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We get a lot of packages here at Clean My Space HQ. Many of them are filled with awesome products that we have been dying to try, and since we love sharing with you guys, here are a few products we have come across that we absolutely love!

Berkey Water Filter

Water filtration systems can get really complicated, not to mention really expensive. After trying out a few small store-bought models with little success, I sought the advice of my naturopath who recommended the Berkey. I have the big version of the Berkey, which is super easy to fill and maintain. It purifies the water through two filters for great tasting water!

Triluc Place & Stick Carpet Tiles

Not only do these carpet tiles look fabulous, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Since they are peel and stick tiles, they will stay put while you vacuum and they are even machine washable! The best part? They will not leave a sticky residue on your floors.

Casabella Microfibre Duster  

Reach all of those hard-to-reach places like the tops of walls and ceilings with this washable duster. You can even use it to get to baseboards and areas under furniture, or you can just use it to dust mop your floors.

Winix Air Filter & Purifier

For all of those pet parents out there, I am including this air filtration system just for you! It removes 99.9% impurities in your air including pet dander and pet odors.

Tribest Humio Humidifier  

Not only does this humidifier put on a great show with the cool misting and LED night lighting, it is also excellent at keeping the air moist and smelling great. This humidifier has a little compartment for adding essential oils.

Cable Clips

Like many of you, I like to keep my phone by my bed. I also like to have it charging while I sleep, so of course, keeping the phone charging cable from slipping behind furniture when my phone is not plugged in, can be quite the struggle. Cable clips are awesome cable holders that can adhere to wherever you want your cable supported. Thread your cable through the opening at the top and you are good to go.

Wolf Jewelry Box

This is basically the Bentley of jewelry boxes. On the exterior is a gorgeous leather design, while the interior is filled with so many useful compartments for storing all kinds of jewelry in a protected shell.


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