7 Cleaning Products & Tools I Can’t Live Without!

It would be an understatement to say that we’ve had our fair share of experiences with cleaning products and tools over the years here at Clean My Space HQ. Some we absolutely love and have used for years, others… not so much. I always like to share what works for us so I can help you guys by making your cleaning routines just a little bit easier. So, here are seven of our favorite cleaning products and tools.

Castile Soap

We first learned about castile soap ten years ago, and the idea of a vegetable based soap seemed odd. However, it has become incredibly popular because you can use it on almost anything in your house – castile soaps are neutral and very safe. Castile soap can be a great replacement for dish liquid in the event that you want to use something vegetable based instead of synthetic, and it’s safe to use on your hands and body.

cleaning sponges


It’s hard to imagine cleaning anything without a good quality sponge, especially if there’s any grime you have to break through. However, not all sponges are the same, some stand out above the rest! We recommend getting a Skoy scrub pad – basically, it’s a flat scrub pad that’s super easy to clean, and they scrub without scratching.

The second type is non-scratching, non-cellulose sponge. They don’t stain, they don’t hold on to odors and they’re much easier to keep clean. These are fabulous for doing any wipe downs or any general cleaning where you don’t need to use anything heavy-duty.

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are essential because they work differently than any other cleaning product. Regular soap has surfactants, which help raise dirt to the surface so you can easily wipe it away. Enzyme cleaners work by actually breaking down the dirt. They work the same as enzymes in your body; When you eat a cracker your saliva contains enzymes that break down the cracker making easy for you to swallow and digest. Enzyme cleaners do the exact same thing. They essentially chew up anything on the surface such as bacteria, grease, grime, dirt, odors, pet stains, and all you need to do is wipe it away afterward!

rubber gloves

Disposable Gloves

While disposable items aren’t great on the whole when it comes to waste, this is one area where we make an exception. Having gloves that you can remove and toss away in a sanitary fashion is important when cleaning, especially those grosser areas of your home (I’m talking toilets here!). A good disposable glove can turn you into a cleaning super hero, able to tackle even the least pleasant tasks.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are essential to DIY cleaning, they’re featured in so many of our recipes and hacks, and you need them if you want to mask scents like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol. You can add these oils to your cleaning solution to create amazing scents, and not only do they smell great, but they have different properties that are helpful when it comes to cleaning; antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, etc.

The most important point when buying essential oils is to make sure you’re getting only 100% pure essential oils.

spray bottle

Spray Bottles

If you’re into making your own DIY cleaners you need a good spray bottle, and they can be hard to find. Here at Clean My Space we have tested an extensive amount of bottles and landed on an IKEA spray bottle – which I don’t think that they make anymore – to be the best we’ve found. Hopefully ours doesn’t break!

When you’re out looking for a spray bottle there are a few key things to check for.

  1. How does it fit in your hand? If it’s not comfortable, it’s going to make cleaning painful.
  2. Does it have a good quality trigger? Give it a few pulls and see how well it works.
  3. Does it thread well? The spray bottle head needs to thread well to prevent leaks and spills.
  4. Does it feel thick and durable? If it’s flimsy and thin chances are it won’t last.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have come along way over the years, these days it’s not hard to find a good quality inexpensive cordless vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is many people’s least favorite cleaning activity because it is cumbersome; The large appliance has to be dragged around and plugged in, and often doesn’t fit in tight spaces. Investing in a smaller cordless vacuum means that you don’t need to schlep out the big guy for smaller messes. Also – this is a must-have if you have pets!

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  1. I just read your book and really like your tips! I’ve been incorporating many of them into my routines and I feel like they’re making a difference. But I remember you mentioned something about a homemade wrinkle releasing spray that involved water and fabric softener, and one other ingredient — but I can’t find it anywhere in the book now! Can you please share that recipe again? (Or remind me on which page I can find it in your book?)

  2. Hello, I’m already obsessed with all your tips, after I found your videos on You tube! They are all really, really helpful, but I’m writing because I saw you have pets and I am very curious of what do you suggest as a good pet friendly disinfectant for floor cleaning, when your cats are walking all over the place? I’ll be grateful for any information, thanks in advance and good luck!

  3. I’ve been making you glass cleaner and really like it, but I’m having troubles with the spray bottles. It seems the vinegar eats away at the plastic. Do you have this issue with vinegar in a spray bottle? What type of bottle do you use? Thank you so much for your help????????

  4. I’m looking for a safe shower cleaner and saw your video where you said you use dish soap and vinegar. Can you tell me the amounts of each please? Thank you so much!!!

  5. I desperately need your oven cleaner that worked superbly but I can’t find the recipe. PLEASE share it with me again. I was wonderful. Thanks a zillion.

  6. Hi Melissa, I’m in Denver and can still get the spray bottles at IKEA. They are in a weird spot by the plant section, not in the bathroom or kitchen areas, where I think they should keep some!????

  7. Hello to Melissa from a fellow Canadian living in the US. Love your show, impressed by all you do. A few months ago you tested a product from Germany, a wand with a gel paddle to clean the toilet bowl. You had said (and hoped) it would be available in the US in the fall. I was wondering if you had any more info about it. Perhaps an update on your great Youtube channel????? Congratulations on your new addition to the Maker’s family. Thanks to anyone on your team for your feedback.

  8. Love all your ideas. Love everything, I really mean that. And last, but most important, I’m very happy you guys are going to have a baby. Have no idea how happy for you I am. I think you will be a great mom and I’m sure we’ll be learning a lot. Congratulations.


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