I had some “retail therapy” at Amazon not too long ago, and I realized it was a fine time for another Amazon Haul video!

With that in mind, here are nine new, smartly-designed, products to make your home and/or life a little better.

Joseph Joseph Ice Cube Tray

The problem with traditional ice cube trays is twofold—one, that it’s impossible to fill the compartments all the way without spilling all over the place, and two, that it’s impossible to get just one cube out without the whole tray’s worth cascading right into your glass. This ingenious design fixes both, with a lid that seals in water (and makes the tray infinitely stackable) and little tabs that allow you to easily tap out as many cubes as you want, with no extra stragglers.

Mighty Mug

If you’ve ever knocked a cup of coffee right into the keyboard of your laptop, you know how costly this klutzy move can be. Enter this mug, which will not tip over, no matter how many thumbs you’re dealing with! A suction-y bottom ensures that it stays put, even if bumped—right up until you pick it up to drink from it.


Why scrub that dirty grout with elbow grease when you can put some power into it? This attachment is made for a regular drill, to add some real muscle to scrubbing tiles, tubs, and grout. The pad comes off, too, so you can easily replace it when it gets too grotty. Plus, it’s fun!

Mighty Handle

Making a million trips from the car to the house with your grocery bags is a drag. But stringing bags onto this handle makes it suddenly that much easier to get them all in the house in one go!

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

These disposable litter boxes are miraculous indeed. They are made from compostable paper, so they easily break down when tossed out, and are laced with baking soda, which helps keep odor in check. Change your box once a month, and you’re golden.

iHome Alarm Clock

If you must keep your phone by your bed, at least this schnazzy alarm clock gives you an attractive port for charging it. A bluetooth function allows you to wake up to tunes on your phone, and you can change the clock’s color—or just choose to let its color morph slowly from one shade to the next. Groovy, man.


The ingenious design of this bottle allows you to carry liquids on one side and snacks on the other, and never the twain shall meet. Great for people on the go—or pets!

Bottle Pocket

Be sure to throw one of these in your bag on a walk to the dog run, since the neoprene pouch keeps your water bottle cool, the collapsible bowl means a drink for your pooch is always within reach, and the smart pockets give you places to store waste bags.


A vacuum sealer will save you tons of money in the long run, as sucking all the air out of your food bags will actually extend the life of your food by up to 5 times (and it prevents freezer burn, too). Plus it’s completely satisfying to watch the air get sucked out of the bags.

Comment Question: Do You Bring Your Phone To Bed?

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  1. u probably do not want to hear this, melissa. i was born a long, long time ago. i HATE cell phones. however, i have a “911” phone. i leave it in the car. never use it at home. do not text or shop or iron w/it. so for me, no problem. i love your videos. watch them every time u send them. put them in a folder marked “CLEAN MY SPACE”. thanx for the time u take to help.

  2. I am sorry if this is off the subject, but just today I received my Clean My Space spray bottle, and I just wanted to thank you so much. I am sure it will make my cleaning easier. I am handicapped and a senior citizen, so anything I can do to make things easier is much appreciated. Thank you so much for the spray bottle and for all the cleaning tips and tricks you provide.

  3. My iPhone is by the bed as I sleep, so guilty I guess! It’s set at bedtime to a white noise app (rain storm sounds) with a digital clock display (black background, numbers in blue). My alarm is actually set on my iPad, also nearby and recharging with its cover closed. The only thing I might get on my phone before I get up is my bank balance alert text message (the timing of it varies, and most times I don’t get it until after I’m already up). I’m sort of OCD with keeping track of my bank account to the point of pretty much balancing my checkbook every day. (Is that obsessive? lol)

    Besides Amazon, have you ever tried Boxed.com? They have grocery items, toiletries, cleaning, paper products. Wine even! But I haven’t ordered that so far. No subscription. You just sign up and order what you need when you need it. Shipping, from my experience, is really fast. I really like it. I’d post this “invite link” I have, but I’m old, and that sort of thing makes me feel weird, like I’m shilling or something.

  4. I leave my phone in my walk in closet on top of my stand up jewellery box. I never sleep with my phone and I like to keep it out of my bedroom entirely.

  5. I leave my phone in my walk in closet near my jewelry at night. I have a great little battery powered alarm clock on my nightstand. I have never used my phone as an alarm. I figure if someone wants me, they can wait until morning when I grab my phone when I get dressed for the day.

  6. Natures Miracle makes the most amazing litter box deodorizing granules. We have 3 cats and scoop the box at least twice a day. This works better than Arm and Hammer products by far. Also, their pet urine spray is great if you have a puppy or old dog that has accidents. I should seriously buy stock in their company because I’m always buying their products.


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