Declutter Your Bathroom: 10 Things You Can Toss Today! (Part 6)

A few times a year, I’ll walk into my bathroom and start to notice things that just don’t belong anymore, which leads me to take an inventory of what’s actually in my bathroom, and ultimately come up with a list of things I know I can (and should) toss today. It’s time to declutter the bathroom!

Hair Products

Sometimes, I’ll see the latest and greatest hair product video and I run out and buy it. Of course what ends up happening is that I try it in my hair… and it doesn’t work. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? So at this point, we stow it away under the bathroom sink and think, “well, I’ll try it again in a couple of weeks and maybe it’ll work”!Anyway, what you need to do is, go into that area where you corral all of those lost forgotten hair products, go through them, figure out what’s still good, what can you give away to someone, whether it’s a

What you need to do is go into that area where you corral all of these lost forgotten hair products, go through them, figure out what’s still good, what can you give away to someone, or even donate to a shelter. This is going to free up so much bathroom real estate!

Expired Medications

You buy something when you have a cold, or a headache or whatever, and then it goes away and you throw it in the medicine cabinet for later use. Well, so often when that occasion arises that product you need is expired – and sometimes, VERY expired! So, go through your medicine cabinet, look at all the expiration dates and anything that is expired, put into a bag and take it to your pharmacy. They have safe a way to dispose of these items, dumping them down the toilet or throwing them in the garbage is not the right way to toss these products.

shower bath products

Gifts & Bath Items

There’s always that well-meaning person who gets you a gift set full of fancy bathroom swag… that you’re likely never going to use! Whether it’s bath products (and you don’t take baths!) or if it’s a fancy shaving product – if you’re never going to use it, get rid of it. There’s no shame in regifting by the way! So, do yourself a favor, go through all those weird bath products that you don’t use or any gifts that you’ve been hanging on to – now’s the time to say farewell!

Contact Lens Cases

I have a major phobia of anything going in my eye, so when I go to the eye doctor, I have a minor panic attack. I can’t imagine wearing contact lenses, but Chad wears them, and whenever he buys a new bottle of contact lens solution he gets a new case. At this point in time I think he has 4 or 5 of these thing laying around. So, what I’ve advised him to do is to just ditch the old ones and keep only your most recent contact lens case and 1 backup.


This isn’t so much a decluttering thing as it is a friendly reminder to replace something: your toothbrush! It should be replaced every three months, and guess what, old grungy toothbrushes make perfect cleaning toothbrushes! So, soak it in vinegar for 30 minutes, give it a rinse, let it dry and voila! It’s your cleaning toothbrush! Then, grab yourself a brand new toothbrush, and remember to do it all over again three months from now.

makeup palette

Makeup & Nail Polish!

Makeup, nail polish, and cosmetics in general, can take up quite a bit of space in the bathroom. Similar to clothing, we tend to wear 20% of our makeup 80% of the time. So, a little while back I went through all of my makeup and really had a good honest look at it. When was the last time I used that particular eye shadow pallet, or shade of lipstick? If it wasn’t in the last few weeks I put it in the toss pile. I ended up giving some of it to my nieces and some of it to my sister and they loved it!

Old Stuff In The Shower

Sometimes we hold on to things that should just straight up be thrown away – old crusty loofas, dull razor blades, beat up pumice stones, basically anything that looks old and dingy needs to be tossed and/or replaced. I don’t love throwing things out, but for these consumable items, there’s a time and a place to get new ones. So, have a look, and if they’re not looking so hot anymore, put it on your shopping list to get a replacement and ditch the old stuff.

travel bottles

Free Samples & Travel Size Items

I have a basket of these in my bathroom and over the years, I’ve created this rule: If I don’t use it within six months, I get rid of it. Otherwise, it just builds up, and the stuff either expires or just sits there and takes up space. With free samples, as soon as you get them, use them or give them away to a friend or family member, or you can even donate them to a shelter. The same thing goes for travel size items.

Toilet Brush

And now, for everyone’s favorite bathroom accessory, the toilet bowl brush. Pull it out of its little container and have a look at it. If it looks, well, you guys know what a gross toilet bowl brush looks like. If it looks like that, ditch it and get yourself a new one.

towels and washcloths

Towels & Wash Cloths

Let’s talk about towels and washcloths for a minute. Yes, they feel good when you get out of the shower. However, if you have a lot of them, they take up a ton of space and over time, your towels can stink to high heaven. So, what I suggest is to go through your towels and find the ones that have holes, that are shredding or pilling, or the ones that just flat out stink, and get rid of them. You can cut them up and use them as rags, or you can even donate them to a pet shelter. Chad and I have done several times in the recent past.

So, give yourself 15 minutes on the clock and challenge yourself to get rid of those 10 items from your bathroom. I promise you, it will feel so much more spacious, lighter and brighter.

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  1. If there are goup homes and women’s shelters in your area, donate unopened toiletries and linens in good cond. or homeless shelters.

  2. All of this has been very helpful to me- they were very good ideas and I will gladly use them-thanks so much-Bonnie Johnson


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