12 Days of Clean: Cleaning Holiday Decor, Ornaments & Greenery

Day 4 | Clean Holiday Decorations

With Holidays so close, our homes are undoubtedly filled with holiday decor (no matter what holiday or combination therein is being celebrated).

To keep these items looking gorgeous all  season long, here’s what I suggest..

Cleaning Holiday Decor

Decorations, Ornaments & Nativity Scenes

To dust even the most delicate holiday decor including your favorite Nutcrackers, reindeer, snowmen angels, trains, Elvis statues (I actually have a friend that does this) and nativity scenes, cleaning them may seem a little overwhelming. My quick recommendation for this task is to use a small paintbrush or makeup brush which is clean and slightly dampened to dust these decorations. This does not have to be done often, but if you notice dust then this is how you can clean your decorations up quickly and without concern for damaging anything. Always start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

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To keep your greenery gorgeous, you can simply dust it with a larger paintbrush that has been slightly dampened! From time to time, mist the greenery with water (if it is real) to keep its colour and revitalize it.


Line a tray with tinfoil to catch any wax drippings, we don’t want these actually settling anywhere. Before placing a candle into your menorah, dip the end in a bit of olive oil. That way, any spilled wax will easily come off the menorah when all is said and done. Here’s a video another helpful video I made regarding candles and wax spills:

Clean Wax Spills!

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Hope this helps keeping your halls looking supremely decked this holiday season!

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  1. Hi Melissa! Love your vblogs! Any recommendation for storage the holiday items? I have a specific issue about humidity smell.


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