Microfiber Cloths: Everything You Need To Know!


Cut up t-shirts. Old rags. Dish towels. Endless paper towel. While these all clean to a certain degree, they will never make your space sparkle. Instead, they leave behind stubborn streaks, dust, scratches, and create unnecessary waste.

We’re firm believers that you need the right tool to get the job done, and that’s where microfiber and Maker’s Cleaning Cloths come in.

What Is Microfiber Anyway?

Microfiber can be hard to understand because everything is so, well, microscopic! To give you an idea, each fiber in microfiber is two times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton, eight times finer than wool, and one hundred times finer than a human hair!

These fibers are woven together to create a yarn, which is then woven into a cloth material that is able to pick up the tiniest dust and dirt particles. The thicker the cloth, the more yarn is used during the weave process and the better it cleans. That’s why Maker’s Cleaning Cloths are so thick and heavy, and why cheaper alternatives are so thin. If it feels light and flimsy, or if you can see through it when you hold it up, it’s not going to clean like a Maker’s Cleaning Cloth.

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Melissa Maker is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, founder of Toronto’s most popular boutique cleaning service, and star of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube (but she still hates to clean!). Every week, Melissa delivers new videos dishing expert advice on cleaning products, tools, DIY substitutes, and practical, timesaving solutions to everyday problems. Melissa has appeared on the Today Show, and has been featured in InStyle, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens.


  1. Hi! So excited for you about these! Awaiting the arrival of your new book on the 7th! Wondering how these compare to the Norwex cloths. I didn’t hear you say anything about silver in yours.
    Thanks from a candle!

  2. I am interested in trying microfiber. Just a little confused on surfaces. When cleaning granite would you use a multipurpose or the electronics cloth. Also your clothes have two sides – a fluffly – and a smoother one. Is one for cleaning and one for drying? Could the multipurpose be used on granite without scratching?
    Can you buff with the general purpose, ie. granite?

  3. Hi! I’m waiting for the answer about getting the bacteria out of the cloths… Antonia asked on Dec. 10 and I don’t see an answer 🙂

  4. Love the videos! I’m wanting to try the Makers cloths. I just have a quick question cause I’m confusing myself lol. I am a big essential oil user, I clean everything with thieves household cleaner which is filled with tons of EO’s and I add some water to it. I saw you mention masking the smell of vinegar with EO’s.So is it safe to use the cloths with the EO’s. Im getting myself confused with oil based =) im thinking you are talking more of a greasy substance but I just want to ask so I don’t order and screw them up. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Yes- I’m talking more about grease here. Though I would probably stay away from using super oily cleaners. If they are really diluted like they are in my DIY cleaners, you should be good.

  5. maybe the makers cloths are better but it seems every microfiber cloth i have ever had ends up with little dark balls on them and they dont soak up anything or wipe as clean and dry as paper towels or old tshirts. but i am talking about cleaning like counters, stove, bathroom and i just dont get along with them…..haha

  6. I am awaiting my order and can’t wait to use them. Will the cold wash with laundry powder kill the bacteria caught by the cloth effectively or should they be washed/soaked with a disinfectant solution? Thank you for clarifying.


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