10 Things to Toss – Kitchen!


Do you ever walk into your kitchen and just pass by a bunch of things, kind of roll your eyes and then rifle around and try to find what you really need? If that happens to you, it probably means that there are things in your kitchen that you could totally get rid of!


First up, what about cheesy or promotional or useless magnets? Back in the 80s my mom would collect magnets phone numbers on them – we don’t need those anymore because Internet! Toss any promotional magnets taking up space. Only keep magnets that are serving a purpose, like holding something on your fridge. That souvenir from Hawaii your friend gave you two years ago? That can probably go. What we do, we have these little magnets. They’re tiny, they’re streamlined and they’re super powerful and we only put things on our fridge that we actually need.

Flyers and Take-Out Menus

Do you notice that whenever you order takeout, they give you a takeout menu? You think “I might need that for later” and stick it in a drawer. Then you get a coupon in the mail for a dollar offer a hamburger, stick it in the drawer. You end up with a drawer full of papers you will never use because – Internet! You can find all of that take-out information online. If there is a coupon you actually want to use, stick it in your wallet get rid of all the rest of the paper. If you’re getting a lot of junk mail is you can request for your mail carrier not to put any junk mail in your box anymore and that will save a lot of this.

Glass Jars

I’ve talked about getting rid of old containers before, and this is one habit I am very guilty of. Whenever I finish a jar of something, I always think: “I could reuse that” and even if I’ve lost the lid it still sits there because “Maybe, one day, I’ll find the lid.” Let’s face facts, we will never find the lid or use that jar – into the recycling it goes.

Excess Sauces

It’s time to toss those half-used sauces that you only kind of like. Once again face facts, if you were ever going to use it, you would have by now. Go through the fridge and pull out anything that’s on its last leg or expired. Dump it out safely and appropriately and then you can recycle the bottles.

Unused Appliances

When you’re ready to cook something, you want access to your small appliances that you actually use. I hate digging past things I rarely use (like my pasta maker, magic bullet, and slap-chop). It’s time to move on from those appliances. You’re probably not going to find a use for it any time soon and someone else will probably benefit from it more than you would.

Old Dish Towels

When you open your drawer to grab a tea towel or dish towel, you’ll probably find some that are stained, have holes or just look beat up. You probably go past those just like I do. Go through that drawer and pull out anything that’s not looking so hot or fresh. We’ve replaced all of ours with our makers cleaning cloths. You can find more about this at makersclean.com. You only want to have the good dishtowels that serve their purpose.

Rarely Used Cookbooks

I have five giant Williams-Sonoma cookbooks that I simply never use. It’s time to toss, give away, or donate them. Cookbooks take up a lot of space and while the recipes look amazing if you haven’t used it yet, you’re probably not going. Find the cookbooks that you don’t use, save some space and get rid of them.

Single Serving Sauces and Cutlery

We don’t order takeout that often but when we do, we used to put all of the extra ketchup packets, little soy sauce packets, mustard relish, sweet-and-sour sauce, pizza dipping sauce, chopsticks, plastic cutlery in this drawer and when I told you guys I went through and cleaned out the kitchen, it all left. I got rid of all of it! You know why? I have soy sauce in the fridge, I’ve got ketchup, I have dipping sauce, it’s all there, and this is just clutter. If you are ordering takeout and you know that you don’t want to have that waste, just let them know when you order. You’ll save them money too.


You guys know that I like to cook and because of that, I collect myself a few spices here and there and sometimes, I’ll go a little bit on edge and I’ll pick something up that I think I’m going to use – but I never actually end up using. Go through your spice drawer, pick out anything that is old or has lost its flavor. Typically, you’re supposed to keep spices for about 6 to 12 months (I know, I definitely keep mine longer).


When friends or family travel they often bring you back a souvenir. It might be a magnet or a shot glass, and while you’re really happy for them that they went on that trip and it sounded amazing, do you really need that shot glass? Maybe not. If you aren’t a cocktail connoisseur then find a new home for the shot glass, magnet, snow globe or other souvenir you are not too fond of anymore.

I’m going to challenge you. Give yourself 15 minutes on the clock, go through your kitchen and get rid of these 10 things! You can do it!



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