hot pink, now its not)) beauty blender in. Turned my head for LITERALLY 2 seconds and BAMMMM!!!! I hqve a hot pink beauty blender again!!! Shocked i was!!! Thanks for sharing this cleaning tip!!

  2. I have a question about the recipe. Can I use fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil in place of the oils listed?

  3. I tried this recipe, and I have to say it calls for WAY too much oil. You should reduce the amount by at least half, if not more. I tried it as posted, and am still trying to wash the oil residue from my brushes.

  4. This tip arrived in my email at a great time and your cleaning ingredients I keep all the time, thank you from Central Oregon,

  5. Dear Melissa, Great tip. This comment is related to getting in the mood to clean. I run your YouTube playlists. They are such a reminder that achievement is within my grasp.
    If you could let me know the best way to communicate, that would be great.


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