5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean!

Was this the year that you resolved to clean your house on a weekly basis, or lose a certain amount of weight, and then halfway through the year those resolutions fizzled out? Well, we’ve all been there—myself included—and I can tell you, it’s never too late to get back on track! A little motivation goes a long way, so let’s look at 5 ways to get your goals (cleaning or otherwise) back on track.


An underrated way to get yourself motivated is to visualize in your mind’s eye what it is that you want to accomplish. This is something that I use a lot, not only for cleaning, but for any type of goal I have in mind. Visualization is a great tool because it gives you a mental roadmap of where you want to be, and you can refer back to it anytime to stay on track.

When it comes to cleaning a space, let’s say you’re in a room that’s a little bit messy, just take a look around and visualize what you want the room to look like when it’s clean. Now you have something to work towards as you’re cleaning—a virtual roadmap. Bonus Tip: When you’re done take a photo of the clean space and then refer back to it whenever you need some motivation!

move furniture

Change is Good

If you have a particular space that feels like it’s stuck in a bit of a rut, consider changing up the look and feel of the space by adding (or removing) some accessories, move around or add a piece of furniture. Whatever it is, if you change the look of your space, you’ll change the feel of the space, and that resets your relationship with that space—it’s shiny and new again! When this happens, you start to feel more inclined to take better care of it. So, if you feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with a certain room, give it a bit of a changeup and you’ll notice that the spark to keep it clean on the regular will be back in effect.

paper clutter

Simplify & Minimize

As a business owner, I vowed that this year I would tackle a real pain point—simplifying and minimizing the amount of paper that I have to deal with. Seriously, between contracts, documents, receipts, tax stuff, bank statements… the list goes on. It gets overwhelming. So, to cut the paper clutter I’ve started using the Adobe Scan app, which has made things significantly easier. I take a document, snap an image of it with my phone or tablet, the app turns it into a PDF and saves it to the cloud. I can file it securely and I can send it to anyone who needs to see it. And the best part? I get to shred all those papers at the end!

cleaning help

Invite Friends Over

A friend in need is a friend indeed, especially if you’re in need of some cleaning help. Seriously, enlist someone to come over and give you a hand. It turns a large cleaning task into a fun afternoon. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but you can play the latest and greatest hits, crack open a bottle of wine, make a day of it! Bottom line—you can have a good time and get some stuff done as well. Just remember, you may have to return that favor somewhere down the line!

essential oils

New Scents FTW!

Scent can be a great way to get you motivated and re-energized to clean your space. Almost all of the DIY cleaning recipes that we talk about can be jazzed up by adding some essential oils. This makes the result of a good cleaning smell great, and a number of the essential oils we use really are invigorating and refreshing. The other thing you can do is diffuse an essential oil while you’re cleaning. This is something I love to do, and I have to tell you, lately, grapefruit has been my absolute go-to. It is so energizing and refreshing, it really gets me moving!

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