Clean Your iPhone (Or Any Touchscreen Phone)

In this article, we show you how to PROPERLY clean an iPhone, Galaxy, BlackBerry or any touchscreen phone! I’ve researched by going right to the BlackBerry and iPhone user manuals – the people who know the product best!

This works for iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, Galaxy, BlackBerry Torch, iTouch, HTC or any other touchscreen phone you may have. Even if you already use a screen protector sticker, you can still use this method from time to time on the screen. Enjoy!

What you need

  • A dirty screen
  • Optical cloth
  • Water
  • Dish soap

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For regular screen cleaning (i.e. finger prints, make-up, and everything else on a day-to-day basis), all you need is a dry optical cloth. Using a circular motion, buff the dirt, grime and bacteria off the screen.

For tougher jobs (i.e. spilled food, or a sticky mess), take a pea sized drop of dish liquid and put it into warm water. Dip a corner of your optical cloth into the water and buff the dirty area clean. Then, use the dry area of the cloth to wipe it off and buff it dry.

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FYI: Cleaning products will ruin the screen, removing the coating, not clean it. A microfiber cloth picks up bacteria! Using that alone will take care of all the germ-removal you need to stay healthy.


Whenever you buy a phone cleaning kit or tv cleaning kit, it’s one of two things: 1) Soap and water or 2) Rubbing alcohol and water. Save your money and make this stuff at home!

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  1. I’ve been using iCloths (iCloth – Select a wipe size for your device) or ( iCloth) for several years now. They are the perfect phone screen cleaner, hands down!! I’ve tried other products from dry cloths, to alcohol rubs, to my t-shirt, nothing else comes close to clearing so thoroughly.

  2. I ask a question in the comment box. But I Think that the optical cloth is the best cleaning source for cleaning touch screen, I use a soft car waxiing towel, it does like the optical cloth

  3. i never thought just a dry optical cloth or microfibre cloth would get rid of germs! do they really get rid of all the nasties…virus/bacteria/germs as well as finger marks?
    im guessing the general household anti-bac’ wipes, 1st aid alcohol or no-alcohol wipes, wet wipes you can use on glasses & anti-bac’ hand wipes are all bad for phones?


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