How can I conquer Mount Washmore?

This is something you guys ask me all the time and you know, R&D dollars are going into driverless vehicles right now instead of laundry bots, which would be my solution. So until they get us all in driverless cars and start funneling money into the next most important project, laundry bots, I am going to give you a few handy laundry tips to help you conquer the ever challenging Mount Washmore, while of course, spending less time doing so. If you put these into practice I am confident you’ll get better results in less time. Here’s how I turbo-boost my laundry routine!

Build a Load into your Daily Routine

I know that laundry, like dishes and dusting, is an ongoing job and one that is often not remembered until it’s late at night, or right before someone’s particular clean garment is needed, like, 5 minutes ago. It always builds up and seems like it never ends!

So, to get a handle on it and ensure I’ve got clean clothes without being dramatic, what I’ve found to be the most manageable way to keep on top of it is to build doing a load into my morning routine. When I get up in the morning, I take a load of laundry down and put it through before I make breakfast or feed the cats. Then, by the time I’m ready to leave for work, I place the laundry in the dryer or hang it up and all I need to do is put it away at the end of the day. It takes me under 3 minutes to get the load started and just under 5 to get everything set up for drying, and of course folding and putting away takes about 10 or so minutes.  During folding, Chad and I catch up or I flick on YouTube and watch something to keep me entertained.

I can easily spare under 20 minutes a few times a week to stay on top of my laundry, in fact, it seems so much faster when I effectively multi-task and work it in to other things I’m doing. I do this every other day or so and can get 3 loads a week done (sometimes I’ll sub in a load of clothing for a load of towels, like I did this morning). So think about your routine and how you can weave laundry in!

Clean My Space is full of laundry tips that will boost your efficiency and effectiveness in no time!

Pre-Treat Stains with Blue Dawn!

You have the best chance of completely removing a stain if you treat it immediately and properly which saves you from bidding farewell to a garment or repeatedly trying to solve a stain conundrum. So, as soon as you get a stain like blueberries, oil, spaghetti sauce or even blood, follow these simple steps to stain removal mastery using nothing more than Dawn (it’s actually amazing what a drop of Dawn can do in this situation)!

First, blot the stain with a paper towel resting the underside of the garment on your hand. The blotting helps absorb the stain and prevents it from spreading, and by placing your hand under the layer of fabric which is stained, you prevent it from transferring to the clean layer. Then, apply a quarter sized squirt of Dawn to the stain and rub it in gently with your fingertips, ensuring you cover the entire area of fabric with the stain. Make sure you get the back side of the stained fabric too; the stain can set on both sides!  Then wash normally.

I’ve found blue Dawn works well for cotton and poly cotton garments, for other garment types, check the care label and use an appropriate pre-treater! I have saved so many garments with Dawn; I actually just keep a bottle beside my laundry detergent!  Keeping your pre-treater on-hand takes the panic out of stain removal and makes it straightforward and effective.

Use Less Detergent

Many times, clothing can come out looking dull or feeling waxy. I’ve talked about this tip before and trust me, I know it seems like the only way to deal with a heavily soiled load of laundry is with a gallon of laundry detergent, but there’s a really good reason they tell you exactly how much detergent to use right on the bottle. Rather than spending time re-washing things or dealing with dull looking clothing, do it right the first time and only use the prescribed amount of detergent.

Here’s what happens: Too much detergent will leave not only a soapy residue on your clothes, but it also gunks up the insides of your washing machine and your dryer. The normal rinse cycle isn’t designed to deal with a boat load of laundry detergent so stick to the instructions! This is especially true for high-efficiency machines (HE) which use less water and require less detergent to provide you with an effective clean. Your machine is put at a disadvantage with too much detergent, so help it out and let it do its thing so you get better results!

Don’t Wash Your Clothing Too Much

I think we’re all guilty of this one at some point, because it’s easier to throw those jeans in the hamper than it is to hang them up. That said, the best way to keep your clothes looking good for longer is not to wash them too often! You see, most clothes can be worn multiple times before washing (just don’t let your jeans stand up on their own!) which not only allows the colors to stay more vibrant and the fabrics to last longer, it also allows you to save water, electricity – and more importantly – you’ll have less laundry to do! How awesome is that?!

I suggest creating a policy where household members have to inspect garments after each wear to check for smells and stains, otherwise the garment goes back into a closet or drawer. To preserve the lifespan of a wash, hang the garment up or fold it as soon as you take it off, don’t let it go on the floor (another great policy to implement, if you can)! That way you avoid wrinkles and keep the bedroom looking neater.  This reduces the workload for the resident launderer and teaches everyone a lesson about conservation at the same time.  Two birds, one stone.

So, I’ll keep you posted on the laundry bot front, but until then, I hope these tips help you get your laundry done. If you want to find out how else you can use Dawn around your home, there’s tons of information on some very unique and unexpected uses, and you can visit to learn more.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks to keep in mind when cleaning around the house check out our E-Book Bundle! It gives you access to our E-Books My 3-Wave Cleaning System, 50 DIY Cleaning Recipes, and The Complete Guide to Essential Oils!

Disclosure: We are working with Dawn on a project sharing creative ways to use Dawn around the house with all of you.  It’s a project we’ve been absolutely thrilled to work on and we thank you for your support. #spon


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  1. I keep a bottle of pre-treater in the kitchen. I pre-treat tablecloths while still on the table. It’s so much easier. Then I remove the cloth and put in laundry. I wipe down the table to remove the laundry stuff. Ta da!

  2. I’m not 100% with you on using too much detergent. At one time I used the tumble machines at the Laundromat.
    When I complained to the assistant that there were no suds, believing that a faulty machine was directing soap
    somewhere other than into the tub; she told me the washer wasn’t broken — that my load was eating up the soap.
    I found out she was right; when doing a heavy load of dirty undies of all sorts,
    I had to double up on detergent, until I successfully produced some suds to clean with.
    I’m happy to say I have no more laundry problems, since buying laundry magnets: never buy detergent again,
    don’t need several rinse cycles to clear residue, moldy washcloths (his) and sour hand towels are history.
    (The last time I tried to wring his ‘rag’, I couldn’t; it was like rubber from body wash, I guess. Now, clean.)
    P.S.: While I hate that your uTube screen won’t change the entire page, so I can read and copy the info;
    The comment system works great! It prints my message perfectly — all others only ruin it completely. Thanks.

  3. I have wonders about Dawn dish soap, but for some reason my skin and it do NOT get along. I break out in blisters where ever the soap has touched. For anyone in the same spot I am in, your other brands work, but I would get the kind that doesn’t have the extra anti – bacterial stuff (it doesn’t work as well). I have been pretreating with Lemon Joy for 20+ years now… my mother taught me way back when. Keep up the great job and helpful tips…. I am learning so much. Thank you

    • Hi Anne! I personally like Dawn — BUT, after the BP oil spill (5 yr. ago?), the reporters revealed
      that they used an illegal, banned, high toxic ingredient that made people very sick if they came
      within several feet of the ocean. I got laundry magnets — which last forever — worth the price;
      and, I love Miracle II soap. I first used it while recovering from the flu. Just showering with it
      stripped the black mold from the shower floor. I couldn’t believe it!. It effectively degreases
      my fine, thick hair — and, it’s the only product that doesn’t burn my bottom while showering.

  4. One thing to remember is this: If you are leaving the house, never leave the dryer running. Homes have been known to burn down just from doing this simple thing. Fire departments warn people about this all the time. I hired a company to come out and turbo vacuum the lint out of my dryer and outside hose which was relatively new but if it had been older, I would have had it changed to a new one. People also frequently forget to go outside to the dryer exhaust fins and clean them off once or twice a year. If you are staying home the suggestion is a good one but if not, please wait till evening to dry the clothes.

  5. Hi.Love…love… your videos.Have a question…My husband’s formal shirts have stains of deodrant and sweat at the underarm area…..what can I do to get rid of them permanently as the shirts are in great condition except for these stains???!!…Please help

  6. I really enjoy your tips. You have inspired me to clean up my act, around the house that is (hehe). I have started doing one task an evening. I have also gotten cleaning my guest bath down to about 10 min. Keep the tips coming!!!!

  7. I think you are amazing …Thanks to your advice I’m going to start putting a load of laundry in first thing in the morning…plus I want you to know I cleaned out my closet the way you said …took everything out …I felt really good about it …but it took a long time for me cuz I have so much stuff…you have been a big help to me..see you next video …I love your videos

  8. Hi Melissa, first I want to thank you for all the great and practical tips. One quick question. Do you make your laundry detergent? If so. Would you share it?

    Problem: Soy Sauce stain

    Solution: Immediately ask for a small amount of clear soft drink (aka: Ginger Ale, Sprite, 7up, or Soda Water.) Preferably use a fabric napkin, using a dry clean napking on the reverse side and another with the clear soft drink on the outside. Dabbing gently, the stain will magically disappear right before your eyes.

  9. Please!!! I really need to get the urine stench out of my restroom for good, I have three boys and this is by far the hardest task on my to do list. Please help!!!

  10. For spot cleaning blood stains, brownness of underwear, bathing soap bar works excellent. It is my mom’s tip and I have been using it for time immemorial. All I do is spot clean, hand wash away the stain.. then load the fabric in the washing machine for a regular wash with my other clothes.. all fine fabric can be washed this way because it is mild on ur fabric..


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