We’ve been taking a lot about DIY home decor projects here at the CMS HQ lately. One of the questions we get asked about the most on the Clean My Space channel as a whole (aside from cleaning), is how we chose to decorate our home. This got us to thinking, there are so many different ways that you can freshen up the look of a space! So, let’s take a look at some simple ways that you can breathe new life into a room or your home in general.

wall mirror

Let There Be Light!

When you think about brightening up a space, often times your mind goes immediately to getting more lamps or light bulbs involved. This is not necessarily the case. You can quickly brighten up a space by just using lighter colors and, more importantly, reflective surfaces. So, bringing in elements like mirrors or metallic items is a great way to go. Another thought is to choose light fabrics when making decor choices. If you already have a dark sofa, consider bringing in light accent pillows and blankets to help brighten it up.

accent rug

Have Fun with Your Flooring

An area that we will sometimes overlook is the floor. It’s such a vast area in our home that it’s important to make sure that we give it the attention it deserves. Simply adding a rug is often enough to give an old room a completely new feel. We’re also big fans of removable carpet tiles—you can peel and stick these colorful mats and create some really fun patterns which work great in the kitchen, front foyer, and mud room.

accent wall

Consider an Accent Wall

Whenever I open a home magazine I always see these beautiful rooms with gorgeous wall colors. I have to admit, while they look amazing, it would be a bit overwhelming to have a flamingo pink room in the average home. However, something I can handle, is an accent wall. In our house we have a nice neutral color throughout, but we’ve accented certain walls with a deep aubergine purple. We’ve also recently added a dark blue accent wall in our family room which has turned out quite nice. The idea with an accent wall is that it allows you to bring in some color without it being overwhelming—it doesn’t overtake the space or make it look small. And remember, if paint isn’t your thing, you can always wallpaper an accent wall!


Green & Serene

A wonderful way to breathe life into your space is to bring plants and flowers into your home. Not only do they look gorgeous, but many plants are actually great for cleaning and purifying the air in your home. You can hang them from the ceiling, you can have them on plant stands, or you can use beautiful and colorful pots and planters. In short, plants can really spruce up a room, and as an added bonus, they’re known to reduce stress and bring calm and serenity to a space. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take care of indoor houseplants, we made a video with House Plant Journal addressing a number of the most frequently asked care questions.

declutter a room

Control the Clutter

If you’ve ever watched a show where they show a before and after shot of a room, one of the biggest changes that you’ll see is that the room has been decluttered. Having less clutter—or no clutter—in a space makes it feel bigger, more airy, and more curated. Having only items that you really need, or really love, is a really smart way to go. We have a whole series on decluttering called “10 Things to Toss Today“, which can really help you get started on this journey. So, what I recommend is to go through each room and pick out the items that you don’t really need or love, and either donate, sell, or if you have to, just plain toss them. The less clutter there is in a room, the more beautiful it looks and the more time you’ll want to spend in it.

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  1. It is amazing how different a room can look with lighter/darker furniture…has a lot of effects on your psyche. I notice I get tired faster when I’m in rooms with older, darker colored furniture. On the flip side I definitely notice that I have more energy when I’m in a well lit, lighter colored room.

    Great post!


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