Chad’s small bathroom is in dire need of a makeover – and we have $150 to make it all happen! We are going to focus on making the most of the small bathroom space by utilizing simple, yet effective organizing, storage and decor ideas!

From a new shower curtain to try and baskets which will organize all his bathroom essentials, we are making over this space in a clean white (and a little black) motif!

Comment Question: What space in your home do you need to makeover?

Products used in this video:

Garbage Can:
Toilet Paper Holder: (from HomeSense) Similar one from Amazon:
Baskets: (from Container Store) Similar one from Amazon:
Over the Door Organizer:
Simple White Tray:
LED Night Lights:
Drain Cleaner Brush:
Shower Caddy:
Shower Curtain: (from Walmart) Amazon has some cool ones like this:
Bathtub Mat:
White Towels:


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  1. Very smart bathroom makeover Melissa. We always think that, cheap means low quality. But your makeover has inspired me a lot. I would also try to give my master bath a new look under $200.

  2. I have become obsessed with your website, it is so helpful! However, I can’t believe you would suggest putting open toilet paper rolls on the bathroom floor, close to the toilet of all places! That is so nasty in my opinion. As a woman, if I saw something like that in someone’s home, I would never use the toilet paper. Exposing myself to the risk of terrible infection! Toilet paper should be stored wrapped up either in the original packaging folded over on itself, or another closed container. I store it in a closet. If you are using the toilet paper, and there is less left than needed for next time, then after you’ve washed your hands just change it!

  3. I’m in love with your bathroom makeover. My master bathroom is on the small side, and it’s about to be totally redone. You’ve given me lots of great thoughts. Thanks for sharing your all these ideas. Keep it up.

  4. Just fell on your blog for the first time. Pretty impressed with all the content.. must say that any makeovet is always good. We have a very small bathroom for my husband, myself and our 4 kids! So you can imagine I picked up a few good ideas… which room next? Anyone you can think about is always good! Keep up the good work. Will follow you from now on for sure!!

  5. After being impressed with Chad’s t-shirt drawer I was shocked with his before bathroom.

    I love your shower curtain Chad, however, your
    toothbrush should be in the medicine cabinet, under cover. I have a small bathroom and purchased, from Home Hardware a mirrored, three door cabinet for my bathroom. Cost would put your budget over but it was well worth the investment. And toilet paper also should not be where it has been placed, back to the drawing board.

    I appreciate your videos, find your information helpful as I do not like using chemicals either.

  6. The tub shroom is a lot better at catching hair. I have used a ton of different products to catch my hair while I shower and this has been the best solution. It will cost about $8-$10.

  7. Hey, there are millions types of Hair catcher – which one did you actually get and how would you give a review of that now that you have been using it?

  8. Nice video but a couple of serious health concerns. First the location of the tooth brush laying uncovered next to the sink. Gross, tooth brushes need to be a at least 6′ from the place you wash you hands or they need to be covered. Think back splash of germy hand onto your toothbrush. Next, toilet paper on the floor, seriously- next to where a man pees. Nothing like a new target!

  9. Loved the video. My boys each have their own bathrooms, but they are on the small side. Thank you for the links to the products in Amazon! We have had the suction cup bath caddies fall from the shower in the middle of the night as well, so the Umbra product is on the to buy list.

    A video on how to create a working cleaning closet as Jani mentioned up above would be great. I am trying to consolidate all of my cleaning items and have cleaning caddies, clothes, and extra cleaning items organized and at the ready.

    BTW, I use your recipe of baking soda and vinegar for our bathroom drains (we have six in the house. Yikes!) and it works like a charm without having to use nasty chemical filled drain cleaners.

    March 7 will not be here soon enough. Already pre-ordered your book on Amazon and can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  10. Love your videos! My project for next month is my linen /gift wrap/file cabinet closet! I was hoping you would do a book signing in Huntington Beach, California, and you could help me!

  11. Hi. Really liked the video. How about you do video about a small entryway. How to organize shoes, jackets and hats. Also how to create a working cleaning closet. Especially for small spaces.


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