Coffee filters are one of those things that hang around the house, oftentimes even if we don’t have a coffee machine, we’ll still find some tucked away at the back of a closet somewhere in the kitchen. Well, aside from making coffee, here are 7 unusual uses for coffee filters.

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Sparkly Clean

Have you found your mirrors a little streaky lately? Are your windows covered in lint by the time you finish cleaning? Try using a coffee filter in place of paper towels. Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling without any residue. They’re also inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk, sometimes cheaper than paper towels.

Party Smart-y

Throwing a party for your kids? Save yourself extra work and instead of dirtying dishes, use coffee filters. They hold their shape and make easy disposable snack bowls for chips, popcorn, etc. For the creative minded, you can even decorate them so everyone can have their own homemade bowl!

Chipped Nails

If you’ve ever realized you’re out of cotton balls when taking off your nail polish, you know how inconvenient using toilet paper or tissue is. When in doubt, use a coffee filter. It’s durable like a paper towel, but soft enough that you can endure rubbing your nail a few times to remove polish. It also won’t ball up or leave little bits of itself behind.

Microwave Maven

Do you ever realize how dirty your microwave can get? If you have yourself a plate of delicious insert food you love here, put a coffee filter over it as it reheats to prevent splatter. Coffee filters make excellent covers and will absorb any mess that would have made its way onto your microwave. It takes no time to do and will save you the time and effort required to clean your microwave after enjoying your yummy meal!

Can You Dig It?

For those of you with a green thumb, you know how messy caring for plants can be. To stop soil from leaking out of a plant pot, line the plant pot with a coffee filter. It’ll help prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes, otherwise leaving a muddy mess on your freshly cleaned floors.

Stinky Sneakers

Got foot funk? Put baking soda into a coffee filter and put it into your stinkiest sneakers or closet. The combination of baking soda and the coffee filter will help absorb and prevent odors from spreading.

Drip, Drip, Drip

The weather is warming up and delicious treats on a stick are making a comeback. For those of you (or your kids) who want to enjoy the taste longer than it’ll stay cold, poke one (or two) holes into a coffee filter and slide it up the length of the popsicle stick. It’ll help prevent the popsicle from dripping and making a mess of your hands, shoes, and those new white shorts of yours 😉

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  2. I LOVE using coffee filters for other things! One of my favorites is to ‘tie-dye’ filters with my left over Easter egg dye. I couldn’t bear to throw out all those beautiful colors after we were done coloring eggs, so I took a stack of filters, one by one, and used the dyes to color them. After I let them dry, I have used them to stencil then cut-out shapes to make homemade greeting cards and most especially, I use them in craft projects with the kids. Our favorite one is to take a dyed coffee filter, squish it in the middle, wrap a chenille stem around the squished part and it’s a butterfly! If you connect a bunch of them on ribbon or string, you have a lovely Spring or summer garland of butterflies…..


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