Get Rid of Fruit Flies!

Fruit Fly Problem? Here’s a quick and easy way to get rid of fruit flies!

What You Need

  • Pesky fruit flies
  • Container (like a glass)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • 2 sheets of plastic wrap
  • Paring knife

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What You Do

1) Fill a container 1/8 of the way full with balsamic vinegar. Cover the container with taut plastic wrap.

2) Take your paring knife and pierce 4 small holes on the top of the plastic wrap.

3) Leave it out overnight.

4) Take off the old plastic wrap the next day since they may have laid eggs on it. Replace it with a new sheet of plastic wrap and pierce 4 small holes again

5) Repeat for 2-3 days. If you notice a few are flying out, put a second layer of plastic wrap or make sure your holes aren’t too big.

* Make sure you put your fly catcher in an area you think it’ll be most effective.

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  1. Hi Melissa apart from getting rid of the fruit flies ? How can i get rid of the silverfish in washroom, bedroom , kitchen etc?

  2. Personally, I have never had a good result from washing my pillows. They always turn out lumpy and uneven afterward, sometimes to the point of destroyed. I have even tried two different styles of washing machine, one with an agitator, the other was the new style with no agitator. Same result with both. So I frequently wash both the pillow casing (protective allergen type) and outer pillow case (weekly or every two weeks).

  3. I must say that I like the plastic wrap idea because I have seen a few savvy ones try to escape. I think as long as you attract them with something fruity and sweet smelling, they are all in. Thankfully they were not designed to swim!

  4. The fruit fly trap I have found to work best is similar: a bit of vinegar (apple cider vinegar works really well) mixed with a little water and a squirt of dish soap. Cover with plastic wrap with holes poked in. They get in through the holes, can’t get out, and eventually have to land on the water, where they get sucked under by the soap and drown. I counted at least 50 fruit flies drowned in a bowl over the course of a week!


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