5 Bedroom Decluttering Secrets

We, here at Clean My Space, have made quite a few videos about cleaning your bedroom. But one topic we haven’t covered yet is decluttering—which is a very important aspect of making your bedroom the most peaceful and inviting space possible.

So this week, we’re talking about 5 handy ways you can cut the clutter in your bedroom!

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Organize Your Drawers

It might not seem important—no one can see them, when they’re closed!—but having organized drawers is key to your peace of mind (you’ll know about the crowded horrors that lie within, after all).

Take everything out of your drawers, then arrange individual spaces for designated items, using old gift boxes or drawer dividers to contain smaller items. Only specific items should go here, like with like—and anything that doesn’t belong should find a home elsewhere, or be tossed.

Remember, don’t cram too much stuff into one drawer. If you find yourself pawing around in the drawers to find what you need, it’s a sign that you’re storing too many things, or too many different kinds of things.

Keep Horizontal Surfaces as Clear as Possible

This goes for desks, dressers, night tables, and any other furniture in your bedroom.  Visually, you want to keep your bedroom surfaces free from knickknack overload. The less stuff you see in your room, the more calming and peaceful the room will seem!

When I was younger, my mom taught me to only keep three things (or fewer!) on each piece of furniture in my bedroom. This number might feel too stringent to some, but it’s a good reminder to be deliberate about what’s on these surfaces—things that are crucial for daily use, or objects of beauty—rather than just tossing all your crap on them.

Use Storage Bins

I know, it’s been said before—but storage bins can be your partner in keeping your bedroom looking beautiful. These are the simple solution for containing stuff you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. Having this option will help you…wait for it…keep your drawers and closet organized.

Bins are perfect for toys, books, wires, or out-of-season clothing and accessories. If you have a place to store the bins, you can get away with spare cardboard boxes. But invest in pretty ones if they will be visible on a shelf.

Get Rid of Useless Stuff

But wait! Before you put anything into your bins, I want you to play a quick game of 5-Second Purge. Hold each item in your hand, and give yourself only five seconds to come up with a compelling reason to hang onto it.

If you can’t figure out why you should keep something, get rid of it. Give it to a friend, a local thrift store, or the Salvation Army. You will feel terrific about it, because it will mean that the item will actually get used, rather than taking up space in your bedroom, sitting in a box!

Slow Your Intake

Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to while we’re out at the shopping mall, but if new stuff is flowing into your bedroom at the speed of light, you’ll never be able to keep on top of it. I personally have a 1 item in/1 item out policy to keep my bedroom under control. If I buy a new shirt or knickknack for the bedroom, it means that I have to get rid of a clothing item or knickknack.

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Now it’s your turn, Clean My Space Nation. Let me know in the comment section below:

What YOU love—or hate—about your bedroom?!

Is your bedroom a palace of peacefulness—or a castle of chaos?!

Say hello down below, because I LOVE reading your comments…

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  1. Melissa, my bedroom gets dirty sometimes, and it can take me days to clean, but with this it only took an hour. I also have a question. How much are makers cleaning cloths?

  2. My issue is my husband’s workout gear…too many race shirts collected, he seems attached. He runs, cycles, cross country skis. We live in Calgary, so there is summer and winter stuff and stuff for every weather possibility in between! I am at least inspired to purge my side!!

  3. What’s the best way to keep the top of my dresser organized? My room is a small space and bathroom even smaller, most of my morning routine happens on my dresser/mirror in my room, including hair, makeup, and storing work pins and badges. Thanks!

  4. Great advice. Now I just have to commit to do it! Loving your site. I just reorganized one of my dressers, folding everything in a neater way and freeing up space.

  5. Cute cat! Thanks for this – going through my bedroom is this week’s big cleaning job. But I have to know: what color are your walls? I love it! My room is still “builder’s beige.” – Thx, Melissa, Charlotte, NC

  6. not that I’m the neatest person in the world, but I try to keep our bedroom clean. My husband has all types of manusha (crap) on top of our armoire. An old clock that doesn’t work, income tax forms and receipts from years ago in shoeboxes. As much as possible that can sit up there. I think what you said about the three items on each flat surface is a great idea and I am going to try to incorporate that in our bedroom wish me luck. Don’t think I’m going to have much though with him.

  7. Hey Melissa,

    I have 3 questions regarding bedsheet and comforter sets. How many should one own? How often should they be changed on a regular basis? And do you have all different colors or similar to match the room decor.


  8. Hi Melissa! To answer your questions, one thing I dislike about my bedroom is that we have our dog’s kennel in there. And dogs can….smell. But as long as I clean his blanket he lies on once a week and spray and wipe the bottom of his kennel with half water half vinegar solution it’s good to go. One thing I like about my bedroom is after I’ve given it a good thorough cleaning it looks and smells fabulous.
    Honestly most times my bedroom can be chaotic. I have a terrible habit of putting my dirty clothes on the floor in between the wall and the bed and pretty soon I’m stepping on nothing but dirty clothes. But I’m working on that.

    • What about your shoes, other than your baby shoes which were adorable? I have Jim Bear who presides over my closet. Shoes are my biggest problem, so many, all necessary on some level, work, different weather, and general craziness.

  9. Melissa. I have a dog who has a bleeding ear. He shakes his head and sprays blood on floor, walls & ceiling. What is the easiest way to wipe walls and ceiling? I spend a good 2 hours a week now and I’m quite exhausted after. I just use hot water and a rag.

    • Take your doggie to the vet and see if there’s a way to stop the bleeding. I’m sure it must be uncomfortable and maybe even painful to him which is why he shakes his head. You”ll both be happier when he’s healed up and feeling better! As for the spatter, you could try using a sponge mop with a bucket of hot water to make it easier to reach the high places. Good luck!


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