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Earlier this year we made a video about cleaning your room and in 7 short months, it has garnered over 250,000 views and more than 1,000 comments. Now, a thousand comments are a lot to go through, let alone to reply to – so, we have made this video you are watching right now as a reply to all of them.

Basically, most of the comments on that video fall into 1 of 3 categories:

Category 1 is full of positive comments, like “great video!! This really helped me clean my room!!” which we respond “thank you – we’re happy we could help”

Category 2 is where the critical comments are, like “hey, you mixed up the before and after labels at the end of the video” which I reply ” we apologize, Chad has been punished accordingly”

Category 3 is by far the largest category and is reserved solely for the comment “your room isn’t even dirty – my room is waaaaay dirtier”..

It’s true, my room is pretty clean to begin with – but consider this….. the only difference between this room and a reallllllly dirty room…….is maintenance.

Keeping your room clean on a daily basis is substantially easier than trying to do a massive cleaning every few weeks – and for those of you who say “cleaning your room every day – ain’t nobody got time for that.” – let me show you how you indeed do, have time for that..If you have 7 minutes and 30 seconds available to spare in a day, then I can help you have and maintain a clean room.

If you’re looking for more secrets, I’ve got way more than 10,000 hours of cleaning experience in both practice and theory, so I’m proud to introduce you to my secret 3 Wave Cleaning System—clean faster and more efficiently than you ever have before!

** Put your clothes away

Most of the mess in most of our bedrooms comes from laundry being strewn about..and trust me, I know the feeling of coming home from a long day of doing something and all you want to do is get your clothes off your body and climb into bed and get on to the business of sleeping, but after only a few days of doing this – laundry piles up and your whole room starts to look messy..

The simple solution is to use a hamper – or a laundry basket and keep your dirty laundry in one place…. – not only do you save time when you need to gather all your laundry together – it keeps the floor clear of socks, shirts and your undercrackers.

For clothing that you will wear again, Hang your clothes up or put them in drawers. You can even leave hangers out on your bed in the morning to encourage this. It really takes about 8 seconds to do.

** Make your bed

Make your bed, every day. The process of making one’s bed is not rocket surgery – and it doesn’t take long at all – in fact, I made a video about the ancient art of bed-making which you can see right over here:

** Make tidying a habit

Yes I can hear you all cringing now, I know. But really, you can do almost anything for 5 minutes, can’t you? So, pick a song that you like, that really gets you going, and play it. For the duration of that one song, tidy your room. One song’s worth of tidying each day, that’s all I’m suggesting!

Remember that when tidying, everything has a place, so, all you need to do is just put everything that’s out of place – back in place. And as with any habit, within 30 days of doing it, it’s a newly-developed habit and you’re going to include it as part of your day.

This is so worth the effort.

** Just do it

In a poll I recently made up, it was scientifically proven that small, easy jobs are way easier to tackle than big, overwhelming ones – I know it’s true for me at least..I would rather spend 3 minutes every day tending to my room than 3 hours of disaster recovery hell on any given Sunday..

You can do it!

Remember to stay focused and you’ll surprise yourself. Step down from the debating society and resolve yourself to do it daily.

** Shared Room, Shared Responsibility

Shared room means shared responsibilities, so it’s up to everyone who resides in the room to pitch in and help…create a schedule that works for all parties and ideally clean at the same time – 2 laundry hampers instead of one, etc. BUT, if you live with a slob….you can’t change them, you can’t inspire them. That’s their issue which will stay with them until they decide to change, so give up the fight. All you can do is focus on you and what makes you feel good and happy. So if you do tidy and make it part of your day and your wellbeing, then you can pile their items respectfully and let them deal with it on their own. There is no magic bullet and you will never change the other person. Remember that! Focus on you.

** Regular cleaning

Of course, the bigger cleans do need to happen but you’ll find them so much easier to do – and those of you who commented in my last room cleaning video about how ‘clean’ my messy room was, you will now know the feeling of how easy it is to clean a room that has been maintained. If you haven’t seen it, check it out! We’ll link it at the end of this video.

Do this every couple of weeks – and if you tidy, put your clothes away and make your bed daily, you will see a major difference in the cleanliness of your room.

If your room is a disaster zone, clean it thoroughly once, and then commit to 30 days of making your bed daily, 2 minutes, tidying, 5 minutes, and putting your clothes away each day. Three simple things that take you under 8 minutes to do each day. At the end of the 30 days, you will notice that your room has never looked better. And the best part is, if you need any motivation, you can always come back to this video and remind yourself why you are doing it.

If you’re looking for quality microfiber cloths that will last, then you have to check out Maker’s Clean Premium Cloth Bundle!

If you are going to give this a go for 30 days, take a photo and share it with us on Facebook and let us know how it’s going!


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  1. Love love love your videos! What is this cleaning product you use to clean all the surfaces of your bedroom? I find I avoid cleaning surfaces because I hate having to rinse the cloths out to remove the cleaning product residue. AKA I’m lazy! I would love to know what you use that you can just wipe and go. Thanks Lola


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