Well Clean My Space Nation, you asked for it so here it is…7 great and useful ways to use a RASKOG cart. I told you a few weeks ago that if you asked nicely enough we may just be able to put together some ideas for you all and I did not want to disappoint. We came up with seven ways to use this pretty turquoise three tiered cart on wheels and I hope you like them! Here we go…

1. Bar Cart

You may not know this but Chad and I take great pride in our liquor and wine collection. Chad loves a nice glass of scotch and I am a sucker for a great red wine. So when it comes time to entertain and set out some nice drinks for friends and family we want to do it right and this cart allows us to do just that. By making the top rack a pour/mixing station, the middle rack a display for the various drinks on tap, and the the bottom bin a placeholder for extra cups and mixers this cart is ready to party. It keeps things contained, allows you to set out whatever drinks you want to give your guests access to and at the end of the night just put all the empty glasses and bottles in it and wheel it into the kitchen for easy clean-up! Now that’s a recipe for a successful party!


2. Bathroom Cart

The RASKOG is perfect for any bathroom that is lacking in cabinet or counter space. It is small enough to fit neatly next to the sink or against a wall but big enough to hold the essentials. Use the top bin to put things that you need easy access to like cotton pads, cotton swabs, kleenex, your DIY Poo Spray and a nice reed diffuser (both of which you can learn to make from our videos). Then use the bottom bins to store extra stuff that you go for often like toilet paper, hand soap, extra towels, you get the idea. We chose to use it in our powder room as it’s the only bathroom in the house without any under the sink storage and I have to say I am really liking it in there. Sometimes you need access to your toiletries on the main floor in a pinch and this provides the perfect location to store them.

3. Art Cart

As many of you know, Chad is quite the artist, but along with his creativity comes lots of art supplies, which is why this use is perfect for us. Chad stored all of his paints, tools, and supplies in the cart and it can easily travel with him wherever he may choose to get creative. We made it even more organized by added a few empty containers that could hold his brushes, pencils, scissors, etc. Depending on what kind of artist you are or you live with you can modify the cart to fit the supplies and use an assortment of plastic containers or little bins to store different tools or odds and ends. This would be great in a kids playroom too to keep arts and crafts supplies that are easily contained and can be pulled out on a rainy day.


4. Camera Cart

Now I realize that not everyone has the amount of camera equipment that we do but if you are an avid photographer or just have an excess of one type of technology then this use is for you. Chad organized this cart to fit the needs of his camera equipment so he can easily take stock of what he has and access it quickly.

5. Beauty Cart

Now this may just be my favourite use for the RASKOG! I know every lady would love to have a gorgeous make-up table with storage space galore but let’s be honest how many of us really have that? So I created my own little make-up haven in a cart! I organized all of my makeup by type, placed them intoย a container where appropriate so I could easily see what’s available and then put my most frequently used make-up on top, nail polishes, kleenex and less frequently used items in the middle and my hair tools at the bottom. Then we found some zip ties and a metal container with holes to attach to the cart and that’s where my hair brushes now live. Everything is neat and tidy in one place and I don’t need to dig through make-up bags to find the eyeliner or mascara I’m looking for!


6. Cleaning Cart

Well this one may be a given over here at CMS HQ but we needed to share it. I love how easy and accessible all your regular cleaning products can be in this handy cart. You can roll it from room to room and if you really wanted to get crazy could even have one on each floor! If you leave it out in your laundry room it still looks pretty and the adjustable heights of the bins allow you to store even tall bottles or brushes. Just make sure when you are done cleaning that you wash all used cloths and sponges.


7. Entry Cart

Even with our front hall closet I always find there are things I’d like access to but just don’t have a place in there, so it’s RASKOG to the rescue! This is a perfect entryway cart. We used the top bin to put a pretty bowel that keys can be tossed into when we get home and left room for sunglasses and other such items that you want as you are leaving the house. I always find a few stray cat hairs just as I’m walking out the door so a lint brush is a must for us in there! The other bins are filled with shoe polishes and other last minute beautifiers because if it’s right in front of you you’re more likely to use them and keep your ones and twos looking great! Having the cart when you walk in keeps things tidy and encourages you to do the same throughout the house.

I hope you enjoyed discovering a few ways to use the RASKOG. If you have any other ways you’ve used it I’d love to hear about it and see some pictures so please comment below or tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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  1. Use three of them: bar cart, desk top extension for files, mail, paper projects, and one next to my reading chair for the cat grooming station, and hand lotions.


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