Bonus Video and Printable: The ‘How Clean Is Your Home’ Assessment Rating Card!


How to use the HOME ASSESSMENT:

Criteria (both cleanliness and tidiness are covered in each rating):


1 – Dirty: Heavy and obvious buildup of dirt, dust, marks and stains, odors are present, rotting food and garbage overflow
2 –Moderately grimy:  Visible dirt, dust, marks and stains, somewhat smelly, some food and garbage
3 – Just getting by: Dirt, dust, marks and stains in ‘hidden’ places (out of direct line of sight) occasional piece of garbage lying around
4 – Mom approved: The dirt and dust is mostly under control, the occasional spot or stain stays behind and someone could peek in unexpectedly and you wouldn’t flinch.
5 – Eat off the floors:  The space is so clean that you can literally eat off the floors, no visible dust, dirt, stains or marks, pleasant smell.


1 – Extremely cluttered:  hard to find things and move freely in the space, no organizational systems established, too many items without a home
2 – Messy:  scattered, disorganized, several items without a home or in the wrong space
3 – Somewhat tidy:  although several piles exist and some things are out of place, there is some semblance of an organizational system present
4 – Neat: occasional pile or item out of place, space requires some attention but is rooted in a strong organizational system
5- Organized: everything has a place and everything is in its place, this space is ready for a photo shoot

Now that you understand the criteria, and that you can rate both the tidiness and cleanliness of each space, you’ll get a better idea of exactly what needs your attention.
The higher the score, the cleaner and more organized the space. 

Spaces and line items with the lowest scores should be the ones you choose to focus on, since they require the most attention!

If a space does not apply, simply leave both score boxes blank.


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  1. so i just watched the “how to clean your bedroom closet” yet my bedroom closet is still a disaster i don’t know how i should be organizing my closet and when i try to it still looks like a mess.

  2. Tried to download your printable but everytime I click on download a message appears saying ‘FORBIDDEN. You do not have permission to access this document’ what can I do? Bria

  3. with all my pleasure,i would really appreaciate it if u would do a how to on cleaning a room.I really need ur help and other pwople would probably find it useful to . Thankyou for your time.

  4. Thank you Mel you’re amazing!!! i love your channel. Do you have a clean your house check list? i will be using this for now.

  5. I Love this! I simply copied out the lists i need & shortened them to what applies to me..
    I must admit I didnt do a check list for 1 room because I know thats at the top of my list but this list helped me to figure out what rooms to do in what order.. thank you so much 🙂

  6. I printed out two copies one is for me to use this year. I will be actually writing and getting accustomed to the one for this year that I printed.

    For the second one I printed out I intend to laminate and I will use a dry erase marker in the future so no more printing and wasting paper. I hope this idea works. Thought others might be interested.

  7. This is so wonderful. I know it must have taken up so much of your time. I just wanted to thank you for that and for puting yourself out there to help us. You truly are motivational!

  8. What an amazing checklist and an awesome way to assess ones home! Really opened up a spectrum visually of what needs to get done! Everything seems much more doable and I don’t feel overwhelmed! I’m actually excited to get started on cleaning!

  9. This will be such a helpful tool when we start our Spring Cleaning this year! Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this!


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