If you like making your own cleaning products, why not try making your own hand soap?  This is a great way to personalize the scent of the soap to your exact specifications and to experiment with what you really love.  Try several recipes and place them throughout your home; lemon basil for the kitchen, peppermint and sweet orange for the bathroom, and lavender vanilla for your master bathroom.  Re-use an old soap pump by rinsing the container and the pump well by adding water, shaking and pumping the water out.  This recipe will make you about 250 mL of soap.  You don’t need an antibacterial hand soap – soap is designed to remove bacteria and dirt, so you’re all good!

  • 1/2 cup castile soap 
  • 1/2 cup distilled water (use this instead of tap water, it helps prolong the life of the soap)
  • 1 tbsp. almond oil or jojoba oil (optional, but helps soften your skin) 
  • 20 drops of your favourite essential oil (optional, but nice, mix several drops of your favourite to create a nice scent recipe) 

Add water to the bottle, then add soap, oil and essential oils.  Screw the cap on, shake well, and voila – there’s your soap!

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To make the foaming version of this, add 220 ml of water and 30 ml castile soap (2 tbsp), along with the same oil and essential oil measurements to a clean, foaming hand soap bottle.  Shake and enjoy!

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  1. Quick question Melissa, I want to use this recipe for my Simple Human touchless soap dispenser. Would I be fine using this recipe for it or would the oil clog the internal mechanism of the dispenser?
    Really appreciate a response. I am a Neat and Germ Freak and I love watching your videos. Bless you and take care!


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