My 5-Step Process to Swap Out My Wardrobe for a New Season Featuring the LG Styler

One of the things I have started to do as part of #adulting, is changing over my fall\winter wardrobe to spring\summer and vice-versa. I never used to see the value in doing this; it felt time-consuming and unimportant. However, my closet was starting to explode with clothes and I was struggling with putting outfits together that felt fashionable and seasonally appropriate (have you ever tried to dress for summer and all you can find are black jeans and grey sweaters?). Plus, my front hall closet was full of shoes, boots, jackets, scarves, and hats so I could never find anything I was looking for. The time had come, the wardrobe change needed to happen. Even for people who don’t experience four seasons, it’s always nice to have a bit of a colour change out – neon colours aren’t exactly on-trend for winter according to my sources. 

The process requires about 2-3 dedicated hours for an average wardrobe changeover (not counting laundering time). You’ll also need a few large storage bins or zip lock space saving bags, which are my preference, a space to keep off-season shoes and coats and to store the bins or bags (for me, that’s the basement). Another item that I am convinced is crucial for this wardrobe changeover, among other laundry tasks is my LG Styler which is available at Costco Canada (the best part is you don’t even need to be a member to buy it). LG has sponsored this post, actually, and I am so glad they did. I’ve been using my LG Styler for a year now and using it makes me feel like the James Bond of Laundry. More on that shortly. 

Back to the closet changeover. Here’s how I start things off.

Step 1 – The Big Dump 

Every. Single. Item. Comes out of my drawers and closets and goes onto my bed. I’m generally cranking music or a podcast to get through this task so that I am not visually distracted by the TV. I go on an ‘extreme dump out’ route because I use this as an opportunity to prune everything. I touch every tee shirt, pair of socks, blouse, pair of pants etc. If I haven’t worn it all season it likely means I won’t wear it next season so I send it to the donate (or consignment) pile. And that’s another reason why I like doing this twice a year – if I didn’t do this, my wardrobe would be a nebulous mish-mash of clothing. This way is more definitive, either I wear it for the season or I don’t. That’s not to say certain things don’t stay in the closet or my drawers year round (e.g. light sweaters, tee shirts, jeans) but doing this still gives me the chance to evaluate each item and decide if it is seasonally appropriate and if I still like it. 

Step 2 – The Rose Ceremony

Each garment requires seconds of my time; I pick it up, think about the last time I wore it and if it was comfortable and looked good. Then, I think about whether I’ll realistically wear it again next season. If so, it goes into the store pile (a.k.a. it gets a rose). If not, I place it in the donate or consign pile. I’ll consign items that are on the more expensive side or items that are in near-perfect shape so I can at least recoup some cash for it and donate the rest. Anything that makes the cut for going back into the drawers and closet gets hung up or folded and put back. 

Step 3 – The Clean Sweep 

I’ll then check each item and determine whether it’s clean enough to store. I don’t want to store something with a stain or odour for months on end, so I’ll throw items in a laundry pile, treat with the appropriate stain remover and launder. For items that are clean, I still like to give them a once over before storing to remove odours and allergens, and that’s where the LG Styler comes in. I’ll place the items in my LG Styler and set it to the Sanitize Cycle (material permitting) and within an hour or two, the items come out smelling fresh and are free of allergens, thanks to its TrueSteam® technology. In fact, the LG Styler has earned the asthma & allergy friendly® certification from Asthma Canada and Allergy Standards Ltd. for its superior performance in ridding fabrics of over 99% of allergens. And when using the Sanitary Cycle, it helps to reduce household allergens and dust mites in clothes, bedding, sportswear – even children’s plush toys. It’s a great way to preserve garments for the long haul and ensure I can wear them for seasons to come. When everything is clean, it gets folded up and placed in a bin or vacuum-sealed storage bag. This is when I have to bid farewell to shorts, bathing suits, cover ups and dresses. At least they’re packaged up properly and I know I’ll see them again in just a few short months.

Step 4 – The Unpacking Party 

Now’s when the fun begins. Take the boxes you stowed away from last year and lay the contents out on your bed. At this point, sort through each item and decide if you still like it, if it still fits you, and if it stays with you. If you’re over it or it doesn’t quite fit right, then you can safely place it in the donate or consignment pile. Anything you do decide to keep – and I find this with any garments that have been boxed up for a while – I like to re-launder. For my everyday garments, I simply separate three loads out – whites, darks, colours – and launder. For my delicate items that are clean but just need a refresh or dewrinkling, I’ll place those in my LG Styler on the Refresh Cycle, as it’s gentle enough to clean even delicate pieces. When they come out, they’re ready to wear and go in my closet. As each load is done, I fold and hang garments and think through what I want my closet and drawers to look like. By the time this process is over my room feels so organized. 

Step 5 – Shop for what you need

Once I assess both piles, I’ll donate what I don’t need and take the rest to be consigned and then I’ll shop for any items I’d like to have in my closet for the new season. From there, and this is something new I’ve done for about a year now, I’ll make a ‘lookbook’ with my phone – just snap photos and save them to an album – so I can see how to mix and match outfits, just in case I am struggling for outfit inspiration one morning. 

Doing this routine has made my closet and drawers feel more organized, current and easier to navigate. I struggled with picking outfits out for years and once I started doing this I shopped smarter, wore the clothing I loved at the most seasonally-appropriate times, and have had an easier time getting dressed. It is said that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. I don’t want to have beautiful clothing stuffed away that I never wear, and this process helps make magic happen. If you’ve never tried a seasonal closet changeover, I certainly hope you give it a try. And, to learn more about how amazing the LG Styler and the many, many other things it can do (deodorize and sanitize kids’ plush toys, blankets, pet beds, hats, scarves, uniforms, suits and so much more), visit and you can find the LG Styler at Costco Canada

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