5 Freshly Minted Cleaning Hacks!

I LOVE a good cleaning hack and really though, who doesn’t?  I mean, anything that makes cleaning easier is okay in my books! These little bite-sized cleaning tips also always make for popular videos here at Clean My Space, so, this week I’m reaching into my bag of tricks and pulling out 5 freshly minted cleaning hacks for you to enjoy!

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Sticky Note Precision Cleaner

These handy little notes are perfect for reminding you to do something, but, did you know they also serve as a keyboard cleaner? That’s right, before you throw out a sticky note, utilize the remaining stickiness to capture some the nastiness that’s residing in your keyboard.

Just run the sticky side along the keys in your keyboard and you might actually surprise yourself with how much dust, dirt, hair and other miscellaneous brick-a-brack you find now stuck to the paper.

A bonus tip for all you gamers out there – take a sticky note and fold it in half – and then fold it in half again – and you have yourself a Precision Controller Cleaner!

Just use the corner of the sticky note to get into any cracks and crevices on your controllers – but I warn you – what gets pulled out of these tight spaces is pretty nasty, so, just be prepared for that.

Dry Erase Marker To Clean Permanent Marker On White Board

Now, this hack doubles as a magic trick that will make you the hit of any party or bar mitzvah – get yourself a whiteboard, a permanent marker  and a dry erase marker..

If you get permanent marker on your whiteboard – simply colour over the area with dry erase markers and wipe away!

Pretty amazing huh? and it works with ANY marker colour too!

Microwave Sponge De-Funkifier

One of the funkiest things in your kitchen is probably sitting beside your sink right now – your sponge – and since it’s designed to suck up all the crud on your counters and in your sink and on the stove, it ends up harbouring germs and bacteria in its inner pores and no matter how much you wring it out, your sponge remains a stanky mess!

Well, lucky for all of us – there’s an easy fix which quickly kills 99% of all bacteria in there and all you need is a microwave and a bowl.

Just soak your sponge in water – this is an important step, your sponge MUST be soaking wet – and put it in the bowl…….put the bowl in the microwave and set the timer to 2 minutes on high power – and give your sponge the spa treatment it deserves!

Once the 2 minutes is up, GIVE THE SPONGE SOME ALONE TIME! – a couple of extra minutes will do – just enough time for the sponge to cool down…

If you’re looking for quality micfrofiber cloths that will last, then you have to check out Maker’s Clean Premium Cloth Bundle!

Tissue Box Tissue Receptacle

I shared this hack in our ‘post-sick cleaning’ video and thought it was too good not to mention again!

Simply take an empty tissue box and attach it to your current tissue box using a couple of rubber bands and voila!, you have yourself a handy tissue receptacle.

Quick & Easy Weed Killer

Where I live, it’s illegal to sell chemical weed killers which means we have to get a little creative when dealing with the jungle of weeds that we experience each summer..

Fortunately, I have a quick and easy recipe which handles my weeds with ease – and all you need to make your own is fill a spray bottle with about a cup of VINEGAR and then a couple squirts of DISHLIQUID – shake this up and go hit those weeds!


Vinegar will kill the weeds, but it’ll also kill plants, flowers and any other vegetation you may have – so watch the overspray and you might even want to consider watering down the solution to start and the increase the potency after you see the results…

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We want to know YOUR cleaning tips, tricks and hacks so share them with the whole class by leaving us a comment down below!

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  1. Dear Melissa!

    I really appreciate your hacks. I really enjoy all of your (you both of course) videos!! 😀
    With minted i thought you mean with mint-essential oil. So english isn’t my first language because I’m from Austria. Here my tricks with essential oils and also herbs. 😉

    – when cats or dogs shall stay away from a special place (lying on an expensive carpet or pee/poo onto it) put some drops of essential mint oil onto it. The smell is too aggressive for them.

    – when you have a problem with ants. put some of the oil onto a damped cloth and wipe the area. you can also put a few drops (depends on how strong your essential oil is, mine is 7 times destillated!!!!!) onto the door or window-entry (is that the word??) ants and other insects (where i live we dont have so many) will stay away.

    -eucalyptus oil in a little bowl with water onto the heater or another warm place will desinfect the air. Good for the winter when nearly everybody has a cold.

    -lavender oil isn’t only good against moths in you closet (i hang a tissue with a few drops onto one of the hagers), its also good for the sleep. it calms you a little bit down.

    -!!!!! when you have a problem with spiders and moths and other insects for example under the roof (where you want to store stuff you dont need so often) or closets or in the pantry: emty it/leave just the stuff in it that has the problem and smoke some valerian and close it for an hour or, when you have the time, over night. next day or hour you just let some fresh air into it (you’ll need it =) ) and vacuum all the dead and creepy “stuff” out. THATS MY BEST ONE REALLY!!!

    -you can also use valerian and put it into one of your cat’s toys. cats LOOOOOVE valerian!! you will thank me for that one. :-*

    -when you have a mouse in your house and your cat doesent hunt it and you dont want to kill it, put some chocolate into/onto you waste bin with a lid that opens and closes. the mouse will smell it and go onto the lid, the lid turns and the mouse will fall into the bin. 😉

    think thats enough for now. hope you can use it. love you both!!
    and: dont believe other people when they say your house will turn into a mess when you have children. its just a question of your own lazyness. believe me. when your child/ren sleep well at night you can do a clean up and everything is okay again. just your nights might become a little shorter. thats the part with the lazyness. will you clean up or are they right and they will say “like i told you” or will you show THEM that they are all lazy?? its totally up to you. and like i see you have your loving husband to help. just like i do. and we have 3 kids and a 820 m² house with biiiiig garden and a dog. honestly, its hot perfectly clean but also not that total mess. and children grow, someday they will help you and they looooove to help mommy and daddy. that makes them proud.

    so, but now enough. its midnight and i have to go sleep sometimes… haha 😀

    kisses and hugs



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