My 5 Best Cleaning Tips! ( Do It On A Dime & Clutterbug Collab )

I’m really excited to do a collab with two of my YouTube friends: Kathryn from Do It On A Dime and Cas from Clutterbug!

We are each sharing 5 of our ‘tried, tested and true’ cleaning tips so be sure to check out their videos:

Kathryn (Do It On A Dime):
My 5 Best $1 Cleaning Tips:

Cas (Clutterbug):
My 5 Best Cleaning Hacks:


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Here are Melissa’s Best Cleaning Tips:

All Purpose Cleaner: This simple and effective cleaner is tough enough to handle most dirty jobs, yet safe enough to use on almost all surfaces in your home.

S-Patterm: This is the most effective technique I can think of when it comes to wiping surfaces clean, without leaving residue behind.

Cleaning Toothbrush: I’ve talked about how handy an old toothbrush can be while cleaning for years now – once you start using them, you’ll never stop.

Toilet Brush Brush Hang: This cleaning tip never fails to impress – and it’s so easy to do – and it avoids getting disgusting toilet bacteria spread into other areas of your bathroom.

Room Deodorizer: Such a simple recipe and such a big difference in virtually any room in your house – just leave this deodorizer in your room and enjoy a pleasant smell for hours.

Comment Question: What was your favorite tip from this video?


  1. Right at the start of the video, house shoes on the bed…OMG!! Yeah, that just screams of cleanliness… Not!

  2. my favorite was the room deodorizing tip. I have all boys, a dog, and a bird in the house. This will definitely come in handy. Thanks for the additional links. I sometimes view the Clutterbug site as well!

  3. I stopped buying all-purpose cleaners and only use your all-purpose cleaner recipe, however, I thought you added vinegar to this mix? Anyway, this is my favorite tip because it is a cheap, easy and non-toxic cleaner to use everywhere.

  4. Hi Melissa, thank you for all you do and share. My favourite is the toothbrush for detail cleaning. I’ve used this for years. It just gets every bit of grime on just about anything. The second would be the toilet brush airing, so simple, so effective.

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