5 Habits for a Cleaner Bathroom!

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. You have been asking about what you can do to maintain your bathroom on a regular basis. What kind of habits can you employ to keep a cleaner bathroom? I am going to outline some simple habits that you can start using to keep your bathroom clean on the regular.

A Clean Sink

A clean sink in a bathroom is kind of like a made bed in a bedroom; if the sink looks clean then the rest of the room looks tidy, too. All you have to do is a simple rinse and wipe of the sink whenever you’re done using it. For example, after brushing your teeth, you might leave a glob of toothpaste. If you don’t get rid of that right away, it’s going to attract dirt and hair. So, after using the sink, take a piece of tissue and give it a quick wipe. Also, if you do mud masks, facials or any kind of skin care that uses heavy products, it’s important to give your sink a quick wipe down before you move on with your day. If you don’t, your sink is going to start to accumulate more discoloration and dirt as you go throughout the week.

Clutter-Free Counters

If your counter in your bathroom is exploding with stuff, you’re probably dealing with a case of counter sprawl. This is easy to fix by a simple maxim of cleaning, which is, have a place for each item. An easy way to do this is to have a tray or a bin. You can get some really nice ones. I pick up a nice, antique tray and it makes putting items back in my bathroom a lot easier. I do what I need to do then the face wash, toothpaste, floss, etc., all go back on that tray. It has kept my counter so much cleaner and more organized.

Squeegee It

A squeegee costs less than 10 bucks, sometimes it’s even $1 if you can find it at the dollar store. But this little tool and the habit of using the squeegee on your shower after each use means you basically don’t ever have to scrub your shower again. Let me explain why this works. Your body lets off dead skin cells, oils, you use soap and shampoo that leaves a residue, then you’ve got hard water; this melange of liquid gets all over the tiles and the glass of your shower. After your shower that water evaporates leaving behind all the residue from that schmutz resulting in soap scum. But guess what? If you squeegee your shower, you’re removing that moisture from the surface and all the stuff that goes along with it. Ultimately, you never get soap scum and you’ll never have to scrub your shower.

Clean As You Go

Next up is the habit of cleaning as you go. This is a very good habit to have anywhere in the house, but especially in the bathroom. Think about what we do in the bathroom – we’re using the toilet, brushing our teeth, doing our hair, flossing, putting on makeup, plucking, etc. All kinds of activity go on in the bathroom and stuff flutters everywhere. If you don’t clean up the mess as you go, the mess starts to accumulate. Ultimately, it can look straight up disgusting. It’s really important that every time you make a little mess, you clean it up. All you need to do is use a dampened tissue or you can use a microfiber cloth. Obviously, I have a Makers Microfiber cloth in my bathroom, but it’s a great habit to get into and it keeps your bathroom maintained until you have time to do more cleaning.

10 Minute Clean

Finally, make it a habit to dedicate 10 minutes a week to clean your bathroom. If you get going and you want to spend more than 10 minutes cleaning the bathroom, I’m certainly not going to stop you. But if you can only give 10 minutes, that in and of itself, is more than enough. We have a lot of videos on different ways and things you can do to clean your bathroom. However, as long as you’re doing the most necessary thing in your bathroom, and you’ll know what it is by looking at it, your bathroom is going to look and feel a lot better. I know it can feel overwhelming to think about cleaning an entire space all at once, but if you start with some simple habits and build on that, you’re going to find cleaning on the regular much easier.

I’d like to know, how often do you actually clean your bathroom? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  1. I squeegee my shower and follow that up with drying the entire shower stall (especially grout lines caulk lines, and the track) after every shower! I use a microfiber cloth to dry the shower stall. It takes a few minutes, but the shower and its glass doors looks amazing every day all day long as opposed to looking great from the time I finish the cleaning until the first shower happens. I also wipe out the sink and touch up the counter and mirror with a microfiber cloth everytime it is used. My routine pretty much means I always take the second shower and follow uncooperative hubby (with sink and shower duties) but I am the one who loves a clean bathroom. I also clean the toilet weekly, but I will wipe it down anytime I see the need. My routine doesn’t take as long as it sounds, and my bathroom is always company ready!

  2. Quick clean once a day (remove items, wipe down and quick clean of toilet).
    Deep clean incl baseboards etc once a week. The towels get washed after every use 🙂

    • I squeegee my shower after every use but to be honest I don’t clean my sinks or toilets but once every two weeks… it’s the worst job and I absolutely hate it


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