When we talk about technology and innovation, we generally think about things like new gadgets or apps that make our lives easier and more organized. Well, this is Clean My Space, and while there isn’t an app that clean our homes for us – yet – I want to talk about 5 innovative products that make our cleaning lives just a little easier.

Robot Vacuum

Those of you who are long time Clean My Space fans know – I Hate Vacuuming. I know… it needs to be done, it’s an essential part of keeping a clean home, but really… I just detest it.

So, the introduction of the robot vacuum into my cleaning arsenal, has been… well, amazing. You set these little guys up on an automated schedule and just let it do it’s thing. It’s especially nice to have if you have pets, because you can stay on top of pet hair and dander on – literally – a daily basis.

I know it’s not necessarily a complete replacement for traditional vacuuming, especially in multi-level homes, but it is an innovative product that will save you some time and keep things a little cleaner, so all good in my books.

Spin Mops

As the owner of a cleaning service here in Toronto, I can tell you that a clean, streak-free floor is a big deal for our clients. Nailing the mopping is important and I always tell my staff that a shiny floor is the hallmark of a clean home. One of the problems we face with traditional mops is they’re often cheaply made and a pain to use, which at the end of the day results in wasted time and energy.

Well, that problem has been solved by spin mops – like the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System: www.ocedar.com/easywring

The idea is that this is a hands free system, so the wringing is done using a foot pedal, eliminating the need to bend over and hand wring. Honestly, there are few grosser jobs than wringing out a mop by hand. The spin bucket allows you to control the amount of water on the mop head, leaving you with drier and less-streaky floors. Also – and I love this –it has this splash guard here at the top which eliminates any of that nasty bucket water from spraying all over the place.

This particular mop also has an adjustable length handle, as well as a pivoting head so it’s really easy to get underneath and around stuff.

Touchless Garbage Can

I know this isn’t necessarily a “cleaning” product, but the garbage can is definitely an item that plays a part in the daily cleanliness of your home, especially in the kitchen.

I think back over the years to the various garbage cans we’ve had since I was a kid, and how they’ve evolved; from the classic bucket under the sink, to the plastic foot powered ones (that never seem to last), to our most recent edition – the touchless garbage can.

With this garbage can you just approach the lid… and it pops open!

This thing is great not only really convenient when you’re making dinner and have all that chicken juice all all over your hands, but it’s also step up when it comes to accessibility for those with disabilities, limited mobility or even for little kids which don’t have the strength to use pedal powered garage cans.

HE Laundry Machines

Here in Ontario, our hydro bills have become a pretty big issue over the past few years. The cost for water and electricity have really increased, so finding ways to cut down on the use of both water and electricity results in real savings. Plus, it’s just nicer for the environment.

For this reason, It’s no surprise that High Efficiency washing machines have really taken hold; they use less than half the water of a non-HE machine – we’re talking savings in the neighbourhood of 25 gallons a load here!

I know some of you think that they don’t clean clothing as well, but I can assure you, when used correctly and with the right detergent, they do! The clothes tumble around in a shallow pool of water rather than that big drum of water in traditional machines, they also tend to spin faster, which means your clothes have less water in them when they go into the dryer, resulting in shorter dry times.

All of this really adds up to savings, especially if you have a bigger family and run a bunch of loads each week.

Microfiber Cloths

I’m an advocate for using the best tools and products when cleaning, and Microfiber is just that – the best. I’ve been using them for years, both at home and at my cleaning services company. In fact, I like them so much I came out with my own line of microfiber cloths tailored to specific cleaning tasks.

Microfiber makes the average cleaning task so much easier – the millions of fibres woven into a cloth are amazing at attracting dirt, and leave no streaks behind because they’re incredibly absorbent. They can actually hold roughly 8 times their weight in water, which makes things like cleaning up a spill or drying dishes a snap.

Learn more about the many uses of microfiber cloths.


Investing in innovative household products really can make a difference, in both time and money. So, the next time you have to replace something, do a little research and see if there’s anything new or exciting out there that will make a difference for your family – I know I’ve been scouring the market for something that will clean my bathroom for me, oh wait… I found that already…

This video is sponsored by O-Cedar. We only work with companies and products that we love, and I’ve been using O-CEDAR products for years now. So I’m glad I got to share how the EasyWring makes mopping easier and less messy. #sponsored #ad

Learn More: O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System

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  1. For years I have been using a steam mop and I love it. No chemicals and just throw the pads in the washer and ready for the next time.


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